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Hundred-Eyes Octopus (百々目蛸, Dodome Dako) is a Demon-level Mysterious Being that appeared in I-City and a member of the Monster Association.


As its name suggests the monster is a large octopus with many eyes from the additional ones on its head to the eyes on each one of its suckers.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Hundred Eyes Ball

Hundred-Eyed Octopus demise

Hundred-Eyes Octopus is one of many monsters that appear simultaneously in the other cities.[1] The monster was devouring a building in I-City, until Butterfly DX, Bone Bone and Death Gatling came and attacked it. Their attacks were not effective and the monster easily repelled the heroes.[2]

Super Fight ArcEdit

Several A Class heroes arrive to fight it but do not get the chance, as Flashy Flash appears and quickly slashes many of its eyes. This sends Hundred-Eyes Octopus into a frenzy but it is soon killed by Tatsumaki after she lifts it into the air and crushes its into a giant ball of Takoyaki.[3]

Abilities & PowersEdit

As a Demon-level Mysterious Being of the Monster Association, Hundred-Eyes Octopus is an extremely powerful being.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Octopus Attack

Hundred-Eyes Octopus causing destruction.

Physical Empowerment: By devouring concrete, Hundred-Eyes Octopus gets bigger and stronger.[4]

Omnidirectional Vision: Given its many eyes, Hundred-Eyes Octopus has a 360° field of vision.[5]

Immense Strength: Hundred-Eyes Octopus possesses enough raw strength to cause a great amount of destruction in a city. It was also able to break every single bone of Bone, a hero who took great pride in his bone strength, with a single swipe, albeit he is only a B-class hero.

Immense Durability: Hundred-Eyes Octopus has a tough hide which is able to withstand machine gun fire without being injured.[6]Additionally, it was also able to stay alive after Flashy Flash sliced all of its eyes out, and it prompted Flashy Flash to use one of his special moves, which is impressive for a Demon-level monster.

Fighting StyleEdit

Mass Destruction: Hundred-Eyes Octopus uses its gigantic tentacles to cause a great amount of destruction in a city.[7]

Major BattlesEdit

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Death Gatling, Butterfly DX and Bone vs. Hundred-Eyes Octopus 6168 17 Later interrupted by Flashy Flash
Battery Man, Funeral Suspenders and Bunbunman vs. Hundred-Eyes Octopus 68 19 Hundred-Eyes Octopus wins
Flashy Flash vs. Hundred-Eyes Octopus 68 19 Interrupted by Tatsumaki
Tatsumaki vs. Hundred-Eyes Octopus 68 19 Hundred-Eyes Octopus is killed


  • Hundred-Eyes Octopus is a possible reference to the Hundred-Eyes Demon (百々目鬼, Dodome Ki), a famous yokai in Japanese lore with eyes all over its body.


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