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Gums (ハグキ, Haguki) is a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and an executive member of the Monster Association.


Gums is a large, gluttonous and rotund creature with two arms and two legs. Its head contains no features other than an incredibly large mouth that lacks any lips. Despite having no ears, its presence at the meeting with the other cadres of the Monster Association implies that Gyoro Gyoro can communicate with Gums through unknown means. In the webcomic, it has a more humanoid body shape. When in need of a more powerful bite force, Gums will increase the muscles of its mouth and get a more muscular appearance, including visible veins.

Its size seems to change constantly, from being slightly taller than Homeless Emperor, a human being of presumably average height, to easily fitting the extremely large and tall hero Pig God in his mouth.


Gums appears to be incapable of speech. As it is called into a meeting, it seems to be intelligent enough to understand speech. However, it is incredibly gluttonous and driven by the desire to consume. Gums also shows incredible anger if its meals are interrupted or delayed by others, as seen when Pig God saved Tanktop Master from its jaws,[1] or when Fuhrer Ugly's punch was redirected into its face by Bang, causing it to spit out Genos. It then flew into a rage and even tried to digest the fat monster despite being his ally in the battle.[2]


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Association Arc[]

Gums eats some monsters before the battle against the Hero Association.[3] It and several other executive members are called by Gyoro Gyoro for a meeting.[4]

Gums and Pig God clashing

During the heroes' raid of the Monster Association Headquarters, Gums sneaks up behind Pig God and swallows him whole, only to have the fat hero fight his way back out of its mouth, and the two then engage in hand-to-hand combat.[5] As Gums appears to be gaining the upper hand against Pig God and overpowering him during their clash, Tatsumaki briefly frees the hero from its jaws by shielding him with a psychic barrier but Gums manages to bite through her barrier, preventing the hero from escaping and the battle between the two of them resumes.[6] As their battle continues, Pig God somehow manages to escape Gums after Tatsumaki began lifting the entire Monster Association base out of the ground.[7]

Gums is tackled by Pig God

After Orochi and Psykos were defeated in their battle against the heroes, Gums and several executive members rise up from the rubble and it attempts to devour Pig God and Tanktop Master, though they narrowly avoid its jaws. Gums then targets Tanktop Master, who is able to momentarily keep the monster's jaws pried open, though Pig God tackles it and allows his fellow hero to break free. Gums quickly becomes enraged and grabs Tanktop Master with its teeth again after the latter was distracted by Fuhrer Ugly. As its body enlarges and its veins throb in anger, it nearly manages to crush Tanktop Master, who is once again narrowly saved by Pig God tackling the monster. After Fuhrer Ugly severely beats Tanktop Master to a near-death state, Gums swallows the hero whole.

Gums is attacked by Bang

However, Bang suddenly arrives and rips a hole through Gums to save Tanktop Master, while Genos proceeds to incinerate its insides to the monsters shock. Despite the burns and blood loss, Gums quickly heals itself and bites down on the cyborg to chew him. Bang, however, puts a stop to this by redirecting one of Fuhrer Ugly's attacks onto it, damaging Gums and releasing Genos. Furious that Fuhrer Ugly's fist allowed its prey to get away, Gums then retaliates and devours Fuhrer Ugly believing that the latter hit it on purpose. Despite Gums swallowing him whole, Fuhrer Ugly manages to escape its stomach by ripping it in half from inside.

Abilities & Powers[]

As a high-ranked member and a Dragon-level Mysterious Being of the Monster Association, Gums is an extremely powerful being. Its abilities are very similar to Pig God's, mostly revolving around brute physical strength and eating and digesting opponents.

Physical Abilities[]

Inhuman Digestive System: Similarly to Pig God, Gums has an extremely high digestive speed that allows it to consume anything very quickly. Gums can instantly digest debris while it keeps eating, unnerving Pig God and causing him to remark that his digestive system barely compares to it.[8] Gums' stomach acid was also able to digest Fuhrer Ugly and melt through metal such as Atomic Samurai's katana and even Darkshine's extremely durable skin, causing the latter to suffer great pain.[9]

Gums bites through debris concrete

Immense Strength: As a Dragon-level threat, Gums boasts great strength. It was able to use its huge mouth to chomp through things like metal and debris with ease and swallow Pig God, a hero known for eating monsters, to defeat them.[10] It also appeared to be gaining the upper hand over Pig God in its fight with him.[11] According to Drive Knight, Gums has a bite force capable of crushing heavy machinery.[12] However, it wasn't strong enough to fully bite through Pig God's immense layers of fat.[13] After exerting itself, Gums managed to bite through Tatsumaki's psychic barrier which she created to shield Pig God from the destruction of the Monster Association HQ.[14] Furthermore, its bite force is so powerful that even Tanktop Master, an S-Class hero with immense physical strength, was struggling to escape its jaw.[15]

Immense Durability: Gums was shown to have sustained no visible injury from its tussle with Pig God, a powerful S-Class hero.[16] It was also unharmed after being tackled by the hero several times during his attempts to save Tanktop Master.[17]

Enhanced Stealth: Despite its bulky and pudgy appearance, Gums was able to sneak up on and take Pig God, an S-Class hero, by surprise.[18]

Elasticity: Gums can stretch open its mouth to inhumanly wide proportions in order to consume large masses such as swallowing the immense Pig God in a single bite.[19] It is also shown to become huge in size after consuming a large amount of rubble, only to digest it immediately and return to its original size in mere moments.[20]

Regenerative Healing Factor: Gums possesses impressive regenerative abilities, able to quickly regenerate from extreme injuries. This was shown when Gums was capable of regenerating from having its body pierced through by Bang as well as having its insides incinerated by Genos, with the damage having healed almost completely shortly after.[21]

Major Battles[]

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Gums vs. Pig God 114, 122, 123, 130 None Interrupted by Tatsumaki
Monster Association Executives vs. Heroes 139, 143, 144 None Ongoing


  • The design and personality of Gums might be based on Taberu from Makai no Ossan. Both share the same appearance and seem to be unable to speak, the only difference being that Taberu is occasionally seen in a schoolgirl outfit, whereas Gums has nothing to wear.


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