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Q - Questions by random stream audience

A - Answer from Murata regarding the question

T - From the translator, Lee, or hdx514

Murata - Whenever he speaks during the stream (Not answering any particular question)


Murata: Working since the first day of new year. Hmmm, I already had a meal with my parents, I can continue to work with relieve now.

Q: I always wanted to ask, how is Saitama's cape stay intact with his shirt?

A: Base on my own design, it's ironed up, and clipped with a button. Although it's not practical in term of physics, it shouldn't stick, supposedly there is a button underneath the shirt and an extra chain between the buttons linking them.

T: How is Zenko going to look like when she grows up?

A: Hmm, I don't know how is she going to be too, unless we can fly to the future, so it is all depends on ONE sensei. Thank you all for watching my stream on New Year.

Q: I'm really curious on the Sun Man drawn by ONE sensei, I heard Boros made his appearance there.

A: Me too, but I didn't ask for it from ONE sensei, wonder if he would show me if I ask him? Such as Tennis Player Ryu, I'd like to read too, this is ONE sensei's work from past too, probably because ONE sensei was in tennis club during his school time. I'll try to ask from him next time. Mob Psycho 100 is going to come out this year, ONE sensei is totally a super star now. How about using this chance to publish all his past works...I really want to read them. By the way I talked about publishing "Dangan Tenshi Fan Club" last time but now end up with nothing definite...

Murata: If I talk too much about how to present the manga characters here during my stream, there will be nothing much left to talk on Jump Ryu,a lot of the time you can see the author's personality through his work. (Fun fact: Murata is the only mangaka talking non stop on JUMP Ryu, some other mangaka like Oda didn't even open their mouth for once in the video)

Q: Sort of a weird question, will you feel uncomfortable if the character from your work being drawn into doujin hentai?

A: No, hahaha if I say I'm uncomfortable it is somewhat disrespectful towards ONE sensei, because here it involve some copyrights problem. How should I put it, characters from my own work or not, I'm liking all the lewd things. Hmm, I concluded it so bad hahaha. I like to see lewd drawing, and draw too. Now for my own age maybe it's about the time I try to draw some adult manga, but ONE sensei's work is obviously not suitable for it.

T: Sensei would you stand and read porno books at the convenience store?

A: Recently they started to seal up the books and disallow to stand and read, but if they didn't seal up the books...I don't know, I guess I'm not going to convenience store purposely just to read porno. During my middle school time I'm obsessed with reading porno stuff, going out stealthy to convenience store at night to read porno, it's so nervous that my hand keep shaking all the way, if I got caught I'm definitely going to be done hahaha. During that time Parasite was very hot, the moment I opened up the book I saw the page where Shinichi's mom thrust him, and I'm like holy crap this manga is awesome. Originally I went there to read porno, but ended up reading Parasite until 1 a.m. Thanks to porno books, it led me to read such a good manga, enriching my world view. Hmm, what a touching moment.

Murata: I'm loving Parasite, but the porno part seems like somewhat disrespectful to Iwaaki sensei...When Parasite ended I just made my debut, therefore I have some sort of feelings to it. I bought few volume of it when I was in my middle school, and everyone's passing them around during class time, some of the volumes never get back to me, and I'm like: Who!? Who's having it!? It's really interesting, Iwaaki sensei is really impressive.

Q: What was the first manga that makes sensei cry?

A: Hmmm...which one was it..? That one...there is definitely one, I can't remember it...let me check first. Hmm, when I was in primary school, around standard 3 or 4, "Shinigami-kun" by Endo sensei, I cried so hard on that day. Not sure if I will be crying if I read it again now. I found the manga at some place like book corner, I was thinking that this is great, because my parents do not allow me to buy manga, and I can read them all day long there. The Fist of North Star was very hot back then, but I don't really like the art style, I like Toriyama sensei's cutie art style more. Kinnikuman's (Muscle Man) art style is cute too but somehow I didn't read it, if I read it back then my art style now will probably be closer to Kinnikuman. Basically anyone who draws manga also likes Kinnikuman.

Q: Did sensei ever refer to anyone when drawing pretty girl?

A: Yep, sometimes I'll refer to fashion magazine, or print model. I once tried to draw the girl on the flyer on to my notebook when I was in middle school.

Q: When did you started to like Akira?

A: When I was in middle school, my friend recommended it to me. It's shocker for a person like me, who only read manga from Shounen Jump. The topic and theme had so much freedom, the art is great too, and the movie-like paneling, the drawing composition also helped me a tons, especially volume 2.

Murata: I'm hungry, it's 8 o'clock now and I only completed 1 page, hey, what am I doing, I'm chatting for too much.

Q: Does mangaka welcome by girls?

A: This question is rather...well this...depends on person. Mangaka's income is unstable, it's probably difficult to get married, it's hard to get their parents to agree too. Woah, mangaka...and those who approach you, probably won't stay for a long term relationship. For example, like 'woah, it's a football player!' and if they ask to be together, the relationship probably won't last for too long. But it's alright if you don't mind a short term relationship. By the way, I never been popular/welcome by girls since young.

Q: Why do you want to be a mangaka?

A: Woah, question to the roots...hmmm....because I like manga and I have a narrow vision. Posting funny drawings on twitter, and seeing everyone laughing at it, the feeling of happiness, I quite like it, therefore I became a mangaka.

Q: What is sensei going to do, when you are taking a break for a gasp for breath while you are working.

A: Play with my kids or draw something I like.

Murata: Sigh, Phoenix Man doesn't have the feeling of wearing a low-cost costume anymore like he does in the web comic. Hmm, reaching out his hand to pass the card.

Q: Any character from OPM designed by sensei?

