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Neo Heroes

The Neo Heroes (ネオヒーローズ, Neohīrōzu) are a new body of heroes formed by Blue to replace the prevailing Hero Association. Blue created the Neo Heroes to show the world what true heroes are, as he deems the Hero Association corrupt and self-serving.[1]


Unlike the Hero Association, who selects heroes through a physical and written test, the Neo Heroes recruits members through a special headhunting system. There are more than 2000 candidates in the Neo Heroes, which exceeds the 546 pro heroes of the Hero Association. Due to the counterproductive and anti-meritocratic nature of the ranking system of the Hero Association, Neo Heroes eschews the ranking system and attempts to create a culture where strong and weak heroes can work together and support each other. Furthermore, the organization seems to know the shortcomings of the current Hero Association in terms of corruption, unfair treatment of its heroes, and collateral damage often caused by powerful heroes, such as Tatsumaki. They keep this criticism in mind and attempt to minimize these shortcomings in their own organization, and their willingness to change caused Child Emperor to defect from the Hero Association and join the Neo Heroes.

The Neo Heroes have recruited a handful of S-Class heroes to join their organization, including Metal Bat, Child Emperor, and Superalloy Darkshine. According to the Neo Heroes' recruiter, they promise to treat heroes much fairer than the current Hero Association. The Neo Heroes offer multiple benefits that entice many heroes to join their organization, such as clothing, increased income, room and board, and an abundance of hero equipment even for new or lower-ranking heroes. Their willingness to meet the needs of the heroes caused the former S-Class hero Metal Bat to join them. Unlike the Hero Association, the Neo Heroes are more focused on the safety of the heroes, and they do not force any of their heroes to complete quotas. They do, however, require their heroes to have "normative awareness," yet took no issue with Raiden attacking Superalloy Darkshine despite the latter's clear discomfort with engaging in combat. They also took no issue with two top-position candidates attacking other heroes to prove a point, showing that the bullying culture between strong and weak heroes still remains to an extent.

Their headhunting system was once as biased as the conventional test in the Hero Association since they mostly focused on recruiting S-Class heroes, which indicates why they didn't try to recruit Saitama. However, this attitude has recently changed, as multiple lower-ranked heroes have been invited to join the association, such as the A-Class heroes Forte, Butterfly DX, and Chain'n'toad, as well as the group containing two C-Class heroes, Soda Pop Boys


In order to combat monsters more effectively with fewer risks, as well as promote a culture of fairness between heroes, most Neo Heroes work together in teams, unlike the Hero Association's focus on individual heroism and lack of teamwork. Each team has a designated Neo Leader who helps their teammates grow in strength together and get the job done. For this reason, some Neo Leaders were tactically recruited for their leadership as opposed to their battle prowess, as seen with Infelsinave, who founded the 900,000-member Church of Otherworldly Reincarnation; Ryumon, who leads the 400-gangster Ryumon Gang; and Accel, who heads the 50-man Neo Hunters.

The Neo Heroes have developed an advanced A.I. system that analyzes the situation and picks the most suitable talents to deal with the threat. This normally consists of teams of three or more. Furthermore, they also have several armored transport vehicles and light aircraft available at each city to transport the heroes, or if need be they can deploy their small security detail, consisting of Erimin and Destro.

To prevent collateral damages caused by powerful individuals such as Tatsumaki, as well as avoiding the public negligence problem of the Hero Association, the Neo Heroes have established several powerful security operatives to keep certain heroes from crossing the line. 

Each member of the Neo Heroes has a specialized battle suit, which allows even the weakest members to fight effectively against monsters of disaster level Tiger, as seen when the Triple Tongues were defeated and their attacks were unable to hurt the Neo Heroes. However, even these battlesuits do not help weaker members against Demon-level threats or higher, since Infelsinave was defeated and gravely injured by a demon-level monster. 


Neo Heroes Saga

Neo Heroes Introduction Arc

Genos details to Saitama the existence of the Neo Heroes, appearing to show interest in seeing if he can grow stronger from joining their ranks and even having received an invitation already. However, when Saitama shows a lack of interest, Genos decides not to join them either.

Superalloy Darkshine, Child Emperor, and Metal Bat all quit the Hero Association and join the Neo Heroes. Darkshine joins not as a Hero, but as a trainer and sparring partner instead. McCoy is also revealed to have joined the Neo Heroes as the human resources manager. Two new characters, Accel and Raiden, are introduced as well. 

Neo Heroes Showcase Arc

The day after Sweet Mask reveals his monster form to the world, McCoy holds a meeting between the Neo Leaders and Neo Heroes staff. It is revealed that Child Emperor, Metal Bat, Accel, and Raiden have all been given leader positions. Suiryu is also revealed to have joined the Neo Heroes as a leader, along with Ryumon, Zaedats, Webigaza, Infelsinave, and 'A'. McCoy then introduces Blue, the founder and top hero of the Neo Heroes. Zaedats reveals that Blue is Blast's son.

After a sudden surge in monster activity, the Neo Hero teams are deployed. They make quick work of the many monsters with their advanced battlesuits and teamwork, completely showing up the Hero Association's heroes. The world is impressed by the Neo Heroes' work and their popularity skyrockets.



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