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Lecture Man is a non-canon hero character who serves a purpose as a tutorial in One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.


Lecture Man is a man who has black hair and wears a tuxedo and red bowtie, he has red slippers on and has a question mark drawn on the side of his face. He also has wears headphones with a small speaker coming out of the side.


One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows[]

Lecture Man is a C-Class hero who helps out the Custom Hero. He gives lectures, by teaching the player the basics about the Hero Association, ranking up and how to play the game. Lecture Man also encourages the player to do quests and move up to B Class. After the tutorial has ended, you don't see him as often, only to show up every now and then to give comments on your hero work but eventually vanishes completely halfway through the game.

Abilities and Powers[]

Non Physical Abilities: He claims that his power is to give lectures.

Physical Abilities: Not much is seen from Lecture Man as you never see him fight, as he only talks to the player for guidance. It can be assumed he is a weak hero with no special abilities or power boosts, and has below average fighting abilities.


  • The question mark on his face is supposed to represent the idea if you have a question or are confused, you go to him for information.
  • In Lecture Man's pose, his right hand is making an "L" shape to signify it means "lecture."
  • Lecture Man is the second non-canon hero and character in the One-Punch Man Series, the first being the Custom Hero.
  • Despite being a hero, he is never actually seen doing any hero work.
  • Lecture man shares the same english voice actor as Marugori.


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