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This page covers streams from 2015

Q - Questions by random stream audience

A - Answer from Murata regarding the question

T - From the translator, Lee, or hdx514

Murata - Whenever he speaks during the stream (Not answering any particular question)


Murata: Playing some classical music, it feels like whatever I'm doing now looked elegant ~

Q: Murata Sensei do you watch DBS?

A: No, basically I only read the manga, Akira Toriyama sensei is a god.

Q: How is your fitness training?

A: I didn't persist, thinking about starting it again when I have the free time.

Q: Why is Saitama in the anime OP so muscular?

A: Hahaha its like a fraud (for anime only watcher), telling everyone there is a badass cool-looking hero at the start. By the way the fighting scene with the Subterranean King is awesome, I could learn a lot from it, like how a serious Saitama can look like.

Murata: What color should the black tea of Tatsumaki be, what is the color of black tea anyway...

T: Make it color of a red piss.

Murata: Hahaha isn't that hematuria?

Q: In the web-comic what do you think about the fight between Saitama and Tatsumaki?

A: Outstanding of course, ONE sensei's work is always great.

Murata: During the time when we were discussing about Saitama voice actor, we've been asked how should Saitama sounds like , I told them he sounds just like ONE sensei, and ONE sensei's reaction be like "c'mon leave me alone". Years ago when EyeShield 21 got adapted into anime I didn't ask that much from the animation team, and just let them do what they want, back then I'm already gladful that my work can be adapted into an anime. It turns out that I'm not satisfied with a lot of stuff in the anime, but I can no longer ask them to change it by the time then, making it quite awkward for both of us. This time ONE sensei himself involved a lot in the making of OPM anime, giving their best to create the greatest anime.

Murata: Recently I've been posting a lot of street fighter pics on my Twitter, its only me practicing, because I received a job related to it, but I can't tell what it is yet.

Murata: In the previous chapters Saitama's cactus actually has some special meaning in it. The hidden message is it will remains unchanged no matter how it is taken care of, according to ONE sensei.


T: Murata sensei has been so hardworking now, I wonder what is Togashi sensei doing now...

A: Hahahaha Togashi sensei can't draw right now, even my hardworking is only supported by my hobby/liking in drawing, otherwise I would've been thinking about how to run away from it all day long.


Murata: Hand drawn is not that troublesome...but using the eraser is very tiring...

Q: How fast is the increment in speed of completing the drawing after your work has been published/serialized?

A: As fast as it can be if I were to be lazy. But for now this is already my limit. Now I can draw until I'm satisfy with my own work without worrying the time limitation, and I'm trying my best not to make the art looks roughly drawn. If choose to draw roughly, there is one time that I completed 19 pages in 17 hours, guess that would be my maximum speed. But there is no fun in such work.

Q: What club did you joined during your school time?

A: Art and swimming.

Q: Heard they said that those mangaka that are good in drawing combat scene are also good in sports, now I see sensei is the same as well!

A: Hahaha no actually I'm not good in sports, its just feel like for mangaka, it would be good to has some personal experience when it comes to drawing body movement during action scene. Like the location of the center of gravity when you are running, its important to experience it yourself, I'd like to think that is what those animators will do.

Q: Do your kids read Eye Shield 21 or OPM?

A: Yeah my first kid already memorized the lines from the manga. I told him to stop reading manga and back to study.


Q: Murata sensei all the girls character you draw are so H...what is the secret in drawing H looking girls?

A: Ohhh! Someone praised my girl drawing is H, now I'm happy. The key is, you need a pair of arousing eyes, look through it, feels it with your heart, draw it with full passion...well I'm bad in teaching this hahaha.

Q: I bought the figure of the vice president from Prison School.

A: Huehuehue, that's definitely got to be super H.

Q: Lets draw Fubuki naked.

A: No way hahahaha.

Q: Boku no Hero Academia got an anime adaption already, that's fast.

A: Ohhhh yeah, isn't it a bit too soon. But Kohei sensei is talented, the story is great, its good that it get an anime adaption. Although it shares the same topic of hero, but I think OPM and BnHA are totally different manga, no need in worrying getting call for copied/repeated topic.

Q: Is it you have to be an assistant first before becoming a mangaka?

A: Everyone has their own way, its not necessarily to start from an assistant. But in order to grab the chance when the time comes, you have to keep improving your own skills before that.

T asked about what had Murata learn when he is working as an assistant under Takeshi Obata (author of Death Note), Murata answered that basically he learned nothing from it. When one aims to be a mangaka, drawing characters and drawing background is two completely different thing. During that time Murata was only able to communicate and discuss with the senior assistants, he's got a lot to ask Takeshi Obata sensei regarding the manga panels, unfortunately Takeshi Obata sensei seems to be really busy all the time. Being a manga assistant doesn't mean that you will get more chances to talk or discuss with the mangaka.

Murata: Its lucky for me to get to draw EyeShield 21 and it got quite popular, then I met ONE sensei afterwards. If it is in the opposite order, I don't think I will become what I am now.

Q: Murata sensei you worked on the animation of the anime Majin Bone before, have you ever think of doing other jobs other than mangaka?

A: No way I will give up such interesting job hehe.

Q: Rumors say that Akira Toriyama sensei only sleep 4 hours per day, is it true?

A: It seems to be true. He has no assistant during that time, it is really tough. I heard that while he was traveling to airport to deliver the drawings he couldn't even tell the color on the traffic light. On the other hand I don't have that kind of perseverance, its time for me to sleep hahaha.


Q: After applying the correction fluid, when you erase over it again its really easy to get dirty all over the place, its annoying.

A: Ah ~ this is due to the dirtiness of eraser itself, before you erase make sure to rub the eraser until its all clean.

Q: Would reading porn magazine helps in drawing horny girls?

A: Hahaha Akira Toriyama sensei said the same thing, as for me, I think you have to know which part of a girl you would like to stare at first, and you focus on drawing that particular part.

Q: Murata sensei how are you going to draw Tatsumaki panties? In the web comic it looks like diaper. Hahaha.

A: (Laugh furiously) Yeah, but I wouldn't know until then, because King said he saw the panties. Hmmm...How about I draw it using ONE sensei style just for that panel haha (T: Please do draw it in a super lewd way). I'm worry about the Garou arc, I gonna have to pay extra attention to a lot of stuff, guess I'm going to redraw a tons, since its the climax of the manga.

Q: Sensei are you not wearing the gloves anymore?

A: The weather is cold now, there is not much sweat on the palm. So I'll try to draw quicker and finish it before my palm get wet, after all it is more smoothly to draw without the gloves.

