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A martial artist is a practitioner of martial arts. Unlike swordsmen, who utilize bladed weapons, and marksmen, who use ranged weaponry, martial artists rely on their body for combat. Martial artists have not been shown to use weapons, although they may enhance their attacks by other means. For example, Lightning Max uses rocket-propelled shoes to strengthen his kicks; Volten enhances his attacks with electricity.


Every six months, the Super Fight tournament is hosted at the C-City Super Stadium. Martial artists from acknowledged dojos compete.[1]

List of martial artists and their styles

Name Martial Art Style Status
Bakuzan Dark Hell Assassination Art Deceased †
Bang Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist
Explosion Release Fist
Bazuzu Bazuzu Explosive Fist Active
Benpatsu Harsh Path Style Unknown
Bomb Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist Active
Charanko Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist Active
Choze The Fist Of The Pure Blood Master Race Deceased †
Dave Giant Style Crushing Unknown
Fist Fight Djinn Boxing Deceased †
Garou Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist
Self-Styled Martial Arts
Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist
Cross Fang Dragon Slayer Fist
Explosion Release Fist
Gatlin Multi Hit Style Active
Gouketsu Unnamed Deceased †
Hamukichi Sunflower Dojo's Gentle Self Defense Unknown
Jakumen Giga Pro Wrestling Unknown
Lin Lin Palm Bell Fist Active
Max Hyper Karate Active
Mentai Spice Fist Active
Orochi Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist Unknown
Personification Of A Light Pull Cord Boxing Deceased †
Rosie Psycho Analysis Martial Arts Deceased †
Sneck Biting Snake Fist Active
Sour Face Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist
Sourface Style Kenpo
Suiryu Void Fist Active
Suicho Void Fist Deceased †
Suiko Void Fist Active
Volten Thunder Thunder Fist
Super Thunder Thunder Fist
Zakos Head First Rushing Style Active

Original Webcomic

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Name Martial Art Style Status
Brawny Muscle Hard Destruction Fist Deceased †
Garou Heart-Blast Release Fist
Tiger Fang True Fist
Fire Dance Bullet Trail Fist
Purgatory Abyss Fist
Lake-Breaking Ice River Fist
Mountain Cordillera Road Fist
Ultimate Fist of the Yatagarasu
Pressure Point Killer Killer Fist
Poisonous Ogre Fist
Lone Fist of Prosperity
Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist
Mechatsuyo Fist of Sudden Truth Active


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