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Just so you know, several monsters, including me, are stronger than you.
— Gouketsu to Bakuzan.

Gouketsu vs. Bakuzan was the fight between the two Dragon-level monsters Gouketsu and Bakuzan.


After Bakuzan had incapacitated Suiryu, who is already in a highly fatigue state and heavily injured by Gouketsu beforehand, he proceeds to challenge Gouketsu, who says that there are monsters that are stronger than Bakuzan including Gouketsu himself and tells him to not get cocky.


Gouketsu demonstrates his strength to Bakuzan

Having listened to what Gouketsu said to him, Bakuzan replies by attacking Gouketsu with a straight punch while still claiming himself to be the strongest. Gouketsu swiftly dodges his punch and then effortlessly blocks an elbow attack from him with only two fingers. Bakuzan proceeds to attack him by throwing two more punches at him. Gouketsu easily defends himself, deflecting his punches and knocking him back. Feeling that his pride is hurt, Bakuzan angrily proceeds to violently assault the first Super Fight champion with a barrage of punches using all of his four arms in an attempt to harm him. Despite his efforts, Gouketsu, with only one arm, skillfully blocks all of Bakuzan's attacks with ease, much to the latter's annoyance. Gouketsu then stops playing around with him and demonstrates his far superior strength over the arrogant monster by throwing a powerful punch that misses Bakuzan on purpose. The shockwave from the punch alone is strong enough to blow an enormous hole in the Super Fight Stadium and Bakuzan is terrified by this, leading him to stop attacking Gouketsu.


Gouketsu calms Bakuzan

After calming Bakuzan down by demonstrating his far superior strength to him, Gouketsu warns him that even a monster who is as strong as Bakuzan cannot solo the whole Hero Association and apparently encourages him to come to the Monster Association shortly before leaving.


  • In the anime, this battle lasts much shorter, as Gouketsu immediately scares Bakuzan with the shockwave punch from the get-go.


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