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Meat Pounder (ミートハンマー, Mīto Hanmā) is a C-Class professional hero of the Hero Association.


Meat Pounder is a large burly man in a butcher outfit.


His personality is largely unknown however he expressed happiness at Zombieman's support.

History Edit

At some point in time, Meat Pounder joined the Hero Association.  He is the disciple of the pro-hero Butcher.[1]


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

Meat Pounder, Hacker Net and Rabbit is seen wandering W-City worried over the monster raid on the city. Zombieman steps in and assures their fears as he deals with the monster Marshall Gorilla. Zombieman tells Meat Pounder and the others to help the wounded and look for the remaining monsters.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Little is known about Meat Pounder's abilities, but being a C-class hero, it can be assumed that he is a rather weak individual.

Meat Tenderiser: A giant Meat Mallet that Meat Pounder uses. He is presumably proficient in wielding it.


  • The Kanji on Meat Pounder's bandanna, 肉, means meat.


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