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He just said "understood"... along with the roar of his King Engine.
— King's response to the Hero Association staff members after being told about Elder Centipede.

King and Saitama vs. Elder Centipede was the battle between the heroes King and Saitama and the Monster Association executive Elder Centipede.


Elder Centipede charges towards Bang, who prepares to go all out against the monster, when King distracts the Elder Centipede by yelling provocative words over a megaphone.


King lures out Elder Centipede

Elder Centipede's attention is diverted from the other S-Class heroes, and he looks down at King. King goes on to say that he brought Blast, the very hero that defeated him many years ago, with him. He tells Elder Centipede to follow him if he wants to take revenge on Blast. King then goes on to taunt Elder Centipede with various insults.

Saitama punches the monster

Elder Centipede is disintegrated

King's thoughts are racing inside his mind, as he knows he is giving Saitama a very limited window of time to destroy Elder Centipede and prevent him from burrowing underground and retreating. Elder Centipede then crawls onto the ground and rushes at King, who maintains his ground. As Elder Centipede is just feet away from King, Saitama comes in from behind. King jumps out of the way, and Saitama performs his Serious Series: Serious Punch.

Unlike previous attacks, the force of Saitama's punch is too much for Elder Centipede's regeneration to keep up with, and the monster's body quickly crumbles, marking his permanent defeat.


Genos is optimistic

After Elder Centipede's body is decimated, Saitama notices Genos from far away and waves hello to him. King and Saitama then walk towards Genos, Bang, and Bomb, with Saitama beginning a conversation. He says that he actually feels rather refreshed after defeating Elder Centipede, attributing the stress to playing video games against King. King is skeptical of this explanation. When Saitama meets up with Genos, the cyborg asks him what it is he is still lacking, and Saitama replies by saying he simply needs more power. Even though it is a very obvious statement, Genos is awed by it and begins writing in his memo, much to King's horror. Genos then remarks he will strive toward the symbol of strength that Saitama is.


Volume 17 Omake English.jpg

In an extra included with Volume 17 of the manga that covers the immediate aftermath of the battle, it is revealed that King soiled himself when Elder Centipede was charging at him. He passes this off by blaming the monster's remains for being the cause of the smell. He then asks to visit a department store on their way back to Saitama's place, as he 'kinda needs to get some new pants'.


  • This is the last fight of the anime's second season.
  • ONE uploaded his own version of Saitama's Serious Punch against Elder Centipede on his Twitter.[1]



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