A: Some characters' coloring were not set by ONE sensei, those who appeared on the cover like Boros' coloring, I followed ONE sensei instruction, the rest I'll decide my self. Actually ONE sensei drew Fubuki and Tatsumaki's dressing before, they both have a greenly color, but I made them into black-gray and light green, I regret so much, I should've confirmed with ONE sensei first...

Q: Sensei greets everyone good bye using different languages during the end of stream every time, I can feel sensei's hard work, appreciating your own fans.

A: Woahhh, of course I'm really thankful to all fans, thank you a lot.

Q: Sensei please take care of your self.

A: Well, my work is rather relaxing, Oda sensei is a workaholic, it's more important for him to take care of him self, if he doesn't fall sick, then I'm not going to hahaha, but he did fall sick for a few times...


Murata: Good evening, welcome. I went to have my meal just now and its been quite a while, but actually I didn't stop drawing, was fixing this phoenix man design, even though he doesn't show his face, but there is a person inside, maybe he will show it later on. Perhaps I've drawn it too phoenix-ish, it doesn't look like he is wearing a costume, it's a failure isn't it.

T: Sensei last time you sang Once Upon a Time in China during your stream, I uploaded the clip to a China website, it got quite popular haha.

A: Hahaha really? Is it that one? The opening of Once upon a Time in China, I sang it with lousy Chinese, that was long time ago and it's embarrassing haha (starts humming the song). I see, my China audience saw it. Ah, I sang Project A's opening before too. Talk about singing, I used to sing very often during my stream, and whistle too. But whistling is actually ear-piercing if you listen it through a video, guarantee there will be lesser people watching it. Ahhh seems like someone remember it.

T: How about starting to sing again at some time?

A: Haha no not now.

Q: There is a Murata sensei exhibition in Korea.

A: Is it, thank you. But don't praise me, it's all thanks to Saitama.

Q: I want to see a special chapter for Metal Bat.

A: I could draw that if he gets a high score in the next character popularity poll. But we don't plan on opening up the popularity pool in the near future. ONE sensei likes this character too.

Q: What are you eating?

A: Vegetables stew, it tastes good. Soup stew with chicken bone, even though it looks water boiled but it's tasty.

Q: Favorite monster?

A: Deep Sea King and Boros. They left a deep impression.

Q: Sensei do you think I can fulfill my dream.

A: This, what a heavy topic. It depends on your effort, or I should put it as it depends on your luck. I myself became a mangaka due to luck too. If I didn't become mangaka, I'll most probably getting scold right now at somewhere else, and working on something I dislike, it's totally possible. If I'm telling you what is better for you during my stream, it's definitely because I screwed it up before, otherwise I wouldn't waste 7 years after my debut.

T: Is it alright to look for a proper job first and work the way to become a mangaka?

A: For me, mangaka is not really a qualification, people who keep drawing manga will eventually become mangaka without realizing, it's not something you have to work all the way to. Employment aside, first you can try to figure out is there anything you want to draw and deliver, but I recommend to get a proper job first. This person wuu5s (it's the translator, he was using his phone to watch the stream, with a different ID) I suppose is a rookies. You want to draw manga, but perhaps you have yet to come up with something you satisfy, there is no proper order in drawing manga. Like for ONE sensei, he took photo of his own manga and uploaded them to the web, afterwards he tried practicing with Comic Studios, thus One Punch Man was born. I'm not even committed as him back when I'm 20 years old. For people who are watching my stream, whether is it because of you haven't found what you want to draw, or because of editor disagree publishing your work, if you are watching now, I'm not saying you don't have the talent, it is just that you haven't find what you really want to deliver to people via your manga. If it is not something you wanted to draw, how can the readers have fun reading it? If so, how about getting a proper job first, put some efforts in it, it could turn out to be a better choice. When you are able to earn for a living and feed your self, try to turn around and think back, is your vision too narrow back then? And now when you start drawing, assimilate into your own interpersonal relationships and values,no matter it being shonen or shojo manga, would it be better that way? I think I shouldn't simply talk about such thing irresponsibly...But if you don't have anything you want to draw, you have to focus on something else, find something you interest in, there is no cons getting other useful knowledge. Human brain can only draw what you have in it, like if you ask me to draw a color I never seen before, no way I can do it. I said it before, you can see one's personality through the manga. Hmm...but manga is not something to have such a big talk on. If someone gives up everything to draw manga, it doesn't seem right too. If you've been drawing for 5 years without achieving anything, the 5 years cannot be considered into the working experience. I started out with becoming an assistant , and I thought I could become mangaka at anytime, but time just flies by. Let's not talk about such heavy topic alright...pardon me, I was a bit sleepy and didn't explain it good enough.

Q: What if Saitama didn't hit the moon? 

Murata: Serious fart or just simply blowing in the opposite direction will do the trick, feels like he is the only one living in a gag world hahaha, but this is just my guess, you still have to ask ONE sensei for the specific answer.

T/N: Please don't take this too serious, Murata was joking.

Q: Is there only exists a huge Saitama continent in OPM world? Is there only ocean behind the earth?

A: Ahh, I'm not sure about this, hmm I don't know how will the story progress in the future haha. Only ONE sensei knows about it, how the back of the earth looks like, whether it is just ocean but nothing, or another continent with another world on it. It's all related to the plot, so...(laugh) For example Toriyama sensei's "Hetappi Manga Kenkyūjo" mentioned that don't go too details for the story setting at the beginning. I think that's it, leave some proper space/holes in the story just in case.


Murata: Good evening, I just checked in Sweden hi is pronounce as hey?

Q: Sensei are you still alright?

