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Dr. Kuseno's Scientific Research Facility, where he works his robotic studies. This is also the place Genos usually goes for his repairs and upgrades after battle.[1]


Introduction Saga[]

Paradise Group Arc[]

After losing to Carnage Kabuto and being damaged by the monster, Genos is seen being repaired by Dr. Kuseno at his laboratory.[2]

Human Monster Saga[]

Garou Introduction Arc[]

Upon his victory against G4, Genos brings the remains of the robot to Dr. Kuseno's laboratory, asking the doctor for his repairs and upgrades from the enemy he had just defeated.[3]

Monster Association Arc[]

Having fought two Demon-level threats Face Ripper and Awakened Cockroach, and later encountered Gouketsu, a Dragon-level Mysterious Being, Genos suffers heavy damage to the point that he is no longer able to move on his own.[4] The cyborg hero is then taken to the lab by a drone for repairing the damage, as well as his improvements for incoming battles.[5]

During his fight against Elder Centipede alongside Bang and Bomb, Genos was heavily damaged by the giant monster, thus he came to the lab at some point for his repairs after the battle. Later, while on his way to Saitama's apartment, the cyborg has a flashback of being repaired and getting a new upgrade from Dr. Kuseno that wholly focuses on attack power.[6]

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Neo Heroes Saga[]

Neo Heroes Uprising Arc[]

After learning about the possible creator of The Mad Cyborg, Genos and Saitama travel to Dr. Kuseno's Lab to formulate a plan. They all agree that Genos will lead a frontal assault with Saitama as backup. Kuseno then treats Genos and Saitama to Barbeque. Afterwards, Saitama's physical data is measured in a type of chamber. However, this was interrupted by a group of rogue robots attacking the lab, resulting in Kuseno losing his life and the laboratory being completely destroyed.

As a last goodbye to Genos, Dr. Kuseno reveals a secret under his basement, giving Genos his last upgrade.

Other Media[]


A Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close[]

At the laboratory, Genos is seen analysing a french fry he stole from Saitama in a restaurant.

Known Residents[]

Name Position Status
Dr. Kuseno Owner Active
Genos Visitor Active


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