Q: How would we know when the pen-point is no longer usable?

A: It depends on person, some prefer pen that has been used for a while. As for me, when the pen-point can only come out with thick lines or when it easy to get something stuck in it, then it is the time to change. In short, I prefer to use brand new one.

Q: Is it that if you can't finish it today you will get scold by the editor?

A: Not really, just that I won't have any thing to pass to the assistant to work on, it affects the efficiency.

Q: What if the fans ask for your signature while you are walking on the street?

A: Hahaha that's not possible, instead I had been questioned by a cop about what I'm doing in the late night...Because I'm going out to get some dinner back home, and I was wearing like a hobo by then hahaha. On Twitter -Murata's 5 years old daughter saw the naked Sonic from the tankobon, she told Murata : Daddy you forgot to draw the penis. Murata : Oh my bad, sorry sorry.


Murata streaming himself drawing the Dragon Ball poster for Dragon Ball anniversary.

Q: Is the BGM from Dragon Ball?

A: Yes, its from DBZ, Dragon Ball ost are good as well.

Murata: If its drawn too detailed it won't match Toriyama sensei style, I'll have to stop at some point. My kids love Dragon Ball too, I'll bring a copy back after I completed it, and tell him daddy drew Dragon Ball~ Its truly amazing that people from all generations watch Dragon Ball. I messed up on Goku's face every time, feels like something's wrong with it. I tried my best to replicate Toriyama sensei style, and I'm still able to feel how awesome he is. Still feeling that I'm not drawing it good enough, Ugh...


T asked Murata did he told the animation team about the setting of Tatsumaki not wearing panties. Ep 10 Murata : Hahaha there is no such setting about no panties...Recently I have the feeling people keep asking me questions on panties.

Q: Garou is blonde right?

A: At first I thought so myself, but ONE sensei said he want Garou to have the feeling of a young wolf so i thought it could be silver color.


Murata: Hello everyone this is Murata Streaming. This time I'm streaming using my iPad, video quality is good, but I'm scare it slipped and reveal my face, the mic quality is way too good, I have to hold on to my fart. I just tried listen to my own stream using earphones, the noises from the background is annoying. It is slightly inconvenient that I have to bend my head over to read the chat.

T: Sensei lets make a fart.

A: What? Hahaha hell no, what kind of request is this?

Murata: -You can even hear my breath, I'm using my mouth to breath too much, it makes you easier to get cold. -Will you guys stop buying my books because I already stream it? Please don't... -Metal Bat looks like a real hero, that's great. Actually, I like Metal Bat very much, I think everyone knows it, it brings back the feel of reading JUMP when I was a kid. -Oh right, I can play some music in the background, that way I don't have to worry you guys hear my fart. -I hope I don't get worn out because I wanted to stream this and that, do what I should, stream in a relaxing way, and try not to fart.

T: Sensei do you plan on running 10KM everyday?

A: I don't think I can persist? I'm going to get bald, even though I'm not Saitama, hahaha. ONE sensei seems like he plans to run too, its good to keep your fitness, and manage your own health.

Q: Metal bat is as fast as Sonic.

A: Nope.avi

Murata: I'd like to draw some Saitama and Genos, recently it is just Metal Bat and Garou.

T: Sensei have you ever met a delinquent?

A: I remembered it's during my junior high school time. I never meet them in person, but I know there are few really bad students. I'm a otaku, and basically there is no way I will interact with those type of people.

T: Sensei have you ever read any OPM doujin?

A: For me, after I start reading it for a short while, I'm going to be like, no, this isn't right, Fubuki and Tatsumaki should've act in this way....No, no this is wrong...and I'll be starting to feel the urge to draw it myself...I have to stop reading I have to stop reading....Hmmm....As for Hentai, if given the chance, I'd like to try it, but I'm not going to draw OPM hentai...OPM with a hentai story...right. I often draw Fubuki and Tatsumaki in an arousing way, but there is still a limit to it you know. Drawing hentai is a one way street, there is no turning back, if I really did it, then I guess it would become the only thing I can draw afterwards. I know for now this type of story line and topics seems to be somewhat successful (T: guess he's referring to Shokugeki no Soma), but in the long run it will be difficult to write a story with a serious plot, since the readers will keep asking for fan service, right? Hahaha. Well I'd still love to try drawing using different art style.

T: Sensei do you think you are lewd?

A: I don't think so, I'm a pure guy, like average standard. Sometimes I get excited when I'm drawing pretty girls, would I be consider a hentai? Those who call themselves normal are usually the real hentai right? Muahaha.

Q: Do you sleep well during the meteor arc?

A: No, hahaha. During that arc I'm only sleeping 3 hours per day. I think I'm drawing for 20 hours per day, and 1 hour left to fill my stomach. My brain is on the verge of malfunctioning. Metal Knight first appearance seems unwelcome by the readers, because I felt like making it with anime style, but I got flamed for 0 story progression!! Fine then let's make it in full color and blow up on the story progression. Thinking back now I really wanted to make Boros arc into full color pages...I wanted to draw full color pages, draw anime, publish my art collection, T-shirt, doujin....Ahhhh there's so much I want to do, I have to give up on some of them, ugh...

T: First impression when you met Toriyama sensei?

A: Woahhh Toriyama sensei is tall and huge, I'm super nervous, I think I met him in the rest room during JUMPfes. Eh? I just googled it, height 173, that's not tall, this is weird!? (Murata himself is over 190 judging from his photo) Ohh I see, Toriyama sensei's head is relatively small compare to his body. Or maybe it's just the psychological effect hahaha, Toriyama sensei is truly a living legend.

Q: Murata sensei is a legend too.

A: Hahaha speaking of legend, I have a legend of pressure cooker explodes during my stream. Long ago there was a time when I'm streaming my self cooking, and I just bought a pressure cooker, what is it call in English? [Speaking in Eng]Pressure cooker, my pressure cooker was exploded on ustream hahahaha[/Speaking in Eng]. I'm that kind of person who don't read the manual, I grab it and I use it. Was planning to make potato beef at first. After the incident I read the manual and it says you can only fill it up to 1/3, but I filled it up to 2/3. At the moment I was wondering what's wrong with the weird noise coming from the cooker, it won't explode right? And of course it explodes right away just when I thought of that. The soup explodes out from all the tiny gaps on the cooker muahaha, I was like, wow that's cool, this is how a cooker explode!...Oh Wait, this isn't the right time! It's a disaster, I spent half the day cleaning the mess, the floor and the wall looked tasty tho.

T: Does it taste good?

