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Garou vs. Watchdog Man was the battle between the S-Class hero Watchdog Man and the hero hunter Garou.



Several monsters arrive to attack Watchdog Man, but Watchdog Man manages to effortlessly pummel them with his paws. Garou watches this scene unfold. He, along with the other citizens, is impressed by Watchdog Man's physical abilities and sees Watchdog Man effortlessly deal with these new monsters. Despite this, Garou is confident that he can best Watchdog Man after observing his movements and notes that the hero has no special techniques of any sort. Garou declares that it is Watchdog Man's turn to be hunted, and the hero hunter attacks the hero, beginning their battle.


Shake Man

Watchdog Man angers Garou by toying with him

WDM makes a fool of garou

Watchdog Man outmaneuvering Garou

Watchdog Man notices Garou, and then off-screen, manages to deal Garou some nominal damage in a short period of time. The citizens of Q-City run away while this battle takes place, and Garou takes a stance as he prepares to go on the offensive. Garou attacks the hero with his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, but Watchdog Man is able to intercept all of the hero hunter's blows while still holding back.

Garou is infuriated when he sees that Watchdog Man is practically shaking with his paws. Garou is then dealt a huge blow to his face, and the hero then follows up by erratically jumping around, flipping multiple times and landing several blows that Garou is unable to defend himself from. After being pummeled like this, Garou realizes that he's no match for Watchdog Man and that he severely underestimated the hero's abilities, so he decides to retreat. However, Watchdog Man chases him throughout the city but lets the hero hunter be once he leaves Q-City.


Heavily injured, Garou reflects on how much he underestimated Watchdog Man's abilities, noting that Bang never taught him how to fight against non-humanoid monsters, meaning his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist is still incomplete. Despite the loss, Garou is actually excited instead of frustrated, for to him, this means he has ample room to grow and become even stronger.

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