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Early Life

At age 15, Genos was a regular boy living a happy and peaceful life with his family. One day, a crazy rampaging cyborg attacked his town, destroying it and killing his family. Genos miraculously survived, but would not have survived long on his own had he not been found by Dr. Kuseno, who happened to be passing through the town in pursuit of the cyborg. Genos begged Dr. Kuseno to transform him into a cyborg, and the scientist complied. Genos was reborn as a cyborg fighting for justice and promised Dr. Kuseno that one day he would find and destroy the cyborg.

For the next four years, Genos traveled from town to town defeating monsters and destroying evil organizations, but was unable to find the whereabouts of the mad cyborg.[1]


Introduction Saga

Saitama Introduction Arc

Genos makes his first appearance, seeing dead cows sucked dry of their blood, and walking towards Z-City following a trail of dead animals.[2]

House of Evolution Arc

Genos faces Mosquito Girl.

While Mosquito Girl is in the middle of her rampage in Z-City, she notices that quite a few of her mosquitoes have died and looking down, she spots a form swarmed by mosquitoes. She sends more bugs at the form, but they are all incinerated, revealing Genos. He has a stern expression on his face and declares that he will eliminate Mosquito Girl.[3] Genos fires a blast at her, but she easily dodges his attack and dives at him, taking his arm in the process, but in return he takes out both her legs. Mosquito Girl then flies away and summons all of her mosquitoes to give her their blood. Genos says that her efforts are useless, but is concerned when he sees the amount of bugs gathering around her.

As he is about to charge his laser, Saitama comes running out on the street. Genos warns the so-called civilian, but Mosquito Girl's swarm of mosquitoes comes crashing down on them in an instant. Genos releases his heat beam and burns all the bugs, while telling his foe that making them attack in one big chunk makes it far easier to destroy them. He realizes that Saitama was still in the area, but is shocked to see that he is fine, with only his clothes burned.[4]

Genos sees an unharmed Saitama.

Mosquito Girl, now evolved, rushes down and appears behind Genos, cutting him almost completely in half. Genos then spins around to attack her but she dodges and begins to attack him continuously to the point that he attempts to self destruct in order to kill her. Before that can happen, Saitama ungracefully smacks Mosquito Girl in the face, sending her crashing through a building and into the distance, killing her. Genos, greatly surprised by this, asks Saitama his name and for Genos to become Saitama's disciple.[5]

Genos sensing someone coming

A week later, Genos shows up at Saitama's apartment, having been fully rebuilt, to discuss being Saitama's student. Genos rather long windily begins to tell Saitama about his past, but Saitama tells him to come back when he can sum his story up with a max of ten words.[6] Sometime after, Genos simply asks Saitama to teach him to become strong like him. Saitama warns Genos that it's going to be tough and agrees to train him. But at that moment, Genos turns, saying that he senses a presence moving at high speeds towards them, when Kamakyuri smashes through the roof, only to be swiftly killed by Saitama. Genos and Saitama leave the building to find Frog Man and Slugerous on guard. Genos tells his master that he will take care of them, but before he can finish his sentence, Saitama has already smashed both creatures headfirst into the ground. Then, Saitama unexpectedly gets dragged down underground until only his head is showing. Genos starts to rush to Saitama's aid, but Armored Gorilla suddenly bursts through the wall behind them.[7]

Genos defeats Armored Gorilla

Armored Gorilla then attacks Genos who easily stops the attack. He says that he needs to ask the creature some questions. He then notices Beast King approaching Saitama, who is still buried and goes to help him but gets grabbed by Armored Gorilla who he then blasts away, and starts to run to Saitama again. Armored Gorilla attacks again and Genos is forced to jump away. The cyborg reveals that he is affiliated with the House of Evolution. Genos recognizes the name and asks what they want of his teacher. Armored Gorilla doesn't reply and simply states that he must destroy Genos.[8] Saitama is then shown taking out Beast King and Ground Dragon and approaching Genos who is standing on an incapacitated Armored Gorilla, having defeated him in an off-screen fight. After showing Armored Gorilla that Saitama has killed Beast King, he agrees to tell them whatever they wanted to know.[9][10]

Genos destroys the building

Armored Gorilla reveals the history of Dr. Genus and the House of Evolution.

