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Marshall Gorilla (マーシャルゴリラ, Māsharu Gorira) is a Monster Association monster that is assigned to attack W-City.


Marshall Gorilla is a buff gorilla with a scar on his left eye who wears a white beret with a banana pin affixed to it. He wears his holster over his black t-shirt and has many bananas attached to it. The bananas on his t-shirt are actually containers for his cigars; in the anime, this was changed where they are actual bananas. He also wears camouflage pants with black knee pads and black combat boots.


Marshall Gorilla is confident in his abilities, but still seems rather grounded in what his capabilities are.[1] He is also very arrogant to the point that he demands the Hero Association to raise his threat level from Tiger to Demon or else he will keep attacking A-class heroes. He also despises monsters who take on a human lifestyle, especially if they are ape monsters.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

In W-City, Heavy Kong has been struggling against Marshall Gorilla for 15 minutes.[2] Marshall Gorilla eventually defeats Heavy Kong without receiving any injuries.[3] Later, he is shown to demand the Hero Association to raise his threat level from Tiger to Demon or else he will keep attacking A-Class heroes in the street.

Marshall Gorilla punched

Marshall Gorilla being knocked out by Armored Gorilla with one punch.

While being trailed by S-Class Hero Zombieman, he encounters Armored Gorilla. Thinking he was a pro hero, Marshall shouts in order to get Armored Gorilla's attention, only to be surprised to see that the latter was a gorilla too. After hearing that Armored Gorilla has apparently sided with humans, Marshall Gorilla attacks him with Banana Slash, which Armored Gorilla immediately counters with a punch to the face, knocking Marshall out cold.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a Tiger level threat, Marshall Gorilla is a threat for the lives of a great number of people. He was able to defeat Heavy Kong, an A-Class hero, decisively. Despite this, he is no match for Armored Gorilla, who beat him in one punch. This would suggest that he is stronger than the average Tiger-level threat, but still not strong enough to be classified as a Demon-level threat.

Fighting StyleEdit

Banana Slash

Banana Slash

Gorilla Style Knife Skill (ゴリラ流ナイフ術, Gorira-ryū Naifu-jutsu): Marshall Gorilla's fighting style, which involves a knife slashing technique.

  • Banana Slash (バナナスラッシュ, Banana Surasshu): A simple knife slashing technique. Marshall Gorilla strikes his opponent with his knife.[5]


Combat Knife: Marshall Gorilla wields a knife during battles and is presumed skilled in wielding it. The knife was shattered upon his attempt to kill Armored Gorilla.

Major Battles Edit

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Marshall Gorilla vs. Heavy Kong (Off screen) 59, 61 18 Win
Marshall Gorilla vs. Armored Gorilla 78 21 Loss


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