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Mouse Sushi (ネズミ寿司, Nezumi Sushi; Viz: Nezumi Sushi) is a popular sushi restaurant in S-City.


Metal Bat accompanies Narinki and his son Waganma to Mouse Sushi, where they eat sushi from a conveyor belt. Junior Centipede and Venus Mantrap attack the restaurant in an attempt to kidnap Narinki and Waganma. Metal Bat quickly defeats the monsters.[1] Two other demon level monsters appear: Senior Centipede and Rafflesidon. Metal Bat kills them both as well.

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Atomic Samurai and his disciples dine at Mouse Sushi. The plates they attempt to grab off the conveyor belt are snatched by King, whom Atomic Samurai then confronts to test his strength.[2]


Saitama's Mouse Sushi T-Shirt

  • The word cafe is improperly spelled "cafee" on the signpost in the Japanese version.
  • The Japanese character on the signpost (猫) means cat.
  • Diners can earn a stamp for every visit. 20 stamps can be used to redeem a T-shirt with the Mouse Sushi logo on it.
    • Saitama filled out a stamp card and won a free T-shirt.[3]


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