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I am the Ultimate Life-form Gigakigan!

Gigakigan (ギガキガン, Gigakigan) was a Mysterious Being who was a rock with his own will. He was killed by Tatsumaki.[1]


Gigakigan had a humanoid appearance, his entire body was made of rocks. Two horns could be seen protruding from either side of his head.


Gigakigan considered himself the ultimate life form. He held a grudge against humans for wiping away his comrades "the minerals" through mining. As such, eradicating humanity became his goal.


He had been enveloped in magma and collected energy for over a thousand years before awakening. During those thousand years, he witnessed his fellow brethren be mined away by humans.

Appearances in Other Media[]


Tatsumaki's Day Off[]

He awakens in an unknown city and prepared to wreck havoc, but is quickly defeated by Tatsumaki.

Abilities and Powers[]

Although Gigakigan's disaster level is unknown, he had been shown to possess enormous physical strength and durability.

Physical Abilities[]

Gigakigan pushing a cliff-side apart

Immense Strength: Gigakigan was large and possessed monstrous strength, able to effortlessly push a cliff-side apart.

Immense Durability: Gigakigan withstood years of magma and smoldering.


  • His name is a portmanteau of Giga/ギガ (Giga) and Kigan/奇岩 (strangely shaped rocks).
  • At over a thousand years old, Gigakigan is one of the oldest characters in the series.



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