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I-City (I市, I Shi) is a large city situated on Earth.

There are at least 14 heroes living in this city.[1]



Number of Heroes by Class:[1]

  • S-Class: 1
  • A-Class: 1
  • B-Class: 3
  • C-Class: 9



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Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Raid Arc[]

Hundred-Eyes Octopus attacks I-City during the monster raid.[2] Many heroes arrive to fight it, including Flashy Flash and Tatsumaki, who kills it.

Warning.png Expand to see original webcomic information. Beware of spoiler content.

Neo Heroes Saga[]

Supreme Hero Arc[]

Sweet Mask takes Saitama to an Amusement Park in I-City and explains his history and why he is looking for Saitama to carry on his legacy while they take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. Saitama then leaves because he is late to spar with Genos and Sweet Mask resolves that he will not give up on Saitama. Then a ruckus in the amusement park crowd draws his attention, and he realizes that it is the screams of the park visitors.[3]

Sweet Mask jumps in to defend the crowd from the monster Pesky Clown who he promptly attacks, destroying one of his balloons, which he figures to be used for absorbing damage. A crowd begins forming around him after people realize he is there, which he tries to dismiss to no avail. Pesky Clown attempts to attack the people gathering around the battle, but Sweet Mask counterattacks and pops the remaining two of his balloons before Pesky Clown grabs his arm. He is pummeled by the monster and punched into a Ferris wheel. He now believes the monster to have grown to Dragon-level and debates if he should use his true form, thinking that it will ruin his status as an idol. He finally comes out from the rubble, having decide to take Saitama’s advice at heart to let out his true form to fight and restart his new heroic life.[4]


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