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Lightning Max vs. Suiryu was the tournament match between the martial artists Max and Suiryu.


Deep Sea King in Max's mind

Max and Suiryu both participate the Super Fight Tournament. As they both enter the ring, Lightning Max wonders if Suiryu is stronger than him, but remembers that the opponent he really needs to surpass is the Deep Sea King, and compared to him, Suiryu is puny. Suiryu disses pro-heroes, mildly irritating Max. The referee tells the fighters to take their stances, and the battle quickly begins.


Suiryu vs. Max

Suiryu defeats Max with a single kick

Max begins to run and jump towards Suiryu and uses his new attack the Giant Wheel Double Heel Drop, performing multiple front flips and preparing to strike his opponent. However, Suiryu effortlessly outmaneuvers and kicks Max to the edge of the ring, knocking the hero out cold. As he kicks Max, Suiryu says the reason he became stronger was so he could glide through life easily. This shockes the audience and the other competitors, and Suiryu states that he is the stronger one of the two.


Suiryu's performance impresses many, including Genos, who was observing the match. However, Saitama remains nonchalant, and Sour Face thinks this is because he's an amateur.

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