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You think I wouldn't notice such killing intent?
— Iaian to Melzargard.

Iaian vs. Melzargard was the fight between the A-Class hero Iaian and the Dark Matter Thieves general Melzargard.


The Dark Matter Thieves attack A-City, destroying a majority of the city. A father helps his son up from the rubble, and the son begins to cry. Melzargard shows slight surprise civilians were still alive and prepares to end their lives.


Melzargard sneaks up on Iaian

As Melzargard is about to kill the two civilians, Iaian shows up and slices the monster's body in half. Iaian tells the civilians to leave but is momentarily distracted, and Melzargard manages to crush his helmet. Iaian proceeds to challenge him, and the fight begins.

The scene fast-forwards to an exhausted Iaian fighting Melzargard. Iaian shows doubt as to whether he can destroy Melzargard, while Melzargard comments on Iaian's militant nature and abilities. Melzargard forms his left hand into a hammer, creating a large shockwave that manages to blow Iaian's left arm off. Iaian realizes that he cannot defeat such a powerful foe. Just as Melzargard prepares to finish him, Atomic Samurai appears and slices the monster in half, saving his disciple and ending their battle.


Iaian is left with only one arm, somewhat crippling his abilities but not ending his career as a hero. He remains a disciple of Atomic Samurai.

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