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I'll squeeze you tight! And cover you in ketchup so you die from excessive salt intake! Gyahahahahahahaha!

Hotdog (ホットドッグ, Hottodoggu) was a Mysterious Being. It was killed by Tatsumaki.[1]


Hotdog, befitting its own name, has an appearance similar to that of a hot dog. It has two arms and two legs, as well as two eyes on its buns.


Little is known about its personality, as it was quickly killed by Tatsumaki, after its introduction. It seemed to be very keen to kill humans.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Tatsumaki's Day OffEdit

It was prepared to fight Armored Chief Clerk, but is obliterated by Tatsumaki.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Little of its abilities are known, as it was quickly killed by Tatsumaki. As a Wolf level threat, it can be assumed that it was quite weak. According to itself, it can cover people in ketchup and allegedly kill them through hypernatremia.


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