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The Metal Knight Unit (メタルナイトの機体, Metaru Naito no Kitai) is a remote-controlled robot made and operated by Bofoi. It is his primary and favorite combat machine.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Metal Knight is a very large and intimidating metal robot with multiple cannons attached to its back. It has a distinct set of three circular marks on its "face" and a yellow hazard triangle on its back.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Hero Association Saga[edit | edit source]

Giant Meteor Arc[edit | edit source]

The robot launches prototype missiles at the meteor

The Metal Knight unit is first shown when Bofoi is testing its weapons against a colossal meteorite. The robot fires a volley of large missiles that converge on the meteor and causes a massive explosion. This, unfortunately, is not enough to stop the meteor which bursts through the cloud of smoke caused by the explosion, much to both Genos and Bofoi's surprise.[2]

Human Monster Saga[edit | edit source]

Monster Raid Arc[edit | edit source]

Bofoi vs. Elder Centipede

While Elder Centipede is wreaking havoc in S-City, Bofoi arrives and attacks Elder Centipede. Despite his powerful set of missiles, Elder Centipede only gets annoyed. Bofoi sees this as an opportunity to collect Elder Centipede's skin after his defeat to build more weapons.[3]

Super Fight Arc[edit | edit source]

At some point, the robot was severely damaged by Orochi and was captured in the Monster Association Headquarters, and its broken pieces are hung in chains.[4]

Despite the damage, it is still operational and is apparently being used by Bofoi to spy on Orochi and Gyoro Gyoro. Through his robot, Bofoi questions Orochi and Gyoro Gyoro about their goals and while they tell him destruction is a natural part of a monster's instincts, it is not their end goal.[5]

Monster Association Arc[edit | edit source]

The Monster Association's Robots Using Metal Knight's System

G5 steals the Metal Knight Unit's head to dismantle and analyze thoroughly and later, after he is finished, places it back with the rest of the body.

The Monster Association take apart the Metal Knight Unit for analysis, Child Emperor discovers it and takes the data from it to find the hostage's location.[6]

With the data they obtained on the unit, the Monster Association create their own variant of the Metal Knight Unit, which they release to combat the heroes who invade their hideout. Two attack Zombieman, however thanks to Child Emperor having predicted beforehand that they would recreate weapons from Metal Knight's system and working out their weaknesses Zombieman successfully takes down the two robots.[7][8]

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

Bofoi is capable of communicating through this robot and linking his other robots to it to gather data and improve battle efficiency.[9]

The robot attacks Elder Centipede

  • Flight: The robot uses rocket engines to fly.
  • Missiles: The robot is armed with powerful missiles. Genos noted that the missiles possess great destructive power.
  • Suction Pads: The robot has retractable suction pads. Bofoi first used them to cling to Elder Centipede as he retreated underground.
  • Durability: The strengths and limits of the Battle Robot's defensiveness and durability have so far not been shown. However, when Bofoi was explaining his encounter with the Monster King, he placed an emphasis on the fact the Monster King was able to penetrate through the robot's hands and body in a single strike. This can suggest that the Battle Robot has considerably high durability.

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