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Mirror (ミラー, Mirā) was a Machine God battle robot presumably created by The Organization. It was destroyed by Saitama.


Mirror was a human-sized robot. It had many arms protruding from all over its torso and had a single eye exposed by thin slits running across its head. Overall it had a very rounded and simple design.


Mirror was an incredible cocky robot who obsessed with collecting only the strong heroes. It always belittled heroes who are not in S-Class when they came to fight him.

Despite his function to collect data, it was incredibly biased as it failed to analyse the true power of Saitama as it based on Saitama's unremarkable appearance and rank to judge his power rather than his true combat prowess. This bias eventually costed its own life as Saitama effortlessly destroyed it with one attack.


Neo Heroes Saga[]

Neo Heroes Uprising Arc[]

Mirror is seen standing in the ruins of Y-City and is found by Suiko. Mirror tells Suiko to bring it King, remarking that her data is irrelevant. Suiko then lunges towards Mirror.[1]

Mirror easily overpowers Suiko and sends her flying into a convenient store. Suiko then tries to use the Drunk Tiger fist move after consuming a can of energy drink with alcohol content but she is still being overwhelming by the powerful robot as it manages to quickly adapt to her new moves and its durability is far too great for her to damage it.

Saitama destroys Mirror

Butterfly DX and Chain'n'toad come to help Suiko by distracting it long enough for her to deal a powerful blow to it but the robot only receives 0.4% damage from the attack. Being frustrated for sustaining such a scratch, Mirror quickly incapacitates those heroes.

The Hero Name Victims Association comes to try to defeat Mirror much to its annoyance as it fires several energy balls at the building, which causes the big hole to intimidate them, causing them to retreat except Saitama.

It then cockily states that Saitama is nothing special to worth collect the data from and tries to fire several energy balls at him while calling him Caped Baldy. An enraged Saitama then sends the robot into oblivion with a single punch.

Abilities and Powers[]

As a Dragon-level threat and a "Machine God" like G4 and G5, Mirror was undoubtedly a very powerful being, and it was likely a powerful upgraded version of them. Mirror easily overwhelmed Suiko, who claims to be stronger than her brother, able to quickly adapt to Suiko's techniques and her strongest attacks while sustaining almost no damage. However, none of its immense powers are strong enough against Saitama.[2]

Robotic Abilities[]

Immense Strength: Mirror had a high level of strength, being able to quickly overwhelm Suiko, a master martial artist with similar power to Suiryu, as well as two A-class heroes with minimal effort.

Immense Durability: Mirror possessed great durability, being able to handle Suiko's attacks without difficulty, and only sustaining 0.4% damage from Suiko's Void Quaking Tiger Fist.

Energy Projection: Mirror had the ability to generate balls of energy from all of its hands, each of which contain devastating power.


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