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  • Hey!

    Just an fyi; if you want to reference the webcomic, you don't need to type out the entire reference. Instead, use the parameter wch to cite the webcomic chapter, and use wp to cite the page. Example: {{ref|wch=19|wp=7}}

    Another note: Please try to keep the language on articles as simple as possible. Unnecessarily complicating diction (as in the case of your earlier edits on the Homeless Emperor page) is discouraged. Thanks!

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    • I did keep it simplified this time, cut it down by 80% and it still wasn't good enough. I'm beginning to wonder whats the point, I put in critical proponents to Sonic's character yet it's undone constantly. One would think the reason he became disenfranchised with the world and it's hero worship is pretty integreal to his character I imagine. And yes I looked up the wch/wp bit, I used my edits on Third Eye Psykos as template material before I added it. Not that it was any good apparently.

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    • I'm not sure what you mean by that last sentence.

      Regarding your edits on Homeless Emperor's page, I was referring to your earlier edits. As for your edits on Sonic's page, they are, for the most part, well-written. However, if you read it from the perspective of an average reader, it is a bit confusing. Maybe it was wrong to simply rollback the edits, but the additions were just too much. I'll add back the relevant information.

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