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Lord of Mountains was a Mysterious Being created from the spite of creatures driven away by humans. It first appeared trying to seek vengeance against humans.[1]


Lord of Mountains was a tiger-like monster with big wings, resembling an eagle's, and a snake for a tail.


Born from the spite of creatures driven out of their homes by humanity, Lord of Mountains was most heavily characterized by her hatred and desire for vengeance against all humans. She hated man-made objects and advanced technology, as seen when she showed disgust at the fact that Genos was a machine, calling him a cursed man-made artifice. She was also merciless, as she refused to spare Genos when he was asking for mercy.


Other MediaEdit

Genos and Memory LossEdit

Lord of Mountains is first seen terrorizing the general populace of City Z. Introducing herself and how she was created from the spite of all the animals driven out by humans, she proclaims her vengeance against humanity. When she hears from citizens that a hero has arrived, she asks if Genos is foolhardy enough to challenge her. After a brief moment of hesitation and fear, Genos decides to lure her away from the citizens and back to the warehouse where he'd met with Fubuki in the hopes that she would help him. However, Fubuki had already left, leaving Genos alone and allowing Lord of Mountains to attack.

Ova genos cornered by lord

The Lord of Mountains corners Genos

Lord of Mountains proclaims the warehouse to be his burial site, and unleashes her Great Mountain Wail, knocking Genos off-balance and throwing him into the air. She follows up with her Volcanic Shot, sending Genos flying into the wall. When the cyborg asks for mercy, she refuses, filling with more fury upon realizing Genos is a machine. As she strangles him, Lord of Mountains states Genos will feel the pain of the anger of the creatures driven out of their homes. However, Genos manages to break free of her grip and heads outside.

Impressed that he could escape, Lord of Mountains activates her Weather Change: Whirlwind, creating a powerful wind which encircles Genos and sends him flying into the air. She follows up with Hailstorm, unleashing several fast and large pellets of hail from the sky. Finally, she strikes Genos with Lightning Strike, hitting him in the head.

Assuming herself victorious, she cackles with confidence but is shocked to see Genos appear behind her, for her last attack allowed Genos to regain his memories. Lord of Mountains roars and punches the hero, but he easily catches it and lifts her up into the air. Genos declares he will get rid of her anger for her as a token of gratitude for helping him regain his memories, and eliminates her with an incineration cannon.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a Demon-level Mysterious Being, Lord of Mountains was quite a powerful monster. When in combat against Genos with amnesia, she was able to crack and damage a small portion of Genos's arm and shoulder. When Genos regained his memory, she was utterly helpless, as she was easily lifted with one arm then finished in a single attack.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Flight: Lord of Mountains possessed the ability to fly via the giant wings on her back.

Immense Strength: Lord of Mountains possessed impressive strength, being able to damage Genos with her punches and have him on the ropes while his memories were lost. However, once Genos regained his memories, he was able to block her punch and lift her into the air with apparent ease, and she was unable to break free from his grip.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: As a Demon-level monster, Lord of Mountains naturally possessed amazing speed and reflexes, being able to land multiple quick punches on Genos and leaving him unable to defend himself. Once Genos regained his memories, though, he managed to get behind Lord of Mountains without her noticing.

Supernatural AbilitiesEdit

Lord of Mountains possessed no refined fighting style, mostly relying on her supernatural powers and claws in order to tear her opponents apart.

  • Great Mountain Wail: Lord of Mountains lets out a powerful scream which shocks and shatters the ground in front of her. It bears similarities to Tanktop Master's Tanktop Tackle, as it made Genos lose his balance and get thrown up into the air.
  • Volcanic Shot: A powerful barrage of fiery punches. Lord of Mountains finishes this barrage with a powerful punch. These attacks were powerful enough to slightly damage Genos's arm and shoulder.
  • Weather Change: Lord of Mountains possesses the ability to manipulate the weather however she chooses, utilizing it for multiple different purposes.
    • Whirlwind: Lord of Mountains manipulates the weather into forming a powerful wind which circles her targets and confuses them.
    • Hailstorm: Fast pellets of hail drop from the sky to damage and confuse the target. It was seen used being combined with Weather change Whirlwind.
    • Lightning Strike: A bolt of electricity is shot out from Lord of Mountain's fist. This is used as the finishing move from the combination of the previous weather change attacks.


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