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King's Weekend-like Weekday (キングの休日なようで平日, Kingu no kyūjitsuna yōde heijitsu) is an extra chapter included with Volume 12.


King is in a restaurant typing a scene for the game that he is making. A group of six assassins named Hitman Clan were hired to kill King. They were observing King's every move as he is a renowned S-Class hero taking precautions for their next move. King suddenly began shouting as though he is warning the assassins looking at his laptop, the assassins became suspicious and took King seriously for revealing their plan. King stood up looked around and asked the waitress to bring his melon soda.

The assassins thought that King was ready to take them on without getting civilians involved. One of them approached King with a weapon hidden in his breast pocket. Thinking that he is a fan who has come for an autograph, King stopped him from taking it out from his pocket in order to keep his identity a secret. As the assassin's plan was spoiled they gave up. Outside the restaurant Saitama came to see King, but one of the assassins guarding the door didn't let him go inside. Saitama then knocked him and the others out with ease and played a video game with King. Saitama lost the game.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Saitama (Cover)
  2. King


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