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The Neo Heroes (ネオヒーローズ, Neohīrōzu) is the new hero group established to replace the current Hero Association, which they deem to be corrupt and claim that they care only about wealth and reputation, not the people.


Unlike the Hero Association, the Neo Heroes recruits members through a special headhunting system rather than through a physical and written test. There are more than 2000 candidates in the Neo Heroes, which is larger than the 600 pro heroes of the Hero Association. Furthermore, the organization seems to know the shortcomings of the current Hero Association in terms of corruption, unfair treatment of its heroes, as well as collateral damage often caused (some S-Class heroes, especially Tatsumaki, often cause massive property damage during their fights) in order to build the better hero organization.

So far, they have recruited a handful of S-Class heroes to join their organization. Some of these S-Class heroes include Metal Bat, Child Emperor, and Superalloy Darkshine. According to the Neo Heroes' recruiter, they promise to treat heroes much fairer than the current Hero Association. However, their headhunting system is as biased as the conventional test in the Hero Association, since they only focus mostly on the designation of the S-Class, rather than the other heroes in the lower class, which indicates why they didn't try to recruit Saitama.

Unlike the Hero Association, who doesn't care about changes in its protocols and improving reactions and battle strategies to Dragon-level mysterious beings and above, the Neo Heroes are more willing to listen to criticism and changes, which is the reason why Child Emperor joined the Neo Heroes.


Unnamed SagaEdit

Genos details to Saitama the existence of the Neo Heroes, appearing to show interest in seeing if he can grow stronger from joining their ranks and even having received an invitation already. However, when Saitama shows his lack of interest out of apathy, Genos decides not to join them either.

Superalloy Darkshine, Child Emperor, and Metal Bat all quit the Hero Association and join the Neo Heroes. Darkshine joins not as a Hero, but as a trainer and sparring partner instead. McCoy is revealed to have joined the Neo Heroes as well.


When referring to members, they don't call their members Pro heroes, but rather Neo Heroes.

S-Class Equivalent
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(Bad) Metal Bat
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Child Emperor
Other Heroes
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Staff Members
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Superalloy Darkshine
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