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The Monster Worship Party is the doomsday group of defeatists and cowards who willingly surrender humanity to the Monster Association and put humanity under their influence.

Their views and beliefs are that human civilization is at an end, since it is futile to fight back the against the Monster Association. Consequently, it is plausible for humans to offer sacrifices to monsters to control their eating habits so the monsters won't let the human race to go extinct.[1]

Their activities annoy people to no end, and the Monster Worship Party are mad enough to capture innocent bystanders to sacrifice to the Monster Association as offering.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

Garou taking down monster paraders

Garou beats up multiple members of the group after they try to sacrifice an innocent man to the Monster Association

The group establishes themselves in the wake of the rampage of the Monster Association across multiple cities to encourage people to join their cause in surrendering to the Monster Association and sacrificing people as offering to prevent the monsters from decimating all humans.

When one of the citizens protests, they try to capture him as the first sacrifice for the Monster Association, only for them to be beaten up by Garou with a flick of his finger.[2]


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