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Ino (いの, Ino) is a small piglet boar that was found in the woods by Speed-o'-Sound Sonic and became his pet for a while. It is currently in the care of Frank.


Ino is a small piglet with light brown fur with dark stripes on his back. Ino's stomach is a lighter color and he has small mark under its eyes.


Ino becomes quickly attached to Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, after he is saved by him. After this, Ino continues to stay by Sonic's side during his training. Ino appears to be fairly loyal to those he shows a liking to, this is demonstrated when he stays at Frank's side, despite being in great danger when doing so.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


The Ninja Who is Too ComplicatedEdit

Sonic and Ino

Ino hiding behind Sonic

Ino was being attacked by a large snake until he was saved by Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, who was training nearby. Sonic kills the snake, thinking that it would be a good training dummy. After this, he takes the piglet with him and names him "Ino". Ino then spends his days training with Sonic, and accompanying him in his quest to overcome his fear of Saitama. After Sonic completes his training he leaves Ino in the care of Frank. At Franks campsite, Ino begins to feel slightly lonely with Sonic gone, just before sensing someone approaching.

Frank and Ino

Ino at camp with Frank

This creature turns out to be the bear that scarred Frank many years ago in the mountains. After a brief conflict, Frank falls unconscious, until Saitama suddenly appears. At first Saitama eyes Ino, wanting to eat him, but Ino runs away, remembering Saitama from Sonic's training. Later, Ino comes back to Frank's side, watching the sunrise and seeing the damaged area caused by Saitama after he kills the bear.[1]


  • The name "Ino" is short for "Inoshishi" which means "boar" (猪).


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