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M-City (M市, M Shi) is a very large city within the world of One-Punch Man.

There are 42 heroes living in this city.[1]

Inhabitants Edit


Number of Heroes by Class:[2]

  • S-Class: 2
  • A-Class: 2
  • B-Class: 9
  • C-Class: 29




Hero Association SagaEdit

King ArcEdit

G4 appears and challenges King asks him for some time to use the restroom as he can't use his full power when nature's calling, but used it as a excuse and runs home to play video games but is followed by Saitama. Genos fights G4 in King's place and and defeats the robot. Meanwhile, allows himself into King's house and him why he did not fight G4. Before King could answer, his apartment is attacked by Giant Crow.[3] King reveals the truth about himself and is saved by Saitama. Saitama then tells King he should just get strong and takes his leave, saying he will sometimes visit to play video games together.[4]

Hero Hunter SagaEdit

Monster Association Raid ArcEdit

Saitama meets King when leaving from the Super Fight and they go to King's house to play some games together.[5]


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