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McCoy (マッコイ, Makkoi) is the Director of the Hero Association Operations Office #2.


McCoy is a muscular man with glasses and an eye patch on his right eye. His hair is combed upwards and dresses in a formal business suit.


McCoy is described as a mean person. He doesn't like the state to interfere with the Hero Association and wanted to hear Chief Kuma's pleading when he called for help. Given this aspect of himself, he's also shown to be controlling and opportunistic. Seemingly looking for new ways to rise above in any given advantageous situation whether it being over outside forces or even within the business he's affiliated with.


Original Webcomic[]

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Neo Heroes Saga[]

Neo Heroes Introduction Arc[]

McCoy shows up again as some Hero Association staff members converse on all the issues in the Hero Association. Sensing another opportunity, the chief approaches his startled colleagues after overhearing how the business is collapsing due to the actions of whom he calls the careless top brass.

He is later shown to have joined the Neo Heroes as an Executive as well as a Human Resource Manager.

Supreme Hero Arc[]

McCoy escorts Suiryu to the Neo Leader meeting, explaining to him the responsibilities of being a Neo Leader. He then introduces himself, all the leaders, the Neo Hero staff, and two of the Neo Leader candidates.

Appearances in Other Media[]


Pork Cutlet Bowl[]

When the police station in Z-City was attacked by a Mysterious Being, McCoy tries to get rid of any interference from the government and show the Hero Association's superiority. He offers them the association's help, but only if they publicly humiliate themselves by admitting that, without the Hero Association, they would be completely helpless against mysterious beings. However, his plans were completely foiled when Saitama, dressed as a policeman, defeats the mysterious being and shows people that even the police can defeat monsters.


  • McCoy debuted in the manga and ONE integrated him into the webcomic in a later story arc.
  • The name and design of McCoy are similar to Doc McCoy from the Desperados videogames. Both share the same surname, they have a similar formal style and they both have a black eye patch over one eye.


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