He summarizes that the doctor has taken interest in Saitama's body and Genus clarifies that he wants to use Saitama's god-like physique to build the new human. As they take off to the House of Evolution's base, Genos asks some last questions. He asks about the House's involvement with cyborgs and Armored Gorilla replies that he's the only cyborg of the organization, which disappoints Genos.[11] Four hours later, Genos and Saitama have arrived at the House of Evolution's base. When they find it, Genos promptly destroys the building and part of a mountain in the distance. Saitama is surprised about Genos' quick actions and notices a hatch on the floor and rips it open before he and Genos head down into the lair.[12]

Genos as modern art

As they're walking down the hallway, Genos notices several life forms, two of which are coming at them at high speed. Carnage Kabuto appears, carrying Dr. Genus, who then points out Saitama, identifying him as Carnage Kabuto's target. Carnage Kabuto then throws Dr. Genus to the side and smashes Genos against the wall. The creature challenges Saitama to a fight, and he agrees on the grounds that Carnage Kabuto made Genos look like "modern art."[13] Carnage Kabuto then shows Saitama to a rather large room and they are about to fight, but Genos suddenly appears and blasts Carnage Kabuto. Genos then rushes at Carnage Kabuto and hits him with a barrage of punches, but it doesn't affect the monster and he smashes Genos in the face, throwing him into the ground and causing his face to crack and his left eye to fall out. Saitama catches him and says he'll handle the fight, but Genos, stubborn as he is, sends a devastating blast at Carnage Kabuto. However, the opponent uses his breath to blow the attack back and blasts Genos instead, causing Genos' hair to puff up into an afro.[14]

Genos is caught by Saitama

Saitama gets serious and proceeds to challenge Carnage Kabuto, but the latter stops his assault when he detects Saitama's abnormally high strength and questions Saitama about the source of that strength. Saitama decides to reveal the secret to his power.[15] Genos is amazed and is eager to finally know, but inwardly questions whether it is wise to divulge the secret to his enemies. Saitama explains that it is simply the result of hard work and training and obviously, Genos doesn't buy it and is skeptical. He tries to persuade Saitama to let him know the "real" secret, but Saitama simply replies that it's just that.[16] Carnage Kabuto goes berserk and pummels Saitama, but he unexpectedly delivers, but one punch to the monster and destroys him.[17] After Carnage Kabuto's death, Genos shows Dr. Genus that Saitama was upset about being unable to make the supermarket special sale on time and tells Saitama that they will be able to make it if they arrive in four hours. After they left, officers of the Hero Association find the results of Genos' blast that destroyed the top eight floors of the House of Evolution and identify Genos as the perpetrator of that blast.[18]

Paradise Group Arc

Genos getting modified

After his fight with Carnage Kabuto, Genos is getting repaired by Dr. Kuseno, who suggests that his next round of upgrades, the ones Genos uses in his fight with Saitama, would enable him to defeat Saitama.[19] Genos then visits Saitama, and reveals to Saitama that he is not famous because he never registered himself with the Hero Association. He tells the history of the Association to Saitama and they agree in getting them both registered.[20]

Hero Association Saga

National Superhero Registry Arc

Genos and Saitama at the Hero certification exam

Genos and Saitama sign up at the 6th official hero certification exam venue. After he finishes the physical and written exam, he is greeted by Saitama in the changing rooms. They agree on how both tests were super easy and that they'll probably get full points too. Genos was also interviewed on whether he was the one who destroyed the House of Evolution's building. Genos confirms this and the officials then make an exception and immediately promoting Genos to S-Class based on prior experience.[21] A hour later, they receive their scores, revealing that Genos received a perfect 100 and is certified as an S-Class hero, though he wonders what that is. Genos becomes enraged when he hears that his teacher scored 71 points ranking him as a C-Class. They are then told to go to a lecture hall for a seminar of the successful candidates.[22]

As they arrive in hall 6, they are congratulated by A-Class hero Sneck. He gives them some advice on being a hero and the rankings, though Genos isn't interested in it. As they leave the seminar, Genos is glad that he finally becomes a real disciple of Saitama and counts on his guidance, though Saitama isn't actually glad about it, and they part ways soon after.[23]

Genos vs. Saitama

The next day, Genos and Saitama appear around a mountain area, with Genos sporting new black mechanical arms. Genos checks his phone, stating they are at the last place of their respective classes and that they didn't receive hero names yet. He puts the matter aside and thanks Saitama for accepting his "unreasonable request". The two prepare for battle, though Saitama believes it to be a sparring match, however, Genos will attack with everything he's got. Genos positions in a battle stance and aims his left arm at Saitama, ports on his arm open revealing several cannons.[24]

Genos about to get punched

He fires a single massive beam at Saitama. As it reaches Saitama, he dodges it, however, Genos immediately retaliates by dashing towards Saitama. He takes a hold of Saitama and crashes him to the mountain, punching several times across the wall of the mountain, but he soon realizes that he was attacking Saitama's after-image. Genos immediately detects that Saitama is running away and intercepts him by landing in front of him and firing a massive beam. Genos believes he hit and defeated Saitama, only to have Saitama poke him in the cheek from behind and proclaiming victory.[25]

Genos becomes angry and attacks him, but Saitama jumps away unscathed. Genos then reminds Saitama of the rules of the fight, one of which is to continue fighting until he is unable to. They continue the fight, in hopes that he will gain insight into Saitama's power, however, Saitama shows impressive fighting prowess and lunges to punch Genos, but instead flicks him and invites Genos to eat udon. Genos watches Saitama walk away, as he is still flabbergasted of the force of the last punch, that destroyed a mountain behind him, realizing his teacher is on a whole other level.[26]

