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The Hero Association Hospital is the hospital where heroes are taken to heal after they are injured in battle.


The city in which the hospital is located is currently unknown.


Sea Monster Arc[]

Stinger and Lighting Max were admitted here after they were defeated by the Deep Sea King.[1]

Super Fight Arc[]

After they were injured, Mumen Rider, Tanktop Master, Metal Bat and Charanko are currently admitted here.[2]

It is later attacked by monsters as part of the Monster Association Attacks on various cities. Tanktop Master defeated Gyoffrey at this hospital.[2]

Monster Association Arc[]

Suiryu is currently admitted after suffering multiple injuries at the hands of Gouketsu and Bakuzan. He is later seen training in the hospital.[3]

Sour Face, Lin Lin and Zakos are also seen admitting in this hospital along with Suiryu after they had been saved by the latter and later Saitama from monsters appeared in the Super Fight Stadium.[4]


The Hero Association Hospital (top) and the Hiroshima Citizens Hospital (bottom)


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