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The giant spaceship was the headquarters and mode of transportation of the Dark Matter Thieves. The ship possessed incredible firepower, capable of destroying the majority of A-City in an instant.[1] It crashed after Saitama shattered its power source.[2] The ship was salvaged by Bofoi, who is now trying to use it to develop new technology.[3]


Giant Spaceship Bomb Bay

The spaceship's artillery bay

In the manga and anime, the ship is shaped like a tooth. In the manga, the ship is colored Steel Black, in the anime it is Purple.[4] The ship was massive in size; it was large enough to cast a shadow over the majority of A-City and was able to destroy 99.8% of the city[5] with a single shell bombardment directed downward.[1]


Boros Ship Layout

"Papa's Maze", drawn by Kazuo Nomura

  • In chapter 33 of the manga, Saitama is seen walking through a maze-like section of the spaceship.[6] The drawing used as the map here is called "Papa's Maze,"[7] an incredibly detailed maze created by Kazuo Nomura.[8]
  • According to Genos' notes, the size of the ship is 9,230 m x 15,024 m.[9]
  • Murata stated that it takes about 4 hours to draw one panel of the spaceship (round up to 6 hours when including the sketches) as a fun fact on his stream. He did not let his assistant handle this part and he kept redrawing.[10]
  • The ship is made from a special metal alloy not found on Earth.[11]
  • The ship is so resistant that it didn't fall even after a series of Saitama's "normal punches."[11]


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