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The Moon is one of Earth's natural satellites.


The Moon is an astronomical body that orbits the Earth. 1 gram of moon rock is worth about 600,000 yen.[1]


Hero Association Saga[]

Alien Conquerors Arc[]

After activating his Meteoric Burst, Boros kicks Saitama to the Moon. Saitama picks himself up and after a moment's consideration jumps back to Earth, leaving an immense crater on the Moon from the force of his jump.[2]

Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Association Arc[]

"God" appears standing on the moon right before taking Homeless Emperor's powers and killing him.[3]


Volume 7 Bonus[]

Saitama finds a small piece of rock from the moon in his boot. Discovering its high value, he goes to sell it off only to drop it in the gravel of a parking lot. Saitama and Genos then spend the night trying to find the lost moon rock. 


  • It is implied that there is a connection between "God" and the moon. There are multiple showings with the moon appearing during the big fight between the Hero Association and Monster Association,[4][5] as if it is an eye watching the battlefield.[6] This is indicated when "God" has emerged and stood on top of the moon before taking Homeless Emperor's powers and his life.[7]


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