A: Somehow I added water into it, it's too bland, no it doesn't taste good, I'm afraid to use the cooker again after the incident. Hahaha the explosion is scary. I'm talking too much, my drawing speed is slowed down, but it's fine, I'm not sleepy anymore. I kept the explosion video for quite a while, when I re-watch the video I found my stream audience tagging the time stamp on it haha. Hey I nearly died you know, but never mind, because its funny.

Q: You could've really die from it.

A: Yeah, there is someone got hit in the chin by the cover and die.

Q: Do you like cats?

A: Yes, I used to have cats as my pet, so far I've had 2 cats as pets.

T: There is no NAME for the current fighting scene?

A: There is, ONE sensei provides me the NAME, but I made some minor adjustments.

Q: Sensei do you dance?

A: Nope, no talent in dancing.


Murata: Regarding the discussion on JUMP Ryu, I feel like it should be ONE sensei taking the major role, and I'll be taking the supporting role. Years ago when I watched Toriyama sensei's JUMP Ryu, I saw a lot of sensei's young pictures, hahaha, is it that everyone's version will be different? Sometimes I do feel worried because I'm not the one who has the control on the manga, Hetappi Manga Kenkyujo R (a Manga by Murata that talks about manga drawing) is my own work, therefore I know the result and ending, and I can try to guide the readers to understand what I was aiming to show and express. Sometimes I will forget whether if the character's cloth is damaged, and constantly making silly mistakes. At first I thought Garou has blonde hair, turns out that its more like silver color, after asking ONE sensei, saying that Garou gives the feel of a young wolf, I decided followed ONE sensei decision.

T: Sensei I couldn't spot the drawing error you mentioned in volume 10?

A: On the inner book cover, the name of the mall that Saitama bought the bananas for Mumen Rider from is different from the plastic bag at the hospital...It just doesn't match. I'm in despair when I received volume 10 and spotted it, god damn it I've been redrawing countless times and now i made such a huge mistake. I planned to fix it on the new printing of the tankobon. And there is one more, the picture which Fubiki and Tastumaki shops together, I kinda regret that I didn't draw the sailor cloth for Fubuki, because when Fubuki's young she should look like a normal kid like any others.

Murata: I think it is important for one to know multiple languages, so far I'm only able to speak those few English words I learned from school... (Starting to speak in different languages, and laughing at his own pronunciation) It would be nice to use this chance to learn different languages. Friend in Chinese is pronounced as "peng you"? Hmm, I learned it from the Fist of the North Star, this is the knowledge of the north star. Seems like there is no direct translation in English for yoroshiku in Japanese? Wonder if this consider Japan's unique word? The translator of Lee (Stan lee) told me this when I'm speaking to him during the Marvel comic fiesta. I think there is a similar word for it, but no direct translation. Wonder what does "check it out" mean, I really don't know, do I have to use the word wisely? Like they use in Hip Hop? (Starting to greets stream audience in different languages, and worry that no one will understand him due to his awful pronunciation)

T: Sensei do you want to learn Chinese vulgar words?

A: Hahaha no I don't, teach me something that can be use in public...

T: There is a lot of Chinese vulgar words used in Terra-former.

A: Ohh ya, I only know 操他 (fuck him)

Murata: Metal Bat will be showing up in the following week, remember to read it! I like Saitama the most, so strong yet so adorable.

T: Do you often cook for your kids?

A: Not that often, but sometimes my kids will tell me they want to eat pappa's udon ~ Alright, I'll make it for you! That's what I do, hahaha. And then I will ask them : How was it? Pappa's udon is delicious right? My kids will come up with the face of being forced to say delicious. Still, they are going commend me and thus I'm liking it that way.

Murata: If I started scribbling while I'm on my work there is no way to stop it hahaha, you know, sometimes we have to find a way to relax our self.

Q: The type of girl you like?

A: I'm not a lolicon, I prefer a plump figure, matured lady, so I'd say Fubuki...But the Fubuki from ONE sensei version is not plump at all...This version of Fubuki is fully based on my own liking and preferences. I love boobs since I was young, and the back, waist and the butt, I'm having fun time drawing them! Tastumaki is not my cup of tea, but turns out that I'm having fun drawing her as well! I've never been so interest in drawing the back and ass back then.

T: When you decided to become a mangaka did your family members oppose your decision?

A: They are not against it, instead my parents told me, if you are liking something you have to make it a hobby so that you have the enthusiasm to continue what you choose. After what they had told me, I have the same feeling with them, and I've been thinking through it and worrying about the matter as well. Even though I didn't really became a mangaka afterwards, but a professional artist. After I've been working for quite some time, I come to realized that I really really love drawing. I'm happy that I have it as my work, I have the freedom to do what I liked, and I'm glad to be a professional artist.

Murata: I've streamed myself cooking before, was using an i-pad back then, simply placed it somewhere else in the kitchen and everything is ready to go. But one of the apps gone missing, and I can no longer stream using it, the quality of i-pad streaming isn't bad, why and how would that apps gone missing? By the way, today's dinner is casserole.

When EyeShield 21 was near to its ending, I went to Taiwan to attend an activity there, the dinner is nice. Then my editors says since we are there, why not we go on and try the street food? And those tasted good as well, is it because the taste is similar to what we have in Japan? Its a simple dish but it makes your stomach full. Seems like OPM is very popular in America recently, but I can't feel it here in Japan, if it is real I would be really happy about it. Can't get anywhere because I'm really busy, on the other hand ONE sensei can go out and attend a lot of stuff......Wait no, ONE sensei should be more busy than I am right now hahaha.

Murata: The pen-point is the most important thing, the handle doesn't really matter, as long as it doesn't keep rolling around. I think it's not necessarily to use manga paper, normal printing paper should be good enough, because eventually you will have to scan into the computer. Back then I asked my assistant of EyeShield 21 try not to use ruler while drawing the background, but now I realized that since the characters is fully hand drawn without any tool assist, it would be hard to tell the difference between if the background is drawn without tools assist too, might as well just go with the ruler.

Q: In the redraw version is the Garou arc written by ONE sensei?

A: This is a frequently asked question...It's all written by ONE sensei.

Murata: I try to imagine the back of Garou is similar to Bruce Lee, full of muscles. It's good to have something as reference when you draw. During EyeShield 21 period I literally don't have any free time to rest, but now I've got the time to refer on others, and there will always be new discovery. Recently I fell in love in drawing backs, it's fun, but I have to finished my work on time. I'm announced the update to be on Thursday every time, but always end up uploading it on Friday. Someone told me to simply announce the update on Friday, but I know if I do so the update's gonna be delay to Saturday......Past few chapters are uploaded in rush, causing problems of missing pages, actually it's all my fault......

