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Hyottoko (ひょっとこ, Hyottoko) is the C-Class Rank 347 professional hero of the Hero Association


Hyottoko wears an outfit that looks like that of the typical Japanese thief and he also wears a "Hyottoko" mask (resembling a strange and comical face) with only his eyes uncovered, hence his hero name. His mask is made out of metal.[1]


Hero Association Saga[]

Rumored Monster Arc[]

Hyottoko talking with other heroes

Hyottoko converses with several other heroes about the rumored monster in Z-City.[2][3]

Sea Monster Arc[]

Hyottoko, along with other C-Class heroes, meets Mumen Rider, who is heading towards J-City. He warned Mumen Rider that the monster is too much for C-Class heroes to handle.[4]

Human Monster Saga[]

Hero Hunt Arc[]

Hyottoko, Red Nose and Studless are talking about the defeat of the Tank Topper Army and the hero hunt, when Garou suddenly appeared behind them.[5] They were all later found beaten on the street.[6]

Appearances in Other Media[]



Hyottoko makes a very brief appearance in the background when the various factions within the Hero Association are displayed.[7]

Abilities and Powers[]

Like most C-Class heroes, Hyottoko seems to prefer to combine strength against threats, rather then fight them alone, as most of the time he is seen with other C-Class heroes.

Not much is known about his own individual abilities. Though judging by his rank, he isn't very strong even by C-Class standards.


Basket: He uses a basket that catch fish as a weapon.[1]

Major Battles[]

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Hyottoko, Red Nose and Studless vs. Garou (Off screen) 47 15 Loss


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