A: I'm fine? The one who gets sick is ONE sensei not me, I suppose he was exhausted.

Q: I heard sensei is also feeling tired.

A: Ohh, I was working on the manga, it's normal to get tired.

Murata: (Speak in Chinese and Cantonese) Ni men hao, nei hao (lol). I just looked up on Chinese language, there are BeiJing dialect and Cantonese, seems like there is a huge difference in between. Other backgrounds were all done by my assistant except for Boros' ship.

Q: Did Garou graduates from his middle school?

A: I don't know, he seems like he wasn't well educated.

Q: Sensei would you go for comic exhibition?

A: I used to, there was once I went overseas for Monet's (Claude Monet) oil painting exhibition. The oil painting looks so gorgeous the first time I saw it, wonder if it's because of the impact of first time seeing something new. Later I found that the brightness of the oil painting exhibition is very crucial. Being too bright will make the painting looks oily and shiny, and even worse when it is reflective. If the brightness is on point it could highlight the focus point of the drawing, showing off the 3D vision effect. The colors harmonizing is outstanding.

Q: Is ONE sensei okay now?

A: He should be getting better when he posted the tweet.

Q: What are you playing the music with?

A: Youtube.

Q: Will you chat with ONE sensei through Skype?

A: Normally we speak using calls. We mainly discuss about our works. Had to made it clear what can and cannot be done.

Someone talks about Boruto

Murata: Monthly publish series right, I envy that, looking forward to it.

Q: Garou throwing the sewer cover, is it a reference to The Amazing Spiderman?

A: I haven't watched The Amazing Spiderman, I prefer the old version of Spiderman...Spiderman 2, losing his power and taking a lift with ordinary people, he was asked whether he made the shirt himself, and he said it's tight down there, it portrays the feeling of a normal person becoming a superhero, unlike Superman where you have to raise your head to look up to see him. It really did a great job, showing every normal shining points on Spiderman. When I first started I failed very hard. I debuted during second year of my high school. I was suffering all the time after that. I draw everything I wanted to draw on my first debut work. I have no idea what to draw afterwards. There is nothing much to learn being a manga assistant, drawing background and drawing character are two completely different things. If you want to become a mangaka, it's better if you stay as an assistant for 3 months max. Hurry up and practice more, for those who aim to become a mangaka. Let's talk about something horrible, when I was still working on my serialized work, the editor told me, if you are able to get a good assistant, pay him higher, let him lost his wild ambition. It's harsh words, but it's true, it's not easy to find a manga assistant. And of course you wish he has some good drawing skills, so your manga quality will maintain at a high level. If that particular assistant is gone, the newcomer will more or less affect the quality of your work. Even though the system of my working place here is letting those assistants who has their own ambition train for awhile, and just go whenever they feel like it. But I myself have to go out and interact with more people, like if I meet someone new at some drinking place, I gonna tell him, hey, my assistant was gone, there's an empty slot for you you know...

Q: Can you say nico nico ni?

A: niconiconi ~ niconiconi~~ What is this? I think it's not niconico douga? (After a short while) Oh I see it's from Love Live.

T: Sensei, can you please keep drawing when you talk?

A: Ops!! Thank you, I am talking too much, my hand had stopped, haha. Everyone here who is watching my stream,is there anyone who knows about drawing an animated background, wanna come over here to work, I will pay you 1 million per month. I think it's too much, but I'm still looking for one. Details are all posted on the website, the better you draw the higher the pay.

Q: Rumors said that Oda sensei (Author of One Piece) is paying his assistant 100 million per year, is it real?

A: Yeah, I wonder about that too, in the eyes of Oda sensei is 100 million same as 1000 yen for us. Everyone: Sensei I don't want any salary, just let me stay and work beside you.

A: No way hahaha, if I pay you I'm hoping you bear the same responsibility. If I'm not paying you anything it's hard for me to make requests.

Q: Sensei will you get angry?

A: There was once, one of my assistants drank alcohol while at work hahaha. That day everyone was staying up all night, and we saw he is the only guy without any issues, but later on he told me that he had some drinks that night, I was like: "Damn!!! How could you do that!!!" Haha it was a long time ago.

Q: There are other sensei who draw while having drinks.

A: Haha I can't focus if I drink, I will mess up the drawing lines. It still feels good to drink whenever you like. I get drunk easily and it was very obvious haha, back in my twenty's, I drank a lot like a mad man, I always ended up carried away by ambulance.

Murata: Getting hungry now, let's eat something. I think this omurice wasn't cooked properly, should've put some cheese on it. Hmm, I should've draw a Saitama on with ketchup.

Q: When can we meet Saitama and Genos?

A: How about I jump to that page first?

Murata: Saitama is reading "The Tennis Player Ryu", it is ONE sensei's earlier work. I always draw too much of emotion on Saitama's face accidentally, it's hard. ONE sensei is truly great.

T: Can I be meeting sensei if I become a mangaka?

A: Depends on your luck, it's been a long time since I attend any mangaka gathering. It's been too long since I draw senpai (Sour Face), I forgot his hair style. Haha actually I quite like him, his legs are short, I guess he is not good at kicking.

Murata: There is one thing good about being mangaka, which is it will not involved in human life, the worst you can get is just not getting a full stomach for yourself. Unlike doctor you will get into big trouble for medical malpractice. When I was still a rookie I worked as an assistant and doing other part-time job. While I was still working in a ramen shop I was using the crane to lift stuff, but I put everything down before they told me it is ready, I nearly crushed my senior there...I got scold badly. And I started to think maybe I'm not suitable for that type of work.

Q: Is Saitama easier to draw than other characters?

