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Genos vs. Face Ripper was the battle between the S-Class hero Genos, and the Demon-level mysterious being Face Ripper of the Monster Association.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Face Ripper about to kill a civilian

Genos is called by the Hero Association to dispatch of several monsters. He goes throughout C-City to eliminate several monsters, being given the coordinates of several monsters by the Hero Association. All of the monsters so far have given him no trouble, but his next opponent proves to be more powerful. This monster is Face Ripper, who is about to peel the face off of a citizen. But before he can, Genos fires an incineration blast at Face Ripper, beginning their battle.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Genos dodges Face Ripper's blades

Genos lures Face Ripper into hitting him in the head

Genos tells the monster to prepare for its death. Face Ripper is not scared, however. He recognizes Genos as a hero celebrity and asks if he can cut his face. The monster lunges for Genos, and the hero's eyes widen at the speed at which Face Ripper travels. Genos narrowly dodges the monster's attacks. Face Ripper twirls his blades and proceeds to attack Genos with a spinning blade attack. Genos blocks the monster's blades with his arms, although the power of Face Ripper's swings are strong enough to damage the cyborg's arms. Genos blocks one of Face Ripper's blades and attempts to punch Face Ripper, but the monster blocks his punch with his blade.

Face Ripper's death

Face Ripper jumps back and gloats that he can always keep his guard up without leaving any openings while he takes his time stripping the skin off of his opponent's bodies. Face Ripper swings his carving knife down on the cyborg's head, but to his shock, the carving knife shatters upon impact. Genos reveals that he purposely allowed Face Ripper to target his hard head. This leaves Face Ripper wide open, and Genos tells Face Ripper to get out of his sight. Genos prepares an incineration blast, vaporizing Face Ripper's body and killing the monster, making Genos the victor.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After killing Face Ripper, Genos goes to search for the final monster, who the Hero Association staff informs is in the northeast area of C-City.

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