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Kenzan Rat (ケンザンネズミ, Kenzan Nezumi) was a Dragon-level Mysterious Being that attacked H-City. It was accidentally killed by Tatsumaki and Saitama.[1]


Kenzan Rat had the appearance of a colossal rat with spikes across its back and sharp teeth.


Kenzan Rat was an aggressive monster. It rampaged and destroyed the east side of H-City violently when it appeared.


Neo Heroes Saga[]

Psychic Sisters Arc[]

Kenzan Rat appears in H-City, completely destroying the east side of the city. Metal Bat is sent by the Hero Association to defeat it. Before Metal Bat can engage it, Kenzan Rat is killed by Saitama and Tatsumaki who were fighting through the cities.

Abilities and Powers[]

Not much is known about its abilities. However, given its enormous size and the fact that it was rated as a Dragon-level threat, Kenzan Rat was an extremely powerful being.

Physical Abilities[]

Immense Strength: Due to its enormous size and status as a Dragon-level threat, Kenzan Rat possessed great strength. It was capable of destroying buildings and defeating multiple heroes with no apparent difficulty, prompting the association to send Metal Bat, an S-Class hero, to deal with it.

Spiky Body: Kenzan Rat had sharp needles all over its back which could presumably use for offensive and defensive purposes, similarly to a hedgehog.

Fighting Style[]

Mass Destruction: Kenzan Rat used its immense size to cause catastrophic destruction, able to crush part of a city without significant effort and tower over skyscrapers.


  • Kenzan means "Needlepoint Holder".


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