Genos meets Sweet Mask

As Genos and Saitama visit an udon shop, Saitama decides to challenge him to a spicy udon eating contest, which ends with Genos the victor and the two tied in competition results. Sweet Mask then meets with Genos, who assumes that he had come to rookie beat him and tells him to stop wasting his time, but Sweet Mask denies this and simply states that he met with him to welcome him to the Association. Saitama and Genos part at a bridge and walk in opposite directions, initially implying that the two would walk separate paths as heroes. This is later disaffirmed when Genos simply returned to pack his belongings to move into Saitama's apartment. Saitama does not agree to, though he changes his mind when Genos offers to pay him rent money.[21]

Rumored Monster Arc

Saitama cooking kombu

Genos then proceeds to write in his diary on his teachings. Genos then informs him that C-Class heroes will be excluded from the hero registry as they are not deemed worthy by the registry if they do not work. Saitama shocked at the discovery, decides to do heroic deeds. Genos wants to accompany him but is convinced by Saitama to aim towards the top ten rankings of the S-Class, as Saitama believes that if Genos were to accompany him, he would inadvertently steal all the credit with his mere presence.[27]

While Saitama was cooking kombu, plucked from Kombu Infinity, Genos wonders why there is a pile of kombu outside, which Saitama tells him it was cheaper. Genos asks Saitama if he thought that kombu would let him regrow his hair, that it will actually not, as it was not proven as a genuine medicine, to which Genos receives an angry response from the infuriated Saitama.[28]

Giant Meteor Arc

Genos receives a call

Saitama and Genos are relaxing and reading the newspaper. Genos states that Saitama went up in the C-Class ranking from 388 rank to 342 and that while he is still last in the S-Class ranking, in popularity he is ranked 6th, by public votes, shocking Saitama. Then, he mentions several comments about him, but is not impressed since they are all only based on one single picture of him. Even though the world does not acknowledge it, he is still astounded by Saitama, which creeps him out.[29]

Genos receives a call to go to the Hero Association for unknown reasons. When he arrives at Z-City branch, with a suitcase, he is greeted by the third-ranked S-Class hero Bang, who reveals that the Hero Association ordered a mass evacuation and that he and Genos are the only S-Class heroes who showed up to prevent the disaster. He explains that they were given an impossible task, a Dragon Level Disaster is coming to Z-City in the form of a giant meteor. Genos is advised by Bang to evacuate before the meteor impacts. Genos wonders what Bang is going to do, which he replies that he decided to protect his dojo, but as he turns around to show his fighting style, Genos already left.[30]

Genos asking Bofoi for help

Genos is later shown to be leaping from rooftops, observing the panic, and prepares himself for an attempt to stop the meteor. Genos activated his "Arms Mode" suitcase and throws it in the air, forming it into a pair of arms and attaches to himself, surging electricity through his body. As he decides to destroy the meteor in order to protect his teacher, a large, humanoid, unmanned drone flies above him towards the point of arrival of the meteor.[31]

Genos reveals the large robot to be another S-Class hero named Bofoi, and asks for his help in stopping the meteor. Bofoi refuses and states that he is only there to test a new weapons system. He also advises Genos to call fellow heroes by their hero names in professional situations, reiterating his own hero name, Metal Knight. The meteor looms closer so Genos runs off to a different roof and prepares himself to attack the meteor. Before he can do anything though, Bofoi lets off a massive volley of missiles, which in the end do nothing to stop or slow down the meteor.[32]

Genos' blast against the giant meteor

Genos starts to prepare but starts to doubt his abilities when Bang shows up and calms him down. Genos thinks of Saitama and comes back to his senses. He opens up his chest to reveal his Power Core which he attaches directly into the shoulder of his left arm. He tells Bang to get down and then launches a massive attack at the meteor. His attack does nothing to the meteor unfortunately and Genos runs out of power and collapses on the roof. Saitama shows up and destroys the meteor, causing pieces of it to rain on the city, while Bang carries Genos to safety.[33]

Genos is saved by Bang

Genos makes a brief appearance at the end of the arc in his and Saitama's apartment, regretting his inability to stop the meteor. After a short discussion he reveals that his rank has been increased from 17 to 16, Bofoi's from 7 to 6 and that Saitama has been raised from rank 342 of the C-Class to rank 5 of the C-Class. He also explained the Disaster Level System.[34] When Saitama decided to go outside to check the damage, Genos stayed behind. Genos is seen looking up comments on the website about Saitama destroying the meteor. Then later stopping Saitama from getting all worked up from someone calling him bald by saying they should go home. He later tells Saitama that even though the whole world would go against him, he would continue to follow him.[35]