Murata: This tissue roll is use to absorb the extra ink, I learned this technique from Takeshi Obata sensei's assistant. I remembered back then there is only seconds to the deadline and we still have to complete the background, the car in the background is still yet to draw. The assistant was holding a ball pen with his mouth, at the same time using g-pen drawing heavy lines, he got the ninja moves. After finished drawing the lines, he use the tissue roll to absorb all the extra ink, immediately followed by using the ball-pen to draw the details, holy shit. And that is the time where I felt like I'm no suitable to work in their workshop haha. Wonder how is Takeshi Obata sensei now, oh yeah, they have a new series, he partnered up with Ohba sensei again. In Bakuman they mentioned about EyeShield 21, I'm really happy about it. I'm getting a bit hungry, let's see what we have in the fridge, ops the green pepper is going to spoiled, lets just finish it.

Murata: Everyone's standard is different, some may feel that they can make a better drawing while drawing casually, and some may think there is no need to improve your self as long as you have what you need to go on. I like to draw different stuff, there is more fun in it. It is important that to know what type of thing you like to draw yourself, like maybe girl's thigh, when drawing girls with big cups, it is important to slightly separate the breast when the girls are standing straight. ONE sensei's drawing is simple but it delivers the most important thing, yes visually it's not pretty, , but it gives people the sense of resonance.

Murata: Even though I've done the discussion with ONE sensei, and usually he leaves the fighting scene for me, but sometimes ONE sensei will tell me what should it feels like on certain scenario, and that is why I'm redrawing like a mad man on some occasion. And regarding the making of OPM, we already settled with the editorial department, the story line and plots are all on ONE sensei, I'm only going to handle the drawings, the editors can't intervene at all. I will never make any comments on ONE sensei's decision, like how should the character behave or such, everything and everyone shall follow ONE sensei. When I'm drawing shorts with ONE sensei, the editors proposed some ideas on it but it got rejected directly, because everything and everyone shall follow ONE sensei. Of course the editor is a guy with good insight, I'm not saying he is bad or anything.

Murata: I'm excited for Saitama's Super Fight, but ONE sensei has yet to tell me what should I draw. I'm urging to watch season 2, has to speed up the Garou arc.

Q: How are you going to draw Black Sperm?

A: Hahaha, the design of Black Sperm is too perfect, I'm going to copy it directly. Guess I'm going to use sign pen to draw him. Its like scribbling on the paper, looks terrible, and Black Sperm will be the only one with different art style, I guess it should be alright? Hahaha. As for the word "sperm", there is a character from EyeShield 21 keep talking about it too, it won't be censored, no need to worry guys. From volume 4

Q: Any plan on publishing Dangan Tenshi Fan Club?

A: Hmmm there is a short period of time its published on the net, but couldn't find it now, frankly speaking, should've just let it stay there...Personally I like the shorts as well. Actually the amount of shorts that I had done with ONE sensei are enough to make into one tankoubon, I should take advantage of the anime and do it now, but how should I get to the publisher? I planned to put my art collection up for sales too, should I do it together? But no one ever contacted me for my art collection......Should I publish it myself? I have the feeling that it could make it on Amazon, but still the publisher never contact me for it...

Murata: After I became a mangaka myself, I come to realize how horrifying when your manga is not selling and leaving bunch of stocks behind, I'm scare to even remind the publisher about it, you have to pay for every inch the stocks occupied, the fees and charges are all bear by the publisher...

T: Are you having the discussion with ONE sensei mostly on cafe?

A: We have our discussion mostly at Izakaya if we are not discussing through phone.

Q: Marvel or DC?

A: Currently I'm reading Marvel more than DC. Actually I didn't really read that much of America comic, seems like everyone thought I like America comics? Perhaps its because I painted black a lot, or I've drawn a America Football manga. Or maybe its because I've drawn Spiderman? I'm more on a movie guy instead of comics.

Murata: Eating dumplings, 1000 yen each, the size is as big as a tankoubon...Its expensive but it tastes really good. Woah there's so much people watching the stream today, must be the effect of the anime. Tonight I can't stay for too late. The most important thing in an anime is the director, we need the director's connections in the industry.

Q: In Korea we call you Murata God.

A: Is it....

Murata: Woahh, over 1700 people, first time having that much of audience, let me take a screenshot.

Murata: My big brother used to play baseball, but I've never play it before and I have no idea how to swing the bat. I draw how I imagine it should be, when its not clear enough you can make a sketch first and make the changes part by part. Heard that volleyball is a very good reference for drawing action scenes. There are many things that I can't draw, same goes for things that I'm not good at drawing, like girls, I'm only liking the boobies. But I manage to improve after some observing, and I'm having fun time drawing it. Previously I never draw any loli-like character, when I'm drawing Tastumaki I spent many effort on drawing the ass. Same goes for the back muscle on Garou, I noticed I should try to refer on Bruce Lee's back muscle, it is always good to have something as reference.

Q: What pencil is sensei using?

A: Mitsubishi's uni, F hardness, before this I'm using 2B, but it got completely used up too soon, outcome of F is lighter, thus more durable. When I went to TOEI for learning purposes, everyone's using F, so I decided to give it a try, and finds that its not bad.

Q: Sensei my focus is all on the correction fluid with a brush.

A: This is Lion's ミスノン , diluted with some water. Its watery, you can put it on the pen-point to make minor correction. Recently I'm using the oily one as well, it dry up immediately after you applied it.


T helped a fan to ask Murata regarding on why ONE decided to add these extra stories in Garou arc for the redraw version, Murata did not give a clear answer, but he says that ONE is doing it for season 2, ONE decided to rewrite the story of Garou arc.

Murata: [Speak in Eng] I must learn English, English is berry berry easy, I must can be speak English.(Speaking in Eng) See, English isn't that hard, you just need to memorize the whole dictionary.

Murata: Ahh, OPM anime is going to end, how sad. They can't make season 2 without tons of updates from me...Redrawing Garou arc now, wonder how ONE sensei is going to end it, I've only heard about it in general.


Murata: Hello everyone is my voice clear? Yep I'm streaming again. The never ending fight between Garou and Metal Bat. I'm redrawing it, next chapter is already completed, I'm redrawing the part from previous chapter, there's a place I have to make changes, the fight will be over this time. Anyway lets start the stream, actually it is a bit troublesome for me, maybe I'll stop streaming for a short while after this. Ahh~ The final episode is really amazing, superb! I've been wanting to watch such fighting scene for a long time, being able to fulfill my own dream with my own work, dat feels...my tears is nearly coming out. It's really amazing, director Natsume is really great.

