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Justice Man (ジャスティスマン, Jasutisuman) is a popular cartoon in the world of One-Punch Man. Garou and Saitama were both inspired by the show for different reasons.

Episodic StoriesEdit


An episode of Justice Man on TV

Devil Earl wishes to cover the world in darkness, but Justice Man comes to save the day. Justice Man defeats Devil Earl with a Justice Punch.[1]

Justice Man teams up with Mach Woman and Little Justice to murder a Crab Monster, whom was protecting the sea from humanity.[2] Afterwards, Justice Man found the monster's hidden stash of eggs.

Justice ManEdit


  • Justice Punch
  • Justice Kick
  • Justice Fire Kick (ジャスティスファイアキック, Jasutisu Faia Kikku)[3]
  • Justice Cross Chop

Mach WomanEdit

(マッハウーマン, Mahha ūman)

Little JusticeEdit

(リトルジャスティス, Ritoru Jasutisu)


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