Sea Monster Arc

Genos being told off by Speed-o'-Sound Sonic

Genos is in their apartment discussing Saitama's ranking after he killed a Seafolk from the other day. When he was about to explain the top B-Class hero, he gets a call that J-City is under attack and there was no competent heroes nearby to help. He and Saitama head out despite it being far away from where they are residing.[36] Genos and Saitama ran towards J City in the pursuit of the Sea Folk, but decided to go ahead of Saitama.[37] On his way, he met a naked Speed-o'-Sound Sonic who had just escaped from the Deep Sea King and was told he stood no chance against the monster before he disappeared.[37] He was the first to arrive in the Evacuation Shelter where the Deep Sea King just took down four heroes. Genos uses Incinerate on the Deep Sea King, punching him out of the shelter with the crowd later cheering for him. Genos lets his guard down, and gets one of his arms ripped off. He tells the people to run while he distracts the monster since victory is no longer assured.[38]

Genos defending a little girl from the Acid Spit

He put up a fight and traded blows until he was hit by the Deep Sea King's Acid Spit to save a girl, melting his body, which ultimately disabled him.[39] Genos was then punched by the Deep Sea King out of the shelter. Right before he was about to be finished, Mumen Rider came and engages the Deep Sea King. Genos begs Mumen Rider to leave and struggles to get up to save him.[40]

However, Saitama arrives and easily defeats the Deep Sea King with a single punch.[41] In the aftermath, the people were thankful but one criticized heroes for being defeated by the monster, despite their efforts. Genos angrily tries his best to get up to intervene, but is too weak to get up. Annoyed by this, Saitama pretended to take all the credit by himself, with the purpose of giving credit to those who gave their all. Realizing this, Genos' respect towards his teacher grew more.[42]

After the incident, Genos and Saitama get a delivery of fan mail from the Hero Association. Genos is praised, while Saitama gets a hateful letter, calling him a cheat. Genos angered by the letter stated he will find the senders.[43]

Alien Conquerors Arc

Genos at Bang's dojo

Genos and Saitama are at Bang's dojo, where they are demonstrated the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist and are asked to join, to which Genos refuses. Bang top disciple Charanko was angered by their statement and challenges Genos, who Genos quickly defeats. Suddenly a Hero Association staff member arrives, informing Bang and the others that an emergency summons has been issued to S-Class heroes. Genos arrives to the Hero Association with Bang and Saitama; they are greeted by Atomic Samurai.[44]

Genos is warned by Drive Knight

He later goes to the roof of the Hero Association Headquarter with Child Emperor, Superalloy Darkshine, Tatsumaki, and King. There he asks Tatsumaki if he can help, only to be declined.[45] Afterwards, Genos appears beside Child Emperor and Drive Knight and is told by Drive Knight not to trust Metal Knight.[46] Later when Metal Knight's robot appears, Genos asks what Metal Knight's intentions are.[47] Genos is relieved when he sees that Saitama is okay after the crash. However, soon Tatsumaki erupts into a fit of anger for being ignored and begins insulting Saitama. Genos retaliates by calling her a brat. Unfortunately, Tatsumaki did not take that comment nicely and launches Genos at a large chunk of debris.[48]

King Arc

Genos destroying G4's sword

While shopping with Saitama in M-City, Genos recognized King on the streets, when suddenly a robot monster by the name of G4 appears to fight King. Genos proposed to watch the fight, to see King's abilities.[49] After King fled the scene, Genos begins to fighting G4. Because the fight between the two will take a little longer, Genos advises Saitama to go without him.[50] During their fight, Genos melted the robot, only to reveal a smaller pilot inside.[51] He proceeded to fight the robot, catching him in a trap and defeating G4.[52]

Human Monster Saga

Garou Introduction Arc

Genos talking to Dr. Kuseno, after defeating G4

Genos then went to Dr. Kuseno with the remains of G4 to get repairs. Genos tells Dr. Kuseno that he wants to become stronger. Dr. Kuseno replies that Genos' master has given Genos a very reckless goal and asks whether Genos can bring Saitama next time Genos comes. Their conversation continues with the discussion of the cyborg that destroyed Genos' hometown. Dr. Kuseno asks Genos whether he found any clues about the cyborg's whereabouts, which Genos replies with no. However, Genos reaffirms that he will destroy the cyborg, once he finds him. Dr. Kuseno reminds Genos that he is not alone and that the conflict with Mad Cyborg is their conflict and not just Genos's.[53]

The Blizzard Group Arc

Genos about to fight Sonic

While at home, Genos inform Saitama about their promotions in their respective ranks, knowing Saitama doesn't report his work, Genos believes his master is finally being recognized. Genos suddenly sensed something coming towards their place and went to check it out which is revealed to be Speed-o'-Sound Sonic who claims himself as Saitama's rival. Not wanting to disturb a busy Saitama, Genos decided to take him down on his own.[54]

They are on equal footing, with Sonic too fast for him but he, too durable from his attacks. As he tried to land a blow against Sonic, he accidentally caught Fubuki who is fighting Saitama in the way with its impact. Saitama asked him what's going on and he replies with an apology for messing up the place. He suddenly recognized Fubuki and misinterpreted her position as a failed attempt of taking down Saitama. Fubuki was surprised that he, an S-Class Hero actually called himself a disciple of a B-Class Saitama. Sonic attacks him again, this time with exploding shurikens but was unharmed.[55]

