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Gun Gun (ガンガン, Gangan; Viz: Blam-Blam) is the B-Class Rank 43 professional hero of the Hero Association. He is a gun enthusiast.[1]


Gun Gun wears a cowboy outfit that consists of a brown cowboy hat, a yellow bandana tied around his neck, and a mask. Like a true cowboy, he wears a bandoleer to carry his two revolvers and bullets.


Human Monster Saga

Monster Association Arc

He is one of the B class heroes who joins Death Gatling to capture Garou when he was injured.

During the fight with Garou, he tries to shoot Garou with his revolvers but none of them hit. To make matter worse, due to his lack of close combat capabilities, he has to keep the distance between himself and Garou as well as relying on close combat specialists like Stinger and Smile Man to deal with Garou in close range.

When Garou was about to pummel Wild Horn, he manages to shoot Garou in the left leg and corner him with others heroes.[2]

However, after Garou manages to defeat Chain'n'toad by using Smile Man's own attack, he tries to shoot Garou, but Garou blocks his bullet with Chain'n'toad's sickle. He is later defeated when Garou launches Smile Man's kendama ball at him, knocking him out cold.

Abilities and Power

Gun Gun is one of the best heroes in term of precision.[3] He performs best at medium range confrontations. However, his melee combat is quite weak, forcing him to finish opponents fast before they can get close to him.

Physical Abilities

Enhanced Reflexes: Gun Gun is capable of keeping track of an injured Garou and relatively predict where he will be so he can shoot him.[4] 

Fighting Style

Expert Marksman: Gun Gun is incredible at sharpshooting. He is capable of firing in quick succession.[5]

  • Joint Shooting (関節撃ち, Kansetsu Uchi): Gun Gun fires two revolvers at the same time.


Dual Revolvers: Gun Gun carries dual revolver in combat.


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