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Metal Bat vs. Elder Centipede was the battle between the S-Class hero Metal Bat and the Monster Association executive Elder Centipede.


Shortly after Metal Bat kills Senior Centipede and Rafflesidon, the hero is greeted by two heroes, Mohican and Pineapple, who came to support Metal Bat. The hero informs them that the threats have already been dealt with, but suddenly, the ground begins to tremble once again. Erupting from the earth comes a monstrously-sized purple centipede. Mohican and Pineapple recognize this monster as Elder Centipede, a Dragon-level threat. Metal Bat orders them to take those Narinki and Waganma to safety while he deals with Elder Centipede. Mohican and Pineapple grab the two unconscious citizens and run for their lives.


Metal Bat strikes Elder Centipede

Metal Bat grips his bat and swings at the monster, although Elder Centipede is quick enough to adjust his position so that Metal Bat's attack hits his carapace instead of his face. The vibrations from Metal Bat's swing shake his entire body, and the monster tells Metal Bat to get out of his way, throwing Metal Bat into a building with its leg while it continues charging at Mohican and Pineapple.

Metal Bat's Dragon Thrashing

Metal Bat notes that his full-power swing didn't make a crack in its carapace, but also notes that Elder Centipede made sure that his swing didn't hit his face. He decides that that's exactly where he's going to aim, and jumps on the monster's body. Putting the handle of the bat in his mouth, he runs up Elder Centipede's body until he positions himself right above the monster's face. He takes his bat in his hand, raises it above his head, and prepares his Killin' Move: Dragon Trashing. Elder Centipede yells out in pain, and uses his Giant Centipede Tidal Wave to shake Metal Bat off of him, destroying several buildings in the process. While rubble from the buildings falls on the streets, Mohican and Pineapple are shocked by the power of Elder Centipede, with Pineapple remarking that humanity shouldn't have to face something so monstrous.


Metal Bat is thrown several hundred meters away from Elder Centipede and crashes into a fence. Unbeknownst to the hero, Garou is standing right beside him, wondering if Metal Bat was still alive and remarking that coming all this way to fight an S-Class hero that was already killed by another monster was a waste of time. But to Garou's shock, Metal Bat is still alive and conscious and prepares to resume his fight with Elder Centipede. Garou tells Metal Bat to stop and attacks the S-Class hero, interrupting the battle between Metal Bat and Elder Centipede, while starting the battle between Metal Bat and himself.