A: At first I'm not used to it, after getting the hang of it, you know there are not many lines to work on, I became much faster in drawing him, plus the fact that he is always having a poker face. But once I have to add in some subtle facial expression I will keep redrawing it like there is no tomorrow.

Q: Sensei do you care about what people say about you on the internet?

A: Words from the internet don't really bother me, you can't trust them at all, even Wikipedia is wrong sometimes. Nobody gives a damn about you when you are not famous, and after getting popular there will be all type of comments, even if you remain who you were before. Besides, ONE sensei will not waver in the least even if he got scolded sometimes. ONE sensei is younger than me, and he is not afraid of it, thus I'm in no place to be affected by comments on the internet. ONE sensei is just like Saitama. Back when I publish the very first chapter of OPM, the review wasn't that great, and I thought I screwed it up...I immediately call up ONE sensei, and keep apologizing to him, after getting through all of that I still failed him...ONE sensei told me it was alright. It turns out I was encouraged by ONE sensei. Seeing ONE sensei always remain in calm and steady state, I know I have to be like the same as him.

Q: Is Sonic drawn on purpose to have such alluring looks?

A: No ~ way ~ huehuehue. No I didn't ~

Q: Panic's waist is so sexy. (There is a joke here about Sonic's balls but I don't know how to put it in English so I gave up)

A: Is ~ it ~ is ~ it ~

Q: Where is the homepage of sensei's blog?

A: Nothing to see there, it's like an abandoned ruins.

Q: ONE sensei is a good guy.

A: Yeah, he's young and talented.

Q: ONE sensei seems so calm in the interview on nico.

A: Yes, he knows what word should be use, unlike me always fluttering haha.

Q: First impression on ONE sensei?

A: He's tall! ONE sensei is around the same height as me, around 183 cm. We are both shy when meeting stranger, there is not much talking going on, we just keep smiling and nodding. I was late for that day because of traffic jam, I sent him a message about it earlier before but I still feel sorry about it. Then I told him, how about we go and get some barbecue hahaha.

T: ONE sensei seems to be saying thanks to Murata sensei in chapter 362 of Makai no Ossan.

A: Is it? Let me have a look...I read it, I don't see anything there....I don't understand haha.

Q: Sensei do you think you are tall?

A: Quite. My family members are all consider tall. My siblings and relatives are all over 180 cm haha.

Q: I feel like Fubuki's boobs are getting bigger and bigger.

A: Me too, but I don't like the boobs getting too big that it changes into some weird shape, I tried my best to keep them at model's body shape. It won't get too big. Hmm, what am I talking now...

Q: There's rumors on the internet saying the writer of Eye Shield 21 is a student from the University of Tokyo.

A: Ahh, he's not, but he is in a high school which has a high rate of student getting into the University of Tokyo. I think he can get in too if he wanted.

Q: Sensei do you like cat or dog?

A: I do not dislike dog, but since you have to walk your dog everyday and I'm living alone, I can't work as an assistant if I do so. Actually I would like to try petting dog too, I had 2 cats as pets before. One of them was given away to neighbors when I moved out to other place, the other one was given away too but it got hit by a car, it's sad. It's a male kitten, I guessed it got abandoned by its owner, brownish fur, meowing beside the road, its eyes seem to have some problem, it can't open it entirely. The condition gets better after a while. I like Alien 2 so I named it Jyonzu, but my neighbor aunt always call it Torakichi haha, she's the one I passed my cat to when I was gone. That cat will always get to the door and meow at me whenever I came back home, and it will always get back in before I do. One day when I get back home, as usual it gets back in before me, but I noticed its testicles are crumpled, and I found out that the aunt next door brought it for sterilization when I'm away hahaha. It has to be done because it is dangerous during the estrus period as it will run around outside , but in the end it still got hit by a car, pity him.

Murata: It's been so long since I draw Genos, I'm getting rusty haha. I'll stop the stream for a while, not going to sleep, my wife is looking for me haha. See you later ~


Murata: Its tiring when there are so many people watching me drawing (laugh). Hello everyone.

Murata: It feels weird ever since Genos' neck changed to a normal one, it feels like it is missing out something.

Q: I want to see Boros.

A: ...I won't be drawing him for now...or do you like if I show you the drawing from last time? Let me look for it first...Here you go, these are Boros, and his ship, there could be more drawings down there. I remember when I'm drawing this part, its like Dragon Ball with the universal level battle. I was so excited back then.

Murata: Next we are entering Garou arc. According to ONE sensei, Garou and Boros are equally strong, I have to create the same visual for the battle too. Wonder how should I draw it...I will be keeping it up.

Q: How much time is taken to draw Boros' ship?

A: Around 4 hours for one panel. Round up to 6 hours including the sketches. I can't let my assistant handle this part, and I keep redrawing, it really took me a lot of time for it. Someone taught Murata how to say 'Thank you' in Polish, Murata quickly took out a small note book and jot it down

Murata: Hahaha you guys are saying its Genos' notebook. NO ~ I'm not Genos!! (laugh). Why do you guys always saying ONE = Saitama and Me = Genos? (laugh). I'll let you guys have a look at it, it's all in katakana tho, it would be great if I could learn the word it self too. Everyone starting to teach Murata different languages, Murata sensei seems happy while learning foreign language too.

Murata: No I'm getting too high, my hand had stopped.

Q: Is sensei still working on your muscle?

A: There is one time I overdid it and affected my work. So it's best to work out moderately. But I completely stopped afterwards, and whenever I'm feeling tired I will take a piece of chocolate, that's how I became more fat (laugh).

Q: Why don't sensei stream on other sites?

A: The people here are not too much, not too little, and I don't like too many people watching the stream. Furthermore people here are gentle and helpful. I love you!