T: The final episode is superb.

A: Yes, the traffic flow on the site is too much I can't even get to watch it live. Curse Nico hahaha, I know we are watching it for free and can't really complain, but what is with can't even load up the page. It's like waiting behind a long queue and keep on bouncing up and down, come on let me watch it!! Luckily it has replay other time period, but the flow is still too much, being able to create an anime to such standard is truly amazing.

T: I would like to watch a OPM movie ~

A: Me too! Script by ONE sensei, and handle by the original animation team! I still haven't receive the DVD, I'm waiting to watch it again on the big TV screen. Anyway, I need to make more and more updates, they can't make season 2 unless the tankoubon has 14 volume...sigh...it's alright it's alright, I'll make 8 updates with 100 pages each, no problem hahaha.

T: Will Madhouse be the producer if OPM ever make into a movie?

A: I'm not sure, maybe I'll involve in it too. In the world of adults, I can't really do much. Of course I hope it will be the same animation team to handle it, but I could only wish, still I'm really thankful to them. The series it self is having a good time too, and this is why ONE sensei is amazing, Saitama too ~ Full of renovation, a MC that worth the effort to be show on screen. ONE-san is truly amazing.

Q: It's only a small detail, but I'd like to watch the Kombu Infinity being cooked.

A: Hahaha I would like to watch too. In the web comic when it's being cooked the coloring is weird. In the anime the the voice actor is a girl, I thought the scene will be lewd at first.

Q: Is the special chapters written by Murata sensei?

A: Sigh....same question over and over again, OPM is ONE sensei's work you know, I'm only doing the drawings, never been a time I've draw something on my own. All the characters are living inside ONE sensei's head. Only a few occasion, like drawing the catalog, characters introduction (from tankoubon), but that is part of my job. The story is all written by ONE sensei.

Murata: Has to complete this part of drawings first, I still have a lot to redraw. If I stream my self drawing, I'll notice there are people watching me, and my hand will speed up. Sometimes I do the stream just to speed up myself, but doing this gonna make me feels slightly nervous.

Q: I bought the Blu-ray Disc.

A: GOOD!!! [Speak in Eng] BLUE-RAY ONE PUNCH MAN YOU MUST BUY!![/Speak in Eng] Pardon me, I didn't study English well during high school. I got an manga award during my second year of high school, and I keep focus on drawing manga afterwards. I could barely answer teacher's question in the class, my English teacher once told me to work on my English language. I'm part work part study during my high school, my editors often call me when I'm in class, and my friends will be asking why I'm not picking up the phone. It just feels like hell, I'm always late for class, my eyes looked like I've murdered someone, and I'll just fall asleep in the classroom. Everyone is studying for the test where I'm just there focusing on my manga work, it feels so dumb. In fact it is dumb. But thinking back now, it's also good that I persisted.

Q: Looks like they burst their ass off for the final episode.

A: Yeah, I can't imagine how many effort they put into it, feels like movie quality.

T: Sensei have you tried making dishes from Shokugeki?

A: Sorry I never read Shokugeki, are the dishes any special? (T: Yeah, they add aphrodisiac in it)

Q: Is the pig monster from the last episode sensei's work?

A: Yes, I designed it, sorry it doesn't look cool.

Q: How old is Genus?

A: Hmmm...he speed up his tech research after his 80's, should be somewhere near 100 years old now.

Q: The OPM reaction videos on YouTube are interesting, sensei may try and check it out when you have the free time.

A: Actually I already watched it, the reaction on the Mumen Rider scene is really interesting, ONE sensei is truly amazing. The excitement when Saitama finally reached, the anger towards the crowd, and the feeling of relieve when Mumen Rider thanks him. ONE sensei has done it perfectly, it's touching.

T: Do we have to wait 2 years for season 2?

A: I'll try my best not to make it to take that long, I'll give my best.

T: No panties is the best!

A: Hahaha what's with the sudden?

Q: Is Saitama's belt designed by the animation team?

A: Yes, I will follow the same design too.

T: Did sensei meet with Togashi when Hunter X Hunter started to take frequent breaks? Is he really not slacking?

A: Hmmm...We don't really meet each other in person that much, I've only visited him a few times. Every mangaka is busy, it's consider lucky to meet others 1-2 times in a year, I'm not sure how is everyone doing now. Long time ago Togashi sensei's assistant invited me to their workshop to have a drink with them. The assistant was using Togashi sensei's TV for game streaming on YouTube, back when Nico still wasn't a thing. And Togashi sensei's voice got recorded into the stream when he's speaking from the back hahaha. Togashi sensei didn't play during that time, it's only the assistant, what a wonderful place to work at.

Q: Your favorite manga and mangaka?

A: As for now, ONE sensei, and also Toriyama sensei. I'll love Toriyama sensei for my entire life, he is the first one who influence me to draw manga, you know, what a genius. When I'm a kid I'm not thinking about becoming a mangaka, I actually wanted to become Toriyama sensei. How can he come up with such incredible art? I'd die to have his drawing skills. I like Fujiko sensei(Author of Doraaemon) too. When I'm still a kid, from my perspective there are only 2 type of mangaka, 1. Akira Toriyama 2. Others.

Q: Ever read any French comics?

A: I read a comic name レオロア during my high school, borrowed from my friend, it's quite touching.

Q: Is there any special chapter for Christmas?

A: Ahh I hope so, but ONE sensei is too busy.

T: Ever think about sex bending all OPM characters?

A: What!? Hahaha is it like Genos becoming a girl, that sort of thing? Hahaha I never thought about it...what if Saitama is a woman...I'd like to see a girl Sonic tho...but to speak is one thing, to do is another, I'm not simply drawing it.

Murata: Mob Psycho 100 seems to be great too, ONE sensei the super star ~ He's been so busy I couldn't get in contact with him now, truly awesome! Most of the time I followed my old habits to draw, but recently I'm starting to draw similar to ONE sensei's style, I don't know if I'm doing it purposely or it is my subconsciousness. Sometimes if I overdone it I will redraw again.

Q: Goku vs Saitama who would win?

A: I don't know. [serious tune]

Q: How many pages left?

A: Many.

Murata: When the character is in action, the lines are going to be blurly, and you don't have to worry about the shape, it saves time.

Q: The anime seems to has overwhelming positive review.

A: Yeah, I think that if you like Dragon Ball you are going to like it. When I read ONE sensei's work for the first time, my reaction was like, woahh, this is what I'm looking for over these years, this is the type of manga I wanted to read on JUMP! I think everyone from the world shares the same feeling, right. Saitama is truly incredible.