Genos demonstrates his increased speed

Despite his loss in speed after this, he is durable enough to take all of Sonic's attacks and decided to increase his speed to catch up. Sonic barely evades this attack, but Genos manages to cut off his hair. This angers Sonic severely and he stops taking the fight lightly.[56]

Sonic uses Four Shadows Burial, thus preventing Genos from tracking Sonic. As a last resort Genos decides to try to blow up the general area. However, Saitama knocks down Genos before the cyborg can do so. Saitama then brings the fight into his own hands. While watching Sonic fight Saitama, Genos admits, Sonic must have worked hard to gain his abilities.[57] Afterwards, Genos, Fubuki, and Saitama go to Saitama's apartment and listen to Fubuki discuss her ideology.[58]

Hero Hunt Arc

Genos is seen talking to Charanko at Saitama's apartment. He reveals that Garou has been put on the Hero Association's wanted list of vicious monsters and that Bang has volunteered to get rid of Garou.[59] When Saitama comes back with a wig, Genos comes to believe that Saitama is very desperate and calls Dr. Kuseno to make an appointment to give Saitama a hair transplant. Saitama then explains that it is simply a disguise for the tournament and invites Genos to come to the tournament with him at C-City.[60]

Monster Raid Arc

Genos goes to the Super Fight Tournament in C-City to spectate over Saitama at the tournament.[61] He claps for Saitama during Saitama's introduction and was noticed by the spectators.[62]

Genos defeating monsters

Upon watching the victory of Saitama against Zakos, Genos commented that the tournament will end, before Saitama could learn any martial arts.[63] After witnessing Suiryu's victory against A-Class hero Lightning Max, he wondered the number of people with power that exceeds that of a heroes and wonders if Suiryu's abilities will satisfy Saitama's desire to fight. Genos receives information about the attacks of an unknown group of monsters in the cities and targeting heroes. In addition there are monsters in C-City, thus Genos has to do his hero work to eliminate the monsters while Saitama focuses on the tournament.[64]

Genos getting pummeled by Awakened Cockroach

After Genos eliminates the monsters near the stadium, he calls the local branch of the Hero Association about the remaining monsters in C-City and has them guide him to them one at a time. He easily defeats many monsters and eventually encounters Face Ripper just as the monster is about to kill a civilian. Face Ripper manages to chip away parts of Genos' arm, but Genos ultimately catches the monster off guard and is able to land a fatal blow.[65] Genos is called again by the Association about the location of Awakened Cockroach.[66]

Genos nearly eliminates Awakened Cockroach

During the fight with Awakened Cockroach, the monster was able to block and dodge every attack by Genos, while sending out his own attacks. During their fight, Awakened Cockroach has the upper hand, until Genos decides to use instant adhesive to trap the monster, just in case if Genos encounters a speedster villains like that monster, including Sonic. However before Genos could kill the monster, Awakened Cockroach sacrifices his feet to get away.[67] Furthermore, before Genos could make up his mind about returning to the stadium, another being rushes to Genos.[68] Genos was later seen defeated by Gouketsu, while on his way to the C-City Super Stadium.[69]

Super Fight Arc

Genos being carried off by Dr. Kuseno's recovery drone

Genos wakes up after being defeated by Gouketsu. Genos decides to call for Dr. Kuseno's body recovery drones while noting that Gouketsu is on a whole different level.[70]

He is later seen being carried by a recovery drone to get to Dr. Kuseno to repair his damaged body while analyzing the situation that he needs to get back to fight Gouketsu and in order to defeat him, it required several S-Class and Saitama himself to gang up to him to defeat him.[71] However, unknown to Genos, Saitama has already sent Gouketsu's head flying.[72]

Monster Association Arc

Genos is fully repaired by Dr. Kuseno, who spent the whole night fixing him. Genos thanks him for his efforts and states he will never lose again, to which Dr. Kuseno tells Genos to be careful and not do anything reckless.[73]

Genos tells Garou that he will eliminate him

After receiving an emergency call from Glasses, who is part of Death Gatling's failed ambush on Garou, Genos arrives to fight the already weakened Garou.[74] Genos and Garou's fists collide midair, propelling Garou back. Genos follows up his attack with his Machine Gun Blows, giving Garou a tough go of it. Garou retaliates with his Flowing Water Rock Smashing Fist, but Genos ducks and strikes him with a punch that propelled by a booster integrated in his elbow. Garou intercepts the attack, then counters with a left knee to Genos' head. The attack sends Genos into the ground, and Garou prepares to land the devastating blow. However, Genos fires an incineration blast through the ground, to which Garou just barely manages to evade. Genos gets back up by thrusting himself upward with rockets built on his back, and he intently observes and analyzes Garou's movements.[75]