Q: What time is sensei planning to stream until?

A: I'll will be resting around 4 or 5 o'clock, but for now I have to rush a bit, because other than I have to submit the new chapter on 7th, I still have other work to do.

Murata: The tournament arc is going to be short and solid. And I've heard some future spoiler from ONE sensei, I'm looking forward to it (laugh)

Murata: Although the Mob Psycho anime has nothing to do with me, but I will draw something like "Mob Psycho Anime is coming!" ~ cheering up for the anime.

Q: How long does sensei sleep?

A: Around 8 hours If I wanted to rest, 6 hours per day when I'm at work, but sometimes I will take an afternoon nap around 1 to 2 hours. I don't have a fixed sleeping schedule, feels like it's not something good.


Murata: Good evening. How should I draw this, this is a new character, I wanted to make it looks cooler. Nope, the breast part has to be cooler.

Murata: David Bowie just passed away, during my high school I bought one of his albums because of my classmate recommended it. Back then I was living with my elder sister, my parents had to move out due to their work. We stayed in Tokyo because I still have to go to school and my sister had to work. My house had a lot of fashion magazines due to my sister's work, and I saw David Bowie from those magazines. I was like wow this man is freaking handsome and I tried to replicate his hairstyle.

Murata: This octopus monster is difficult to has too many legs.

Q: Have you watch Jump Ryu?

A: I did ~

Q: Who is this? (referring to the character Murata currently drawing)

A: It's a new enemy (Do-S) , how do you say it in English? ニューカマー (Newcomer)? And this Hedgehog monster is ONE sensei's idea. (laugh) He really likes this type of stuff doesn't he (laugh), look at the sign he's holding (laugh). I think it's safe if you don't hug it, I heard that it's disaster level is demon.

Murata: Jump Ryu is starting for sales. Before the sales I've watched Toriyama sensei's part, still yet to watch Oda sensei's part. As usual, Toriyama sensei will be looking at his own drawing and wonder: Huh? I drew this? (laugh). Toriyama coloring skills is outstanding, it was on Frieza arc when I started to read Dragon Ball.

Q: Murata sensei are you not planning to do Jump Ryu?

A: I will~ But sometimes I will be hesitate to do so because it exposed some of my corporate secrets. We don't know if they will show our childhood photos on camera, as some mangaka don't want to have their face to be revealed. Hence the contents of Jump Ryu for everyone could be different. We can do something we like during filming, has anyone has some good suggestion? Like making the pressure cooker explode hahaha (Murata's cooker exploded during his one of his stream, feel free to read the earlier stream translation if you want to know about the incident). I think streaming on Ustream helps too, I used to be quite nervous when I had to keep talking alone. When I first started streaming I was so scared and I would turn off the mic, my voice was trembling whenever I started to talk.

Q: Are we going to see the tournament?

A: We will be there after we finish this part.

Q: Sensei's kids must be blessed to have a such great daddy.

A: Hahaha thank you, be fast and tell it to my son hahaha, actually they treated me very good too.

Q: Why is G pen named G pen?

A: (Opens up google) Because when you are looking it from the side, like this, there is one slot here looks like a "T", and when you turn it to the side, it looks like flatted "G". Hmm wonder why it's not named T pen. Ah...I just came up with a dirty joke but I hold on to it and didn't say it out, come on everyone praise me for it. Now let's eat some cheese, this looks like a cheese but it is actually mixed of chocolate, it's called raw chocolate cheese or whatever it is, actually it's just a cheesecake.

Q: I gained 6kg after I started drawing manga.

A: Wow, that's not good, you have to exercise and eat less junk food, less sweet drinks. Try to not ride the lift if you can just use the staircase. (Takes out Street Fighter Sketches) Still have a lot to draw, I have to catch on.

Murata: Thank you everyone, I'm getting a little bit tired, going to rest now.


Murata: Good evening everyone. This is the drawing for all characters from Street Fighters. I redraw it before because I'm not satisfied with the layout of it. It's tiring, alright actually it's not, I'm having a great time drawing this, but I'm short on time.

Murata: I bought a lot of new drawing materials this time. Characters info are all over the able, I cleaned up the mess just now, just spent half the day finding 'em, finding stuff takes up so much of my time. I didn't even realize that my stream disconnected , sorry. You guys were listening to the sound of me throwing papers into the bin.

Murata: Translating Apps now can even make pronunciation, but I think you would learn better in those pronunciation lectures. Wonder there will be something that can synchronize translation in the future, it would be convenient for traveling to other countries. Your foreign language will never improve if you never speak, I didn't speak that much of foreign language either. Like 'Butterfly' in different languages has a different pronunciation, but German's one is the scariest.

Murata: Chun Li ~ Chun Li ~

Q: Any particular part to pay attention on while drawing girl's leg?

A: The part to pay attention on for normal girl character and Chun Li is totally different, you should ask someone who draws better than me. I guess you need to look at girls with naughty thoughts, and upload your drawing to twitter, or somewhere else. It's been a long time since I draw Chun Li, I used to draw her a lot. I love Chun Li so much ~

Murata: ONE sensei made a Homepage for me when he came over to my house. I have a homepage now, same with ONE sensei!

Q: Is sensei reading any manga recently?

A: Golden Kamuy, it's rare to see manga that has the plot like this.

Murata: I was asking why there are so little letters from fans during my last stream, and my editor told me there are 3 fans letter right off the bat. Sometimes they made mistake and gave ONE sensei's letter to me, but I passed them all to ONE sensei too, no worries.

T: What do sensei do between the time when EyeShield 21 ended to OPM serialization?

