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Machine God Body (機神ボディ, Kishin Bodi) was a Machine God battle robot presumably created by The Organization. It was destroyed by Genos.


Machine God Body was a giant robot with a masculine frame, towering over average humans. Its body was designed to resemble a muscular man, possessing a broad chest and arms. Its head has a striped design with a dark cavity for a face, featuring glowing eyes within.


Despite being a robot, Machine God Body is presented as a very arrogant and boastful individual. In comparison to its comrades, Body speaks in a much more uncouth and brash manner, constantly mocking its opponents inferiority while priding itself in its own strength and abilities.


Neo Heroes Saga[]

Neo Heroes Uprising Arc[]

Machine God Body attacks Dr. Kuseno's laboratory alongside its comrades, Machine God Ray and Machine God Tech. It was the first to face the enraged Genos, and pretended to not be impressed by the young cyborg's abilities. Despite this it did not reject to allowing its partners to intervene, and they were all overpowered by Genos. Body was left damaged but still alive, allowing it to incorporate the bodies of Ray and Tech into its own. This power boost was squandered, as it was quickly finished off by Genos.

Abilities and Powers[]

As a Dragon-level threat of the Organization, Machine God Body was a very powerful Mysterious Being. Alongside his partners, Body was capable of pressuring Genos even with his new upgrades, forcing the hero to use his last resort to keep up.

Robotic Abilities[]

Immense Strength: Machine God Body possesses incredible strength, capable of holding its own against Genos with ease. After incorporating the parts of the other Machine Gods, his strength only increased, allowing it to deal damage to an empowered Genos.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Machine God Body is incredibly fast, capable of keeping up with Genos in combat and taking the hero by surprise with its speed.

Immense Durability: Fitting his large frame, Machine God Body is remarkably durable. It viewed Genos' Heat Machine Gun Blow as laughable and referred to Genos' attack with his Super Magnetic Core as an itch.

Heat Resistance: Machine God Body was capable of easily resisting the high temperatures of Genos' Scorching Core and Heat Machine Gun Blows.

Technological Assimilation: According to Machine God Body, its true ability is assimilating the components of other units to instantly repair and remodel itself. Using this power, Body assimilated the parts from its two fallen Machine Gods to dramatically increase its strength, forcing Genos to use his final move to eliminate Body.

Fighting Style[]

  • Megaton Swing (メガトンスウィング, Megaton Suwingu): Machine God Body launches a powerful downward punch. It first used this attack during its fight with Genos, fracturing the ground beneath it, though Genos managed to avoid the attack.[1]


  1. One-Punch Man Webcomic; Chapter 141, page 9

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