Q: When is season 2 going to be?

A: I don't know, it depends on the Blu-Ray sales. I can only keep on drawing and hope for the best. ONE sensei said he is not drawing for popularity, keep an ordinary state of mind, do not forget what is most important for you. Same thing goes for me, but the difference is I have to make more frequent updates, I couldn't really do much other than that . T: What sensei usually watch on YouTube?

A: There is no fixed genre, usually I'll watch those trending videos, like someone caught himself on fire during Nico stream, that's it. After the video gone viral I heard that the fire extinguisher's selling good, I was thinking to get one too hahaha.

Q: Who is Blast?

A: Tentatively I've asked ONE sensei, but I can't say it now.

Q: Can Saitama blow up Earth?

A: I guess he can if he wanted to, but I don't think he will do it.

Q: Did Garou take his bath properly?

A: I think so, at public bathhouse.

Murata: Tomorrow is the deadline, but today is Christmas eve, my assistants should have their own arrangement, guess they won't feel like working. Yeah I know, it's Christmas, the day to eat Oden, I know, everyone's busy eating Oden, they should have their rest.

T: Over 1000 people on stream.

A: Wow really, sorry guys I'm in rush, didn't have much time to read the chat.

T: I translated sensei's picture on Twitter few days ago into Chinese, Genos' talking way too much, but I can feel sensei's gratitude towards to animation team.

A: Hi, thank you. Genos really forgot what his sensei taught him, talking so much.

Q: Looks like he would be a good disciple.

A: Right, he will be out of his mind to do anything for Saitama sensei hahaha, this is the funny part of Genos. All of ONE sensei's characters exist a shining point which makes them likable. Even Sneck stood up and protects the civilians during the Deep Sea King arc, and not get thrown away after getting introduced, it gives the feeling of as they are a real life existed person. This is what I like from ONE sensei.

Q: To be honest, I never thought Metal Bat would be this strong.

A: Same. He is going to be on the next cover. It would be great if I have the chance draw the scene of Metal Bat crying after watching his little sister's piano show, showing his sis-con characteristic.

Q: After finish hand painting do you use the computer for the post-production?

A: Yep, I usually used Comic Studio or PS for screen tones & special effects.

Q: Are we no longer able to see short haired Genos again?

A: No problem ~ through out the time I will keep on changing Genos' design, or should I?

Murata: For the Savage/Brutal Tornado (from Metal Bat's), it has to present the feeling of rough and wild, it can't be drawn too for too detailed, ONE sensei is great in drawing this. The delinquent from manga is different from those in real life. Back in time those delinquent from my school is annoying and hateful, driving their bikes all over the school area, scary. Good night everyone.


Murata: Good evening, wow, 132 people, that's fast. It's almost new year, yet I'm still drawing, next update on 7th January, check it out.

Starts greeting in Chinese, French, Filipino, Thai, Russian

Woah the number of audience grows fast.

Q: Sensei you are high, did you drink?

A: No, I'm already high since this morning.

Q: Any interview from overseas?

A: No, but I'm trying my best to learn other foreign languages, it's also for the stream, and it is more interesting this way.

Q: Monday without OPM feels lonely.

A: Me too.

T: Is 'Bad' Metal Bat's real name?

A: Yup, and sister's name Zenko.

T: BAD, Zenko, is it written this way? (バッド, Baddo - direct translation to English means Bad)

A: Yep, but it's not English.

Q: I like the little sister's design.

A: It's ONE sensei's design, but I don't think I will show his version here, ONE sensei didn't draw it for others to see. The dress design is coming from me, and also the Showa era hair style, I decided to draw it in this way after discussing with Nishimura sensei.

Q: Is the guy sitting on the back the long forgotten MC?

A: Yeah, I think it's been half a year since the last time I draw Saitama, I want to draw him so much, the fight between Garou and Metal Bat should end after this update, I think I will be drawing Saitama in the next one, it's been so long. I like Metal Bat too, but I felt worried if the MC didn't show up. When drawing on JUMP the hype on the manga will drop so much if the MC didn't show up for too long, how scary. But I think this arc is necessary, since ONE sensei requested it, then it means it is essential.

Q: Will it be similar to World Martial Arts Tournament (from Dragon Ball)?

A: Yeah, wonder how is it going to be, I haven't ask for the details yet. I'm excited and looking forward to it, wonder will it be similar to Yu Yu Hakuso, haha. Where are all the English comments by the way?

Q: I can speak Japanese therefore I'm using Japanese.

A: I see, thanks.

Murata: Some animators that I admire involved in the making of anime too, I don't know if it's a good thing that I fulfill my dream so soon. I hope people who has the affordability can support the Blu-ray , season 2 depends on it. Or You can help advertise too, but please support the Blu-ray if you can afford it. Thank you, I'll give my best to draw as much as I can, for season 2. The new year's day doesn't matter now, I need to make more updates, I'm going to draw 5 pages today! Oh yeah, Mob Psycho 100 is coming out next year, I know it's unrelated to me, but it is still ONE sensei's work, hope you guys check it out! If I'm going to draw 5 pages today, that would be 1 page per hour. Eh? Is it possible?

Q: Conclude 2015 with one kanji.

A: Hahaha, bald!

Murata: Although I'm drawing fast, but the quality must be maintain. I think I listened to this song before, is it from a game? There are so few foreigners here, is it because of the timezone or because of the New Year eve? Or is it you guys had despised me...

Q: By the way ONE sensei said he will update the web comic before this year end.

A: Yep, but he is too busy now I guess, he still has to visit his mother-in-law.

Q: Do you like Hunter X Hunter?

A: I do, I read it every time it comes out. ONE sensei likes it more than me. I'm Akira Toriyama sensei biggest fans, I'll follow him for my entire life, and continue to discover his beauty. Toriyama sensei is the best, what a genius.

Murata: Regarding Zenko's dress, coincidentally my daughter has a piano show too, I went out to buy a new shirt for her, and I used one of the display skirt as the reference, but in the end she didn't wear it, it's a blue color one. I wonder how is the siblings going to do it. For example, the brother bought bunch of shirts back and got scolded by his sister for terrible taste......ONE sensei for sure will come up with a better story, sigh. I don't know about those heroes' family background too, like Saitama. I'll be upset if he had a sad and heavy backstory, in a world which the monsters appear with such insane rate, it is common that the whole family member is dead...

Q: Genos looks like westerner.

A: Haha KING is more like it.

