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Heavy Kong (ヘビィコング, Hebī Kongu) is an A-Class professional hero for the Hero Association who was previously ranked 34. He is in charge of W-City.


Heavy Kong is a very muscular and tall man with a bald head, large lips and a wide nose. He has a black beard, that starts from the top of his jaw line and follows through completely, ending in a chin strip. He also has two earrings. His arms are wide and wears two metal armbands on both his arms, around his wrist and biceps. He drapes a cloth around his left shoulder, covering half of his torso, held together at his waist by a championship belt with "KONG" written on it. He also has a black metal chain hanging from his other shoulder.


Hero Association SagaEdit

Rumored Monster ArcEdit

As the higher-ups of the Hero Association discuss the status on the cities, Heavy Kong is mentioned as the hero in charge of W-City. Heavy Kong reports that nothing is unusual.[3]

Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

In W-City, Heavy Kong has been struggling against Marshall Gorilla for the past 15 minutes.[4] Despite his efforts, he loses to the monster after receiving multiple cuts.[5]

Warning Expand the following section to see Original Webcomic information. Beware of spoilers.

Unnamed SagaEdit

Fall of The Hero Association ArcEdit

He is revealed to have been promoted to rank 33. He, Bone and Peach Terry attempt to defeat the Internet Surfers but are defeated.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Lost CatEdit

Heavy Kong, Lightning Genji, Genos, Peach Terry, and Stinger are assigned to secretly take care of Grizzly Nyah. One of the children Grizzly Nyah severely injures Peach Terry and knocks out Heavy Kong.[6]


The Sisters Who Have Too Many Things HappeningEdit

It was mentioned by a staff member that Heavy Kong captured the criminal Serial Bomber.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As an A-Class hero, Heavy King is a skilled and powerful fighter. As he is in charge of a city, the Hero Association trust in his abilities.

Fighting StyleEdit

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Heavy Kong seems to prefer unarmed combat, as seen during his fight against Marshall Gorilla. Despite the latter being an armed Tiger level monster, Heavy Kong suffered only one wound to the arm after fighting him on his own for 15 minutes, implying he has a decent level of skill.

Equipment Edit

Forearm Guards: Heavy Kong's metal bracelets are durable enough to resist a knife slash from a Tiger level monster with only a nick.

Hero RatingEdit

Heavy Kong's rating determined by the Hero Association[1]:

Ability Type Stamina Intelligence Justice Endurance Power Popularity Effectiveness Fighting Ability Total

Major Battles Edit

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Heavy Kong vs. Marshall Gorilla 59, 61 18 Loss
Heavy Kong and Peach Terry vs. Grizzly Nyah (Off screen) Lost Cat None Loss
Warning Expand the following section to see Original Webcomic information. Beware of spoilers.

Original WebcomicEdit

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Heavy Kong, Iron Bone and Peach Terry vs. Internet Surfers 114 None Loss


  • Heavy Kong became a hero to become strong.[1]
  • Heavy Kong received his hero name due to his fighting style.[1]


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