Garou takes Genos' arm

Genos tells Garou to surrender, as Garou's legs are about to give out. Instead, Garou jumps up into the trees and changes his movements to mimic that of Watchdog Man. Genos is momentarily caught off guard by this change of battle style, and Garou uses this moment to rip off Genos' right arm. Fortunately, Genos' arm is still operational, and the right arm grabs Garou's neck. Genos activates the arms' rocket boosters and slams Garou into a tree, using wires to then trap Garou in the process. Genos lifts his arm and prepares to fire his incineration cannon, but Garou pushes his legs onto the tree and breaks it apart, saving himself from the blast.[76]

Genos kills the monsters that came to assist Garou

Genos prepares another attack, but from the ground, a horde of monsters tunnels out of the ground to save Garou and simultaneously attack Genos, but the monsters are all swiftly defeated. Genos, surprised at Garou's connections to the Monster Association, confidently states that he won't be taken by surprise and that he is beginning to understand what his teacher, Saitama, meant by training the mind. Once Genos declares that Saitama is the strongest hero, for the third time, Genos readies his incineration cannon, but this time, the one to intervene is none other than Bang and Bomb. Genos is surprised to see them both present, and he proceeds to do battle with the other monsters still flooding out of the hole in the ground.[77]

Despite all the visible monsters being defeated, Genos still detected signals of monster activity but could not discern their numbers or location. He wonders if the hole left by the monsters lead to the Monster Association. Garou manages to create an opening for Phoenix Man to swoop in and save him by destroying the entire ground and swinging a large tree. Genos fires a Spiral Incineration Cannon at Phoenix Man and Garou after stating Garou being monster now with comrades. Elder Centipede bursts out from the ground, intercepting Genos' attack while sustaining no damage.[78] Elder Centipede causes havoc as the ground cracks and the unconscious heroes from Death Gatling's ambush fall into the crevice. Bang and Bomb save them. Elder Centepide begins to chase them all three fighters and Genos fires targeted blast at Elder Centipede's eyes, temporally blinding him. Bang and Bomb perform a combination attack Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist using their respective martial arts. Genos is amazed at the power behind the attack but it wasn't enough as Elder Centipede molts and recover the damage done to it.[79]

The fighters decide that they cannot retreat out of the park as they'll put the civilians in danger and they need to save the unconscious heroes from Death Gatling's ambush. While Genos declares that he will battle the monster and that the others should save the injured, Bang and Bomb reassure him that the future should belong to the young like him and he shouldn't be reckless. Their words echo Dr. Kuseno sentiments earlier but Genos questions if that is really enough for the situation.[80] The answer Genos comes up with is that no, it is nowhere enough and Genos battles the gargantuan monster. Genos puts up an incredibly valiant fight, blasting it with his cannons and wounding Elder Centipede's face with his blades. The monster retaliates by catching Genos with its prehensile antennae and chopping him in half.  However, Genos fuses himself back together again mid-air and breaks the monster's teeth with his Jet Drive Arrow . He breaks into Elder Centipede's digestive system and unleashes a Super Spiral Incineration Cannon burning it from the inside.

Genos fires Super Spiral Incineration Cannon

Flames and smoke pour out of the holes in Elder Centipede's carapace, but the monster regenerates, dousing the flames and healing its wounds.  Genos laments that he had failed once again and he couldn't protect anyone. Destroyed from his battle, Genos is picked up by Bang and they retreat with the other injured. Genos questions what he lacks and whether he can truly contribute when facing monsters on the level of Elder Centipede.

Elder Centipede gives chase and Bang sets Genos down. Bang decides to confront the monster in an all or nothing match. Luckily, King catches Elder Centipede's attention by mentioning Blast and baits it for Saitama to land a Serious Series: Serious Punch obliterating Elder Centipede without leaving a single trace.[81] Genos, still uncertain from his earlier questioning, asks Saitama what he lacks. He responds that Genos lacks power which he notes down in his acid proof memo. Genos thinks that Saitama is showing him the way forward and that he is aiming for the symbol of strength.

Later on, Genos is in Saitama's Apartment fixing himself. Fubuki arrives and Genos remains aloof to her presence. Genox explains to her that his transmitter got destroyed in a previous battle and that he needs to fix himself up before anything. As he doesn't want to impose on Dr. Kuseno, who spent the whole night rebuilding Genos, Genos will wait for him to rest before properly fixing himself. Genos remains in Saitama's apartment as he leaves to find Garou and buy cabbage.

Genos is briefly seen during Dr. Genus's explanation into limiters.[82] Genos watches the game King plays but mistakes it for battle simulations and believes he is too early to participate in those simulations. Saitama returns and is depressed over losing his wallet and cabbage. Genos is about to go out and find these lost items but Fubuki comes back with cabbage in hand. As Saitama and Fubuki argue, Genos believes that she wishes to become a disciple as well which he planned to stop. Before he could, he detected high-speed activity and concluded that King should confront this enemy. King returns with Dr. Kuseno in his battle armor who was worried about the distress signal Genos sent out earlier. They meet and greet each other and prepare the ingredients for a hotpot whereby Genos will cut the vegetables.