Murata: I have to put a lot of effort in drawing girls, because I feel like I'm bad at it. I hate this, those who can draw clothing are real good. Firstly, my work is all hand-drawn, and I'm not a fashionable person, I got no clue how to draw the character clothing at all, I have to start from 0. I should've do more research on clothing back when I'm still drawing EyeShield 21, The clothing of all the characters in EyeShield 21 is a mess, there is a time I met Sawai sensei on party, he advised me to let the characters wear something like a normal person. And I be like: Yes...yes...sigh, I got tsukkomi by Sawai sensei. On the other hand if all the clothing are refer to fashion magazine, in makes the series doesn't feel real in some way.

Q: Saitama aside, Genos is quite fashionable.

A: Is it? Haha looking back now Genos' outlook on his first appearance is so hilarious, printed the word 'Genos' on part of the shirt for no apparent reason hahaha, it's the same standard as Gian's (from Doraemon) has a G on the chest of his shirt. Sorry Genos, I should've let you wear something better.

Q: I think the jacket is quite good.

A: Is it...but the shoes and the high waist belt is still weird. I was unsure if OPM will be successful back then, sometimes I asked my wife's opinion too, I'm all alone during that time.

Q: I think it's alright, it makes the leg looks longer.

A: Hahaha it's still too high up!

Q: The shirt during the vs Saitama fight looks good too.

A: I lighted up his chest to cover the awkwardness of the bad looking shirt.

Q: Is there any mangaka that you often drink with?

A: We will have a small gathering once per year, but the person attend will always be fixed. I was quite busy recently, and missed the gathering of the year. We drink in one of the mangaka house, like Matsui san (Author of Assassination Classroom), their former assistant will go too.

Q: Does Genos cut his sleeves every time?

A: Yes, because he thinks his shoulder can't fit in, it makes him looks like an American Football player if he tries to fit it in. He thinks it's ugly so he cuts it off. Furthermore, he might thinks that it is troublesome when he's using those weapons set on his arm. It's been a long time since I drew Genos too, I want to draw him ~

Q: During my school trip, a shopkeeper recommended me a shirt that looks just like what Sonic wears.

A: Is it, when I first designed Sonic I forgot to set his age, it feels weird now that a 25 years old person wearing that type of shirt. I feel like the shirt is for teens less than 20. If he is standing beside Metal Bat, Sonic definitely is the one that looks younger.

some chit chat base on the special effects used on movie filming

Murata: Sigh...I want to redraw this page, I'm starting to feel tired, let's stop the stream here, good night.


Murata: Thanks everyone for the winter season comic fiesta, I heard that everything sold off around 12 o'clock, not bad. At the end I redraw the page again, I trashed the one from yesterday, perhaps I had been talking too much and didn't focus. I'll put it into Other One Bukuro.

Q: Let's talk about G Pen, it's difficult to use.

A: It was difficult for me too when I started using it, I don't understand why everyone want to use a pen that is so difficult to use. As long as the pen is smooth for you then it's all good, but why everyone choose to use G Pen in the end? Because Tezuka sensei(God of manga) used it, and everyone follows, and it also looks prettier when printed. In fact you can use whatever pen you want as long as the drawing is good, you don't have to force yourself to use G Pen. You have to keep an eye on the amount of ink on the G Pen, until you get used to it and have a full control over it, like what you used to when drawing with pencil. In this era you can just draw directly using comic studio, there's nothing wrong it with. It is like an auto car driver taking a manual car driving test just because manual car looks cooler, it's totally unnecessary.

Q: When did you first started to draw?

A: Around 2 years old, I think that time my parents praised on my drawing, therefore I persevered.

Q: Still working on New Year's Eve?

A: Maybe I'll eat some buckwheat noodles, last year I ate spaghetti. Forget about eating buckwheat noodles during New year's eve, it's all good as long as the noodle is long haha. No I'm not taking holiday on New Year's Day, my job is my hobby, even if I convince myself to take a day off, I'll still probably go back to drawing or play with my kids, you know, lets take a rest today and draw a gif, lets take a rest and read a book...Ah, interesting, lets draw this idea into a vertical(transverse)comic. Haha.

Q: Favorite character?

A: Saitama, Metal Bat, hmm...I like them all, there's not a single character I don't like from ONE sensei, even the NEET from the Deep Sea King arc, I like him too. As an illustrator this is very important, I'm very glad that I'm drawing this.

Q: Is the little sister Zenko designed by Murata sensei or ONE sensei?

A: Emm, should I show it to you guys?

T: Metal Bat's nipple looks larger than the one from yesterday.

A: Is it? I don't think so? [takes out drawing from yesterday] , hey where are you looking at? Alright, [shows i-pad] the one in the middle is Zenko.

Murata: The scene when Metal Bat hits the sewer cover, ONE sensei said Metal Bat is not going to use anything other than his bat, all he know is to swing his bat. And I told him no problem, I'll cut out all of it, but ONE sensei responded with : Nonono, after all these hard work...So I changed it to Metal Bat taking the advantage of the reflected sewer cover, but in the end I still deleted all the panels. When you think about it, Metal Bat would not be Metal Bat anymore if he's not using his bat, like what if Genos not using his incinerate cannon anymore, and transform his hand into a sword, would it still be Genos? For example there is one fight scene where Genos used rocket punch, I added that myself. Thinking back now it shouldn't be a problem if I exclude the whole fight, after all no one remembers the outcome of the fight too. Therefore everything should be discuss with ONE sensei in the first place. Genos should be showing up in the next chapter. ONE sensei seems really busy, I wonder how how is Mob Psycho 100 going now, I've not yet ask ONE sensei, but from the perspective of editors, they are not going to be happy if the manga ended before the anime starts, after all it is still SUNDAY's signature manga. The story is on a climatic moment now, but I've yet to ask ONE sensei about the details. Metal Bat looks badass, wonder what impression is Watchdog Man going to give...

Q: I've been wanting to ask for a long time, what is the fabric of Metals Bat's shirt?

A: Something like this (shows sleeve), just happened that I'm wearing it now hahaha, no I'm not cosplaying Metal Bat, it's just coincidence.

Q: Why don't sensei stream on Nico?

A: Because if I do so, it will turn into a storm, I don't really like it that way. I watched Nico stream before and it was scary, although streaming there probably makes you feel closer to the audience...As for here, everyone's like a gentlemen and supportive to me, hahaha!

Q: Do you like to sleep?

A: Yes, I love sleeping.

Q: Stupid question, do you like Zenko?

A: Me, I'm not interested in small little loli, really, hahaha, sorry I lied, I like her very much. I have the original Zenko version here, she looks older. This is the version that I decided not to use, she looks older right? I'm not good in drawing little girls, I'm always drawing it too tall in the first place, even for Tatsumaki. I am better in drawing plump and matured ladies.

