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The House of Evolution (進化の家, Shinka no Ie) was an evil organization founded by Dr. Genus to pursue the goal of human perfection through artificial evolution. Every staff member of the organization was a clone of Dr. Genus. Based on the names and designs of their warriors, the House of Evolution's primary focus seemed to be improving humanity through gene splicing with the DNA of other species. It serves as the first antagonist faced by Saitama alongside his new disciple Genos.


The House of Evolution is headquartered in a thin, skyscraper-like building with eight floors in a forest approximately a four hour walk away from Saitama's Apartment, although it also connects to expansive underground facilities.[1] The above-ground section of the base was annihilated by Genos upon his and Saitama's arrival.[2] The base's underground facilities include an enormous chamber for combat testing of new specimens, and the containment chamber used to imprison Carnage Kabuto.


Introduction Saga[]

House of Evolution Arc[]

Dr. Genus sends Mosquito Girl to collect blood and find powerful fighters. She attracts the attention of Genos who attempts to destroy her but fails after she absorbs the blood her mosquitos collected. She attempts to kill him before she is stopped by Saitama. After Saitama defeats Mosquito Girl, Dr. Genus sends 6 of his creations to capture Saitama. All of them are killed except Armored Gorilla and they set off for the House of Evolution. Dr. Genus plans to set traps for them but it fails after Genos burns down the main building. Afterwards, Dr. Genus reluctantly releases Carnage Kabuto and while he manages to defeat Genos he fails to defeat Saitama and is ultimately killed.


After the partial destruction of its headquarters and the death or defeat of its strongest warriors at the hands of Saitama and Genos, the organization appears to be effectively defunct. Although the doctor and some of his clones survive, he resolves to give up his experiments after watching his most powerful artificially evolved creature, Carnage Kabuto, killed easily in his strongest form by the inexplicably powerful Saitama.[3]

He now runs a Takoyaki shop alongside his clones and Armored Gorilla.


Name Position Status
Dr. Genus Leader Inactive
Carnage Kabuto Member Deceased
Beast King Member Deceased
Armored Gorilla Member Inactive
Kamakyuri Member Deceased
Ground Dragon Member Deceased
Frog Man Member Deceased
Slugerous Member Deceased
Mosquito Girl Member Deceased
Zombieman Member Left Organization


  • In an early chapter several test subjects from the Immortal Series can be seen behind Dr. Genus while in his lab checking the status of his Mutant Specimens.[4]
  • The House of Evolution is the first organization to be introduced in the series.


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