Genos, others and hotpot

Genos, Saitama, Bang, Bomb, Fubuki, King, and Dr. Kuseno all stare at the delicious hotpot.[83] They all fight for the food and Genos intercepts Fubuki taking the beef. They argue and Dr. Kuseno is happy that Genos has found friends but Genos firmly clarifies that Fubuki is not a friend. Genos continues commanding others not to be greedy with Saitama's food towards the night. Genos leaves to be fixed up by Dr. Kuseno and returns the next day to Saitama's apartment. He contemplates his new form which heavily focuses on power at the cost of stability. It is to the point where if Genos goes full power for over 10 seconds, the core will explode and kill Genos.[84] On the way, he meets Fubuki and they find Saitama missing. King, Bang and Bomb arrive and Genos decides to join the raid against the Monster Association. So that King is not delayed, Genos decides to wait for Saitama at the apartment while the rest head off to attack the base.

Genos destroys G5

While washing dishes, Genos feels the impact of Saitama's punch on Overgrown Rover.[85] He eventually decides to head out, and on his way to the Monster Association base he rescues Sekingar and Drive Knight from an attack by G5, instantly destroying its core.[86] He offers to carry Sekingar and the other injured heroes out of Z-City to safety. He also notices that Drive Knight has defeated Nyan, though he has not killed him. Nyan moans that he would've never joined the Monster Association if he knew there were powerful heroes that could even kill monsters in one punch, tipping Genos off that Saitama has already entered the Monster Association's underground base and that Nyan has encountered him.[87]

Genos makes a mad sprint with the cluster of heroes attached to his back, defeating several monsters along the way before finally arriving at a Hero Association military convoy. There Sekingar puts him on the phone with Sitch, who expresses his gratitude to Genos. Genos, however, is unamused and claims he won't take any more orders from him. Sekingar then gives Genos some of Drive Knight's intel on the Monster Association,[88] which he analyzes as he runs back into Z-City towards the base.[89]

Later on, before Genos is able to make it into the Monster Association Headquarters, Tatsumaki lifts the entire base out of the ground while combatting the fusion of Psykos and Orochi.[90] After collecting himself from being caught in the debris, Genos encounters King and Tareo who were forcefully ejected out of a water elevator inside the base. Genos wonders what King is doing and asks him where Saitama is since he believes that he should have joined the battle by now. They are then surrounded by the mass leftover from Orochi which launches an attack on them in need of blood, though Genos quickly dispatches the surrounding mass with his Arm Lasers.[91] He then senses a massive lifeform at the top of the tower that was ripped out of the ground, Tatsumaki emerges with the fusion of Psykos and Orochi following closely behind.[92]

Tatsumaki catching Genos during their battle against Psykorochi

Despite King's suggestion to leave the fighting to Tatsumaki, Genos joins the battle, saving Tatsumaki by launching an energy beam to intercept Psykos's attack. He then sprints up the uprooted Monster Association headquarters with blinding speed, launching his new move Thunder Drill Cannon as Psykos's monster form. However, he is pushed back and is forced to launch a series of smaller beams to counter Psykos's dragons. Tatsumaki angrily tells Genos to get out of the way, stating that King left her this responsibility, but he responds that King only left her the job until Saitama's arrival, adding that it's the disciple's duty to help with the teacher's work. He then tells her to attack Psykos's body while he handles her energy beams, wondering if he'll be able to last that long considering that he's already at maximum power output.

Original Webcomic

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Fubuki tries to stop him but Genos insists on helping Saitama fight the Dragon level monsters. Genos attempts to save Tatsumaki from Black Sperm but gets his arms ripped off by him and Gums and starts losing hope. He then interrupts Fuhrer Ugly's taunts with a kick. As Fuhrer Ugly transforms and is about to assault him, Bang arrives and saves Genos' life. Genos then tries to fight the returning Garou and is nearly killed by him before Zombieman gets Garou's attention. He later wakes up just in time to witness Garou's defeat at Saitama's hands. When the other heroes wanted Saitama to kill Garou, Genos remains neutral and tells them that it is Saitama's decision.

Neo Heroes Saga

Neo Heroes Introduction Arc

Genos appears with a new upgrade to save 4 heroes from the Forest King and incinerates him. After finishing his job, Genos comes back to Saitama's new place and complains about the small space of the new apartment. Genos wants to ask the Hero Association for a more spacious home but Saitama stops him since he likes it when there is less space and claims to like the environment.

After discussing about the living area, Genos requests Saitama to duel him for a second time while Saitama begins to caution about the rising frequency of monsters these recent days. During the fight, he uses his a new move; Lightning Core to create a bright light to blind Saitama and moves in to punch him. However, he stops a small distance from Saitama's face to ask him whether he is getting stronger or not. At first, Saitama notices that Genos changes his parts frequently and does not want to let him down so he states that Genos has indeed gotten stronger. Despite that, Genos gets the feeling that Saitama is completely unconcerned with his progress, but he puts it aside as his own thinking.

