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Lightning Max vs. Deep Sea King was the battle between the A-Class hero Lightning Max and Deep Sea King, a Demon-level mysterious being.


Lightning Max observing from afar

Deep Sea King begins his invasion on the surface of the Earth with his clan of Seafolk. He arrives in J-City, where he strikes the A-Class hero Stinger, for killing some of his henchmen. The city alarm announces that the disaster level of the Seafolk invasion has been raised to Demon. In addition, the citizens are advised to evacuate the city. As Deep Sea King is walking down an empty street, Lightning Max is observing him from afar with a telescope. Lightning Max contemplates whether he should fight the monster or wait for reinforcements. Suddenly, Deep Sea King sneaks up, startling Max.


Deep Sea King punching Lightning Max

Max immediately attacks Deep Sea King with his Lightning Kick, the force of which creates a bright flash yet it does no significant damage, with Deep Sea King saying it only stings a little. Max is stunned that the monster was able to sneak up behind him so quickly, and also remarks that his Lightning Kick did zero damage. Towering over him, the monster asks Max who he is. The hero gives him his name and offers Deep Sea King the challenge to fight him. Secretly though, Max intends to make a run for it as soon as possible, but before he can do so, Deep Sea King punches Max into a building. Max again wonders how his punch was so strong, as small streams of blood run down from the corners of his lips and he loses sensation in his entire body. Deep Sea King arrogantly walks up to him and bends his knees, placing his chin on his hand and sadistically chuckling.

Flying Reverse Round-House Lightning Kick

Infuriated by his sadism, Max decides to use another one of his special moves, Flying Backwards Roundhouse Kick, and strikes Deep Sea King in his chin. The force of the blow is large, creating a bright flash that lights up the entire floor. However, Deep Sea King is still completely unharmed, and sends the hero crashing through the wall. With that final blow, Max is defeated and proceeds to fall, with several pieces of large debris following with him.


Lightning Max saved by Puri-Puri-Prisoner

Before he is crushed by the rubble, Puri-Puri Prisoner comes sprinting and catches the A-Class hero, saving him from the falling building. Max is later seen recovering in the hospital with the other defeated heroes. His loss at the hands of Deep Sea King gives him the motivation to become stronger, and is the main reason why he joins the Super Fight Tournament.


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