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The locator is a communication and tracking device created by Child Emperor. The heroes currently use this device during the raid of the Monster Association base.


The locators are distributed by Child Emperor to the main Hero Association strike team members. It allows them to communicate with each other in an emergency and comes with a map of the Monster Association Headquarters. Child Emperor also provides a manual along with the device. Child Emperor can monitor all the locator's positions on his watch.

They can also be used for wireless communication between members of the strike team.

Status of locatorsEdit

Atomic Samurai - In possession[1]

Child Emperor - In his possession[1]

Flashy Flash - Lost in the battle against Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame[2]

Pig God - In his possession[1]

Puri-Puri Prisoner - Unknown

Superalloy Darkshine - Unknown

Sweet Mask - In his possession[1]

Tatsumaki - Unknown

Zombieman - Unknown


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