A: I was feeling lost between the time, I felt like my drawing is getting worse and worse, I don't know what to draw anymore. I didn't take the initiative to find others and draw for them, I thought the editorial department will introduce someone to me as the story writer, and I will be doing the drawing. But they didn't, I was tossed aside without anyone bothering. And my reaction was just like 'wut?'.

Murata: Eh? Chun Li's hair is so old-fashioned, her hair style changed along with the version to keep up with the fashion trend, and I ended up drawing the old-fashioned style.

Q: Is is true that only new rookies can go to JUMP's new year party?

A: Yes, nearly the same as what you read in Bakuman.


Murata: Good evening, it's been a long time.

Murata: Metal Knight is going to fight Elder Centipede, it's a hard work to draw both of them. I will make it on time.

Murata: Just bought a new ballpoint pen but I couldn't find it now. Haha I'm getting old.

Murata: This page is done. It's tiring, I have to draw the details for the centipede far away too, but it is a kind of fun in other way. I have to focus for this page, couldn't talk much. I'm exhausted after drawing the Street Fighter color page, and it took me so long that I don't have the time to draw OPM.

Murata: The father & son's is wearing the same brand of shirt, I wonder why.

Q: Sensei do you like centipede?

A: Not really, it's a cool monster tho. It's so tiring to draw it, I have to think about the structure of the drawing, to emphasize its gigantic size. I've asked my assistant to finish the background for this page, and edit with PC later on. Ah...PC is so convenient.

Murata: Has been drawing the centipede until now...the way you draw the shell will make up for the feeling of it's gigantic size, it's fun, but too much to draw.

Q: How big is Elder Centipede's shell?

A: Hmm, it's 3 to 5 meter for Senior Centipede, and Elder Centipede will be bigger than that, its head and abdomen has different width, around 15 meter for abdomen, almost like the width on the shopping streets.

Q: Bought the OST for OPM.

A: Yep, it's awesome.

Q: I saw someone is playing the EyeShield 21 game on the train.

A: Nice, is it the one on DS?

T: Did Inagaki sensei (story writer for EyeShield 21) release any new work?

A: He did some one-shots as the story writer.

Q: I want to watch a EyeShield 21 anime on par on the OPM anime level.

A: I guess it's hard, had to spent all day just to explain the rules for American Football, sports anime are troublesome. I'm interest on how would myself now to draw characters from EyeShield 21.

Murata: (Drawing Do-S) This fellow's design is causing me headache. Is there any good bra I can use as a reference? I'm having trouble drawing it.


Murata: Good evening, we are having a lot of new characters this week, I've designed quite a lot of them, I felt a bit worn out. But ONE sensei pretty much had their design done, I just need to make some slight modifications on top of that.

Murata: Butt chins everywhere.

Murata: To my surprise there are a lot of characters with interesting personality in this tournament, looking forward to those new characters.

T: I downloaded every sensei's stream video.

Murata: Wonder if I should be feeling thankful or creep out by it (laughs). In this case I'd have to behave properly during my stream, I can't simply talk about poop anymore.

Chat: Sensei it's ok for you to talk about poop.

Murata: Hahaha just forget about it.

Q: Sensei do you often surf Pixiv?

A: Once in a while. I was worried about Zenko's design when I first drew her, and I felt relieved when I saw there are quite a few artwork of her published on Pixiv.

T: Is Genos going to make his appearance next week?

A: Yes ~

Q: Previously I mentioned about I gained 6KG of weight after becoming a mangaka, but I quit eating junk food after sensei told me that seems bad.

A: Hmm, not bad. Have to eat more vegetables, after consuming meat, it's better to take 3 times more vegetables. And drink less energetic drinks, back then I was drinking it like madman, I could build a pyramid with it after a week, it's just tasted that good, but it should have a limit.

Murata: I was requested to draw the wedding invitation since last year August. Although I'm really busy lately, but I truly wish them for the best from the bottom of my heart, hence I also gave my best drawing it. At first their request is kinda reckless, they requested me to draw Mickey Mouse and Joker...please spare me from it, if someone somehow take picture of it and upload it to somewhere, I'd be dis to dead on the net. And I told them I'd prefer to draw my own characters, so that's how it is.

Q: First time to see Rover in the redrawn version.

A: Yeah, I was thinking if I should draw it, was worried that I'd have to redraw again later, but in the end I decided to just go with it.

Q: Do Murata sensei's kids read One Punch Man?

A: Yes. Even though it does not feels appropriate as in educational aspect due to the internal organs splashing everywhere, it is too gore. So i recommended Fist Of The North Star to my kids, but my wife told me not to give the kids to read such gore stuff. I mean, One Punch Man is very gore too.

Q: Sensei how do you feel about the web comic popularity vote this time.

A: I didn't really read about it.

T: I spent all my vote for Murata sensei.

A: Thank you ~ It saddens me that I lost to cabbage in the redrawn version popularity vote. But this is such a funny thing that it could become a meme.

Q: Genos' vote exceeded Saitama now.

A: What! That seems interesting. Looking forward to what his reaction after winning the first place, something along the line "You guys do not understand Saitama sensei's charm at all! "

Q: Sensei is so thoughtful.

A: No no no, I only put some thought into it, using my plum sized brain.

Q: I feel like Genos will be kneeling down before Saitama.

A: Hahaha, that's possible.

Murata: Back when I was working part-time in a dumpling shop, the shop owner is the kind of guy who believe in blood type, he guessed my blood type correctly as group A right away, impressive. (Note: In the East -especially Asia country, some people tend to believe one's personality is related to their blood type - similar to the horoscope thingy)

Murata: I'm not good in designing characters, I tend to draw them too similar to each other.

