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You'll never be able to stop this monster play!
— Garou resisting Darkshine's immense power.

Garou vs. Superalloy Darkshine is the battle between Garou and the S-Class hero Superalloy Darkshine.


While Superalloy Darkshine continues to roam alone throughout the Monster Association Headquarters, he comes across a defeated Puri-Puri Prisoner. The broken hero sees his fellow S-Class hero approach him, and tells him about his defeat at Garou's hands. He warns Superalloy Darkshine that Garou has become much stronger, and that even a powerful S-Class hero such as Darkshine would have a difficult time fighting him. The hero is excited at the prospect of fighting an opponent he can go all-out against, and the two fighters prepare for battle.


Garou assaults Darkshine with a barrage of punches, but the hero easily tackles Garou through several walls. The hero hunter follows up by swirling around Darkshine in an attempt to confuse him, creating a flurry of afterimages that attack him from all directions. However, Darkshine punches the real Garou and declares his monster play ends there.

Darkshine about to tackle Garou

The punch shocks Garou back to his senses, with the hero hunter wondering where Orochi went and realizing he was fighting Darkshine in his sleep. Garou remarks that he isn't a pretty sight in his sleep, and takes a stance to fight Darkshine. The hero punches Garou, but the hero hunter ducks and kicks his head to the ground with a spin kick. Darkshine spins himself back onto his feet, while Garou remarks that if he defeated Darkshine, it would prove his attacks could succeed against anyone. At the same time, Darkshine notices Garou's dramatic improvement in the coordination between all the muscles in his body. He tells Garou it would be a waste to let such refined muscles rot, stating that the Hero Association has the best gyms, and if he could atone, Garou might actually be a hero.

Garou's ribs are shattered

This statement reminds Garou of Gyoro Gyoro's offer, and he angrily declares both the Hero Association and Monster Association will be annihilated tonight. Darkshine says he will end it there and tackles Garou. Garou attempts to deflect it with his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, but the hero hunter realizes the tackle has too much power. The attack destroys all of Garou's ribs, and the force of the tackle is strong enough to destroy the entire floor the fighters are on.

As Darkshine stands over Garou's broken body, he recalls a sparring match he had with Bang where he lost. Even though he took no damage, all of his attacks were deflected, and this first-hand look at Bang's martial arts causes Darkshine to state that Garou is still too green. He continues by saying the only reason Garou made it this far was luck, and if he'd fought Atomic Samurai, Flashy Flash, Tatsumaki, or King, he would've been killed. He tells Garou to know his place, but Garou erupts from the rubble. He angrily argues heroes can win any fight if they unleash violence without considering whether it's right or not, and it means they've thrown away their kindness. Declaring the stench of hypocrisy is making him sick, he also tells Darkshine that he's only playing hero. Garou says he will put his life on the line to crush justice, and that Darkshine will never be able to stop this monster play.

Darkshine's Superalloy Bazooka

Garou assaults Darkshine with a barrage of blows which the hero defends, but as he's warding off these blows, he realizes that Garou is getting faster. He describes it as dozens of martial artists focusing their attacks on him, keeping him down like a tidal wave. In a brief flash, the thought of "defeat" crosses his mind, but the hero refuses to entertain the idea of losing in a clash of physical bodies, saying that he's trained his muscles completely different from Puri-Puri Prisoner and Tanktop Master.

Garou is revealed to have subconsciously learned how to combine both the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist and Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist into the Cross Fang Dragon Slayer Fist. Something that usually couldn't be accomplished alone even by a prodigy martial artist, the repeated suicidal training and battles with heroes allowed Garou to copy-acquire the technique. Despite the increase in power, Superalloy Darkshine refuses to falter. He unleashes his full power, and attacks Garou with his Superalloy Bazooka. Garou meets the hero's attack with his own fist, the clash fracturing the ground and ripping apart Garou's shirt. Suddenly, dark tendrils swirl around Garou's body, all centering into the center of Garou's stomach. It's revealed that Garou's limiter is starting to break.

Garou breaking his limiter

Darkshine realizes that Garou's strength is increasing as well as his speed, and throws another punch. Garou effortlessly dodges the blow and strikes the hero in the chest with his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. The blow sends Darkshine crashing through the floor and causes him to cough up blood. As he gets up, he also realizes that Garou has been using him as a stepping stone to further improve his techniques. Garou mocks the hero, saying he's still kicking and ready to fight.

Superalloy Darkshine fears Garou

The two resume their fight, with Garou landing a multitude of blows which Darkshine is unable to properly react or counter against. The hero's mind is racing, thinking of how he always wanted to find an opponent who could push him to use 100% of his power, and Garou was that opponent, but wondering why he is suddenly beginning to feel fear. Understanding that this is a fight he may not win, a fight in which the outcome cannot be controlled by him, his face twists in fear, and sweat pours all over his body.

Garou pins Superalloy Darkshine to the ground

Superalloy Darkshine yells in frustration and attacks with his Superalloy Double Bazooka. The punches hit both of Garou's shoulders and knock him back, but the hero hunter's body begins to regenerate the damage. Garou kicks him hard in the stomach, then spins his body to follow up with a left side kick that kicks him to the ground. The hero hunter follows up with his Double Ear Strikes, but he recalls the moments in which he and Tareo were bullied in the same manner by having their ears pulled, and jumps away. Garou sees the terrified look on Darkshine's face, as if he is bullying the hero. However, the strain on his body from his fight takes it toll, and he falls to the ground in pain. Darkshine walks over in concern, but before he can continue, the hero is enveloped by Tatsumaki's barrier, ending the battle before it can be fully finished.


Darkshine collapses

Darkshine recognizes the barrier as Tatsumaki's, and notes that the floor is collapsing. The hero then tells Garou to run, as he believes the Hero Hunter will be crushed if he stays. However; Garou is unable to move, and the floor collapses on him while Darkshine watches in horror, and he curls up into a ball.


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