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Uncle is awesome... he's getting stronger...
— Tareo watching the battle and commenting on Garou's strength.

Garou vs. Unihorn, Showerhead and Super Mouse was the battle between Garou and three Demon-level Mysterious Beings of the Monster Association: Unihorn, Showerhead, and Super Mouse


Garou and Tareo find themselves in front of Overgrown Rover, and Garou and Tareo slowly back away in order to avoid a confrontation. As they are about to turn a corner, Super Mouse suddenly attacks. Garou pulls Tareo back, saving him, while Unihorn and Showerhead follow up by lunging at Garou and dousing him with hot water, beginning the battle.

Battle Edit

Mouse and Pole attack

Super Mouse and Unihorn Attack Garou

The three monsters introduce themselves to Garou and prepare to fight him. Unihorn attacks first, spinning himself while declaring his horn is impossible to break, and the other two monsters attack Garou. However, the hero hunter is able to kick Unihorn into a wall, crack Showerhead's faucet, and use Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist to cut into Supermouse's arm. This impresses the monsters and Tareo, to the point where they acknowledge his strength.
Whirlwind Rat Cutting Fist

Garou attacks Super Mouse with his Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist

Tareo claims that Garou is getting stronger, and he states that he's used to fighting multiple opponents, but their threat level assessments aren't accurate, and they are just fools being manipulated by nonsense. Super Mouse replies saying that they have been evaluated by Gyoro Gyoro, so their strength is without question, to which Garou responds saying that he should possess a threat level of Dragon. Super Mouse replies again, saying that the threat level Dragon is only reserved for the Monster Association cadres. 
Trifecta attack

The trio use their combination attack

Super Mouse, Unihorn, and Showerhead reveal that they have been stalling and proceed to attempt to punch a hole through Garou using their Demon Trinity Bursting Speed Thrust. Garou easily deflects back into the hallway, mocking the technique's power. A loud roar is heard down the hallway, prompting Garou to realize that he had deflected Unihorn into Overgrown Rover. Rover easily dispatches Unihorn and appears before them, firing an energy blast. Showerhead attempts to cancel it out with his maximum water pressure while Supermouse puts up a guard, stating that he can revive himself with regeneration, although he is utterly obliterated by the energy blast.

Aftermath Edit

As Garou runs from Overgrown Rover's energy blast while dragging Tareo from his shirt, the battle between Garou and Overgrown Rover begins.

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