At this time, Genos begins to think about changing his work environment to get stronger since his goal to reach the top 10 of S-Class doesn't put him on par with Saitama. Therefore, he proceeds to ask Saitama whether he knows about the new hero association called Neo Heroes or not. Genos then states how the current Hero Association will go downhill, starting with the doubts of the masses to how the heroes measure up to solving problems, and that if they continue like that, the organization might go bankrupt. He then states that the Neo Heroes, the new hero organization, will reflect on the Hero Association's mistakes by cultivating their experiences there and make up a better one, said by their scout man. Genos continues that the Neo Heroes have started recruiting pro heroes of the Hero Association and that they have plans to enroll powerful people who did not stand out in the world. Therefore, he claims that it is possible for him to become much stronger there instead.

At this point, Saitama reconfirms Genos' reason for becoming stronger; to exact revenge upon the "Mad Cyborg", the being that took everything from Genos 4 years ago. Saitama then launches another question, what if the mad cyborg was already dead and what if he himself killed it while still an unnamed hero. Genos states that the cyborg is powerful, and though Saitama would definitely easily win, he would likely remember such a skilled opponent. He then says that he wants to convert to the Neo Heroes in order to get stronger as his master asks him if the cyborg himself is not enough. Saitama supports his will, then Genos continues that the organization wants him to introduce strong individuals to them and that with his recommendation, the Neo Heroes would treat Saitama well, unlike the Hero Association, who didn't value him much. He asks Saitama what he thinks. Saitama replies with a "too much work" refusal, to which the disciple then says that he will also not join them.

After going back to A-City, the two run into Forte, who is building a dog house for Overgrown Rover and Black Sperm and Genos states that he is taking Forte's room and that Forte has to move out by the end of the day.

Ninjas Arc

Genos runs into Flashy Flash in front of Saitama's door and aggressively begins to question him what he is doing there, but before a fight breaks out, Saitama steps in and stops him. When Flashy Flash requests Saitama to repair his sword, Saitama asks Genos to bring him the tape.

As Genos is coming back with the tape, he detects two life forms moving at very high speeds. He then interrupts Saitama and Flash's training bout to inform them that there has been a monster alert and wants them to come with him in order to dispatch the monsters quickly. After a brief argument with Flash, Genos and the others leave for City E.

The three eventually find the Internet Surfers who are causing chaos there, as well as Speed-o'-Sound Sonic. Genos and Flash take care of Internet Surfers, while Saitama takes care of Sonic.

Back at Saitama's apartment, Flash talks to Saitama and Genos about his rough past back at the Ninja Village, with Genos contemplating how harsh training there must have been for Flash and Sonic.

Sometime later, Genos is taking Rover out for a walk, when Saitama tells him that he's paying Sonic a visit to take one of his swords and give it to Flash as a replacement. Genos asks Saitama if he wants him to take it by force, but Saitama states that he can settle this on his own.

Supreme Hero Arc

After dealing with a Demon-level monster, Genos meets with Saitama outside a store and tells him that he is interested in sparring with him again soon, mainly because Dr. Kuseno has also taken an interest in Saitama's power recently. While walking home, their chat about groceries is abruptly interrupted by Sweet Mask who asks Saitama out for a cup of tea and a discussion. Genos mistakenly assumes Sweet Mask is asking him and refuses, while Saitama accepts and goes along with Sweet Mask the next day.[93]

While heading to the I-City Grand Amusement Park on an S-Class dispatch notice to assist Sweet Mask with a monster threat, Genos runs into Saitama who was on his way to meet him for their sparring match. Genos apologizes to Saitama and asks him if they can postpone the sparring match due to the events unfolding in I-City. While making their way to the Amusement Park, they see a news broadcast where they witness the reveal of Sweet Mask being a monster. Genos wants to hurry to the scene to save the civilians from danger, but Saitama tells Genos that he will go on ahead.

Soon after, Genos sees Saitama jumping across the rooftops with a monsterified Sweet Mask in tow not trying to stop, only following, them as he believes there is a reason for what Saitama is doing. Later on, Genos intercepts someone who is in pursuit of Saitama and Sweet Mask, the unknown man starts to prepare some form of powerful weapon in his forearm, to which Genos tells him that those who are not registered with the Hero Association are prohibited from carrying powerful weaponry. The man then introduces himself as Blue, the top-ranked hero at the Neo Heroes. Genos realizes that there is no need for them to fight and Blue questions what Saitama is going to do with Sweet Mask. Genos replies that he does not know, but that the actions of Saitama do not have anything to do with the Hero Association and that he is not constrained by any rules.[94]

Genos is later dispatched to P-City to fight the Extended Family of Darkness. He uses his new move, Scorching Core, which obliterates the group of monsters but badly damages Genos's own body in turn. He thinks to himself, expressing pride that he was able to defeat a dragon level monster, disappointment that it had to come at such a great cost, and determination to get stronger.


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