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The House of Takoyaki 🐙 (たこやきの家, Takoyaki no Ie) is a takoyaki store run by Dr. Genus with the help of Armored Gorilla. He opened the store because one of his experiments in physical regeneration resulted in infinite growth of octopus tentacles.[1]


Hero Association Saga[]

Alien Conquerors Arc[]

During the invasion of the Dark Matter Thieves on Earth, Dr. Genus and Armored Gorilla are seen preparing takoyaki while watching the news on the television inside the shop, learning that A-City has been almost entirely destroyed by a giant spaceship.[2]

Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Association Arc[]

After much trial and effort, Zombieman is able to track down the former mad doctor and his cyborg aid and confronts them about his suspicions that they are the god level threat mentioned in Shibabawa's prophecy. However, when Zombieman does confront them he instead learns that Dr. Genus had discarded the very idea of the House of Evolution. He now agrees with Saitama's philosophy that what makes humans strong is that they can change themselves, without the need for monsterization, cybernetics, genetic engineering or drug regimens. Genus goes on to detail his theory about Saitama's power: In order to function, every living thing needs to have limitations placed on themselves, or else the immense power of a limitless being would drive them insane. In Saitama's case, aside from losing all of his hair, he also lost his will to live and experienced alienation from his surroundings. As for why he opened a Takoyaki shop, through his research into immortality in the House of Evolution he discovered a way to grow octopus tentacles infinitely.

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The store has a basement where Dr. Genus is keeping something that he plans to show Zombieman.[citation needed]


Name Position Status
Dr. Genus Owner Active
Armored Gorilla Chef Active


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