T: Saitama sensei's vote has a lot of diversion, so it still seems Saitama sensei has the higher vote count.

A: Is it? I see.

Murata: I'm going to redraw some parts from last chapter, I'm not satisfy with the Medusa and vampire.

Q: Are those mass-produced mini Genos going to appear in the later story?

A: Probably's just some random scribbles.

Murata: Saitama sensei doesn't know how to tie the judo belt so he tied it in a bow. I wanted to draw 10 times more of this hand clapping sound but too bad it wouldn't fit in the space. (He's referring to Genos clapping for Saitama during the tournament)

Murata: Osomatsu's popularity is incredible, they are using blue as the character outline, I think it's not bad at all. Following Osomatsu's hype, I wonder if those other old classic anime are getting reanimate, like Mazinger Z. I've watched the first 3 episode of Osomatsu's, and I sighed when I look at the director's name, as expected by the person who made Gintama anime (laughs).

T: Has sensei been following it for a long time?(Osomatsu)

A: Following what? Mob Psycho? Yeah I've been following it for quite some time.

Murata: I was too busy last Sunday and didn't have time to accompany my kids. My kids called me and said, "Dad, I want to eat some ramen." So I just went back and cook for them, with some fried vegetables and meat, it's tasty. Then I rushed back here to continue my work. Sometimes I performed Rakugo for my kids, but I'm not good at it, ghost story turns into some sort of joke when it is coming from me...this is the story I told:

Last time when daddy was working on a one-shot, I couldn't finish it before the deadline, I was locked in the Shueisha's reception room, staying overnight to complete what I left. Rumor says that the floor was haunted, and it's real. Mangaka who couldn't finish their work on time will be confined here, there have all sort of drugs here to help refresh yourself. It is said that not to draw ghost in a serialized manga, otherwise tragedies will fall on you. And indeed I've heard that there was a mangaka who draw ghost story passed away.

Anyway, daddy was serving my confinement and rushing the manga that night, on that floor. Rows and rows of similar looking doors outside the corridor. While daddy was rushing my work, a voice suddenly came from the direction of the lifts - "It's not here.....", shortly the sound was gone. After awhile, the lift opens again, "It's not here...", the same voice again. Daddy almost pissed my self. I don't have the courage to open the door, I thought maybe it was the security guard coming upstairs. And out of sudden I heard someone said: "Washroom isn't here either...". This is when daddy realized it was just a guy holding his poop, so I proceed to open the door and tell him the the direction to the toilet. Turns out that the guy was spooked by me, I'm not sure if he shitted himself at the moment, I'm sorry if it leaks. As a matter of fact, there was another mangaka who was confined together with daddy that night, he thought the floor was haunted too until he learned that it was just a guy who was holding in his poop.

Q: Did you ever asked ONE sensei for his 'Tennis Player Ryu' (A manga by ONE) to read?

A: Nope, though he will probably show it to me if i asked. I've read some of ONE sensei's manga from his old website. I really want to read "Sun Man" as well, Boros made his appearance at the end, although the manga ended with protagonist failing to defeat Boros. Those people with great talent in creativity, they have some sort of game playing in their mind, but set with unbreakable rules. I don't have talent in this aspect, hmmm well as long as you can draw laugh. Togashi sensei's work has similar feeling too, fights with strict rules setting and strategic, this is the charm of Hunter x Hunter.

Murata: As per ONE sensei requested, the host's hairstyle will look like a microphone, it's great. laugh

Q: How does ONE sensei make a request?

A: He wrote it beside the draft -"Host with hair similar to microphone" laugh

T: The original draft for the newly added content that are not in the webcomic, couldn't ONE sensei make them public?

A: Well he didn't say no, I feel like he should publish it as well. People keep saying that I'm adding the new contents myself. But ONE sensei is just too busy recently, the draft he provided are a bit too simplified , everyone is either a stickman or a bun man figure. It should be alright to make it public if it was polished a bit. But still it is all left to ONE sensei's decision. Doesn't sounds right too if I show you guys ONE sensei's draft during this lives tream. On a side note, Togashi sensei is impressive too in the sense that he dare to publish such drawings which everyone agreed to be bad without a second thought. Oh wait it's no good talking about others in live stream, let's keep the focus to our self.

Q: Favorite Disney movie?

A: 'October Sky', is it Disney's? It was about some teens wanting to make a rocket, taking up courses themselves and being treated as some dumb ass by the adults. They eventually make it to the magazine with their hard work. It's like a manga plot but with rocket engineering, parents will never understand, I can resonates it. Is it a Disney show? Anyway it's a show I quite like, and 'Iron Giant' which was released during the same period.

Q: Is the host subconsciously drawn similar as the host from the tournament of power?

A: Haha, that's what it is. But it wouldn't be good if their shirt is the same would it, let's add him some beard. Hmm now it looks like a different person, but isn't Bleach has a similar character like this one?

T: Kubo sensei deleted his twitter account.

Murata: Yeah, I wonder why. I'll ask him when I got the chance the next time I meet him.

Murata: I thought Sourface was some disposable character when he first appeared, turns out he is a great character too, as expected from ONE sensei. All the new characters showing up at once. Here comes Light Max, I'm not sure if he can fight empty handed...I'd advice those who doesn't want to be spoil to not continue watching. Here comes a new character with Chinese style.

Q: How old is this girl?

A: I don't know the details yet, name's Lin Lin.

Q: You only went to washroom once during the whole stream.

A: Laugh I'm not the type of person who keeps eating and drinking...So I'm less frequent to go to the washroom.

Murata: ONE sensei contacted me out of nowhere, he told me there was a mistake in my draft, all I was thinking is please don't tell me Lin Lin is suppose to be a guy...

