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Men's Esthetician Man (メンズエステマン, Menzuesuteman) is a B-Class criminal beaten by Saitama twice, after his first defeat he turned into a monster. Like Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, he is a self-declared eternal rival of Saitama.


Men's Esthetician Man is a very tall and lean man with long, wavy blonde hair. He has a shiny, well moisturized face under a pink face mask sheet and wears long fake eyelashes. He wears an open, long sleeve black jacket with bright red frills coming out from the inside that extend at the bottom to form a skirt. His left arm is encased in a large red tube of cream.


Men's Esthetician Man is a very flamboyant man who is obsessed with his own beauty and paying particular attention to his skin. As a villain, he takes pleasure in mummifying people.

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A Shadow That Snuck Up Too CloseEdit


After Saitama had his french fry stolen from his plate, suspecting he had a stalker, he ran into Men's Esthetician Man, who said he was defeated some time ago before by Saitama. The defeat was so shocking that it dried up his skin, and ever since he had been following strict regimented training and moisturizing while looking for Saitama to reap vengeance. This led to some confusion with Saitama concluding that Men's Esthetician Man is the stalker who stole his french fry. Saitama approached a confused and scared criminal and proceeded to punch him through a building before warning him to never steal french fries ever again.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Not much is known about his powers, but he is a B-Class criminal and carries a large tube of cosmetics cream that instantly dehydrates, to the point of mummifying anyone that comes in contact with it.



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