Q: Metal Bat's real name is Bad right?

A: Yep, according to ONE sensei.

Q: How many pages of storyboard did ONE sensei provides?

A: The new updates will be 10 pages, I haven't receive the storyboards after it. Wait what the web comic updated? I'm going to read it! Woah ~ Mountain Ape is trying hard, the story is awesome. Nice...nice...great story..., here the Fubuki group is going to show the manly way. Tatsumaki is terrifying hahaha! It's great, finished reading the web comic, and ONE sensei just sent me the new storyboards.

Q: What did you learn from Takeshi Obata sensei?

A: Hahaha why does it sounds like I'm being lectured? The workshop I worked in, the works I received from Obata sensei are very tense, and I learned to never stop pursuing perfection on a single drawing. But Obata sensei's comment on me is: In the end Murata-kun still didn't match up with my art style...I just started EyeShield 21 when Hikaru no Go ended, and wasn't able to attend their celebration dinner. Back then I was really keen to ask sensei please try to read my work ~ Hahaha. Obata sensei had been through a long way, I heard that Obata sensei gave a comment to each of his assistant, and I only heard about the comment on me from other assistant on a later date.

T: The chapter 2 of Obata sensei's new series is so lewd.

A: Yeah, it's polished good, the assistant is god-tier, but my assistants here are great too, maybe even better. The new series is probably drawn using PC, the special effect looks like it's done using computer. Wonder how is the story going to be, maybe it's a death game.

Q: Do you have anything that is still referring to Obata sensei?

A: Not in drawing, now I have my own way to draw, but in term of spirit, Obata sensei's perfectionism is still very impressive.

Murata: I think the leg is out of shape...Elder Centipede should be the highest-tier right, there's no such thing like Centipede Sage showing up later on right hahaha, perhaps Centipede Master?

Q: Do you have any assistant?

A: Yes, three of them. Murata: Speak in English Obata sensei is my master.

Q: OPM is hot now in America.

A: Thank you.

Q: Any anime to recommend for next year?

A: I don't really watch anime, but do you guys know, there is one anime call Mob Psycho 100, it's definitely gonna be interesting, the art is going to be great, I've heard there are some very good artist involve in making of the anime.

Q: Sensei lets sing a song.

A: Human is good, good, good. (wut)

Q: How is the art style gonna be for Mob Psycho 100 anime?

A: You can look forward to it, this is fully ONE sensei's work, I didn't take part in it, but it's worth the wait, that's all I can say, actually they let me had a glance on it. Murata: Metal Bat you've done your best, your HP now is already 0.

Q: Any letter from fans?

A: I feel like there should be more, the editor only gave me one, and Christmas cards. Weird, it should be more than that. Let's read the letter that I received last time: Nice to meet you, I'm a university student who love OPM now staying in Osaka, my favorite character is going to has his 21 years birthday, I'm going to be 21 years old soon too. And I want to express my feeling now. Murata sensei should be busying, but I hope sensei could read this.... Erm I can't read too much...Thanks for this person from Osaka, the name is...where is the paper with the name? It's gone...

Q: I'm going to tell one of your female fans, if she send you a fan letter now, you will definitely receive it. Keep it up.

A: I can't guarantee I'll receive it, and I don't know when it will be pass to me, but if the editor pass it to me, I'll definitely read it.

Q: What is sensei going to do during New Year's day?

A: I'll spare some time with my family, don't worry guys. But I've got a lot of work to do too.

Q: Do you watch Dragon Ball Super?

A: No, but I've heard a lot about it.

Q: I'm now drawing too while watching sensei's stream.

A: Is it, hope it can stimulate your inspiration.

Q: Are you tired?

A: No, not at all.

Murata: I wanted to make this part into a gif (when Zenko hits Metal Bat), where his head keep shaking, like when Deep Sea King hits on Saitama's head haha. Zenko is quite impressive, she dares to hit her brother's head when he is under current condition, I think she knows her brother has an unusual body firmness too. Sticky Zenko is cute, but I feel like Zenko actually saved Garou, if the bat connects Garou could be dead haha. Is there anyone who thinks that what Zenko did was a mistake? Haha. I wonder what Zenko thinks about her own brother, did she thinks he is a big hero too? But she is still too naive, seeing that she is Amai Mask's fans shows that she still didn't realize her brother's heroic spirit. A girl who can see through the true nature of things is not going to like Amai Mask.

Q: Can't see the nipple!

A: Hey! Hahaha, it's New Year now, why are you guys focusing on that part? Zenko's dress is hard to draw, so much lace.

Q: The way he fell down looks alike with Hammerhead.

A: Hahaha...I never draw this type of puffy pants before, not sure how much it will expand when the person falls down, wonder if I'm drawing it correctly...

Q: Sensei you draw fast, why is it still had to be in rush every time you hand in the manga?

A: Because I still have a lot of things to do, it's not only drawing manga.

Murata: Zenko is so strong haha. I never wear a dress before, I'm not sure how would the dress positioned when you crouch, I guess you can spot a little bit? It's difficult to draw... The picture is probably gone now, but last time ONE sensei drew something, where Professor Kuseno gave Genos a new combat suit, and it turns out to be a sailor uniform, hahaha what was ONE sensei thinking!? This monster no matter how I draw it still looks like shit, never mind the mud and shit is somewhat similar, they both makes people feels uncomfortable. Haha the first thing I draw during New Year's Day is shit. Oh wait, what am I talking, my brain is starting to get abnormal. Sigh, I don't want to draw this kind of dirty and smelly stuff.

Q: Sensei are you still ok?

A: Haha maybe.

Q: Sensei your paneling is comfortable to read, any tricks to it?

A: Thank you, normally I use the panel boxes that don't have too much of variety in shape, and don't simply change the camera angle, try to make the panels larger too, it's simpler to read for smartphone user. On the whole, simplify the panels. If I try to use panels that change a lot in shape for my art style, it could be hard to read and understand, like my impression on One Piece is the panel boxes have a lot of variety.

(P.S Sorry I hope people can understand this part, I really don't know how to put it in English Orz)

Q: Sensei do you like to drink?

A: I don't really drink, it tastes nothing special, I don't really like it. Not to mention that there are still a lot of works to be done, I'd be in trouble if I gotten drunk.

Q: Is Black Sperm going to show up soon?

A: If things go well, he will be showing up when the times come, we will be back to the main story plot. Murata: Let's draw another page, all the New Year's happy mood will be gone if everyone just staring at this page of shit. I'll finish this page on my own. Let's draw Garou.

Murata: Feeling tired now, let's end the stream here.


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