Murata: Actually Snek is joining this tournament too. Ops, I forgot what Snek looked like, let me see....

Murata: This is the survivor from the gang who were busting the dojo from the special chapter.

Murata: There's no background for these few pages, so work for my assistants, I need to hurry up so that they have something to work on tomorrow. There will be some chair needed when the heroes from the Hero Association appear so my assistants will still get their stuff to work on.

Q: Total of how many characters here?

A: How much was it, let's count....17 laugh

Q: Hoping Saitama has more screen time.

A: No worries, he has a lot of screen time. You can look forward for it.

Q: It's almost 6, is sensei tired?

A: A bit. my neck is sore. The new characters are great, and Saitama is finally getting his moment after a long time. I'm getting a bit excited.

Murata: Is this fatty's design way too simple? Well whatever.

Q: Sensei please don't overwork your hand and get some rest.

A: Usually my hand are not that tired, I'm not using much strength when holding the pen.

Q: What's the mistake that ONE sensei pointed out just now?

A: There's an typo in a character's name. But it was already fixed in the draft I received, ONE sensei mistaken it himself so at the end nothing was changed.

Q: Is this Snek? He is acting cocky.

A: This is not Snek...he's a new character. The hairstyle shouldn't be sawtooth-like after all, but it would become Genus if the hair was to be hanging down in the front...Alright I guess this will do?

Q: Sorry I was talking out of my place.

A: No no, it is much better now.

Q: What's the name of the new character you are drawing?

A: Roji (tentative)

T: Sensei it will be difficult for you to fix your biological clock if you continue doing this.

A: It's fine, I'm just going to stay overnight once more. I'm replenished after eating some meat. More importantly the draft this time is just really enjoyable!

Q: How about kicking to Mars during Garou arc?

A: Laugh That doesn't sound bad, each battle has to be more shocking than the previous one. Anyway I already have few of the scenes set up in my mind.

Q: Anything you are not good at drawing?

A: I used to struggle when I'm drawing Saitama, as for now I'd say Tatsumaki. I'm not good in drawing loli, I like drawing thicc figures.

Q: Do you have a relatively close relationship with any mangaka?

A: Not that many for mangaka, I rarely have to drink with them, I'm worried that I slip my mouth when I'm drunk.

Q: Have you met Togashi before?

A: Well three times including interview. I adore him very much after I became a mangaka, especially for his paneling.

T: Sensei you mean you adore his freedom?

A: Hmmmm...........not really, although I don't know what Togashi sensei was thinking, but personally I'll never publish anything that is not presentable. If I stopped updating the manga you can be very sure that's because I keep redrawing it. There's nothing such as stop drawing for me. Still I should've work on the late submission every time.

Q: What made sensei to become a mangaka.

A: Because I wanted to become Toriyama sensei.

T: How much carrots have you eaten...

A: Just one (Laugh)

Q: Everyone was saying they wanted to see the carrot.

A: It's gone now.

Murata: Well it's about time, lets's continue.

Q: The stream has been up for more than 10 hours.

A: Really, I need to draw a bit more.

T: Have you finished the Jump Ryu recording?

A: Not yet, date is not even decided yet. And I've told everything during the stream, not sure what else I could have say in Jump Ryu.

Murata: This new character is Zakos. He would be handsome looking if drawn well. I wanted to draw it better, especially the sunglasses, it's mine.

Q: Zakos, sounds weak by just looking at his name.

A: Maybe Laugh


Murata: Saitama's wig looks like it will be getting blow away by the wind at any time, how dangerous.

Q: By the way this is the Saitama's first battle since Boros.

A: Really. Though his opponent is someone named Zakos.

Murata: What a pair of lovely brothers. Bang with a hunch back, his big brother with a straight back.

Murata: For me, Bang is the type of person who be calculating with his own little plans. I know it doesn't sound nice. But it feels like he sincerely wanted Saitama to join his dojo.

Murata: I'm feeling a bit tired, let's stop the stream for a while.

Early 2016

OPM - fun facts from Murata:

  • Hidden meaning behind Saitama's cactus: It remains unchanged no matter how it is taken care of.
  • Saitama never stopped his training.
  • Smile Man never smiles.
  • Lily's breasts seem too big for a 14 year old because she is using brassiere pad, due to admiration towards Fubuki.
  • Many parts of the cover and inner cover pages of volume 11 and 13 are ideas from the translator and stream audience. If you are able to speak Japanese, feel free to suggest something when Murata is asking for ideas during his stream!
  • Murata is curious about how Tatsumaki's panties look like and was looking forward to it too. In a recent stream he mentions that Tastumaki is wearing white panties.
  • Murata is aware people make fun of how ONE-Murata relationship is similar to Saitama-Genos, he had a good laugh but doesn't seem to agree with it (Murata has a small note carrying with him to record important things, and he himself said ONE sensei is similar to Saitama too).
  • Murata's favorite character in the Super Fight arc: Zakos. Favorite monsters: Deep Sea King & Boros. Favorite character of all time: Saitama.
  • Murata likes every single character from OPM, even the NEET from the Deep Sea King arc, in fact he likes every single character from ONE.
  • Murata is not sure how the other side of OPM's Earth looks like.
  • Psykos is going to be drawn as erotic as Fubuki.
  • Flash and Sonic are confirmed to be somewhat related.
  • Murata thinks that Flash from the OVA 6 is too muscular, and should've been slimmer (like Sonic).
  • Murata actually thought about drawing Death Gatling in a feminine style, like Flash & Sonic, but decided to go with a wildish style because he was going to appear with Flash in the same panel.


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