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I'll be fine as long as I get to unleash my urge to rip things apart. My only goal in life is "slaughter".
— Royal Ripper talking to Tareo before Garou busts in.

Garou vs. Royal Ripper was the battle between Garou and the Demon-level monster Royal Ripper of the Monster Association.


Royal Ripper takes Tareo to the Monster Association Headquarters and puts him in the same cell as Waganma. He tells the two to play nice, and momentarily leaves in order to regain his strength. He eventually returns to the cell, and takes Tareo to torture for his pleasure. After threatening the boy, he decides to begin the torture, but is interrupted by Garou, who bursts through the wall to save Tareo.


Garou catches and breaks Royal Ripper's blade.png

Unlike the previous battle, Royal Ripper is utterly overwhelmed by Garou, despite his previous injuries. Royal Ripper swings his sword at Garou, but the hero hunter manages to catch and break the sword, to the shock of Royal Ripper. Garou then punches Royal Ripper in the face, severing his head from his body.

Garou using Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist to slice Royal Ripper into pieces.png

As Royal Ripper's head floats in the air, he watches as Garou finishes Royal Ripper off with his Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist. Tareo thanks Garou, calling him an "old guy". Garou calls him a shitty brat and tells him to follow him out of the headquarters. Garou takes the bandages from Royal Ripper to wrap around his injuries, and is disgusted when he sees the blood, hair and gauze that make up Royal Ripper's insides.


Garou and Tareo leave the room and wander through the labyrinth of the Monster Association headquarters to find an escape. While they're wandering, Overgrown Rover sneaks up on Garou and Tareo. Garou's body sends danger signals, warning him of Overgrown Rover's strength. While they slowly back away, they come across Showerhead, Unihorn, and Super Mouse.


  • Royal Ripper was killed by the technique that is very similar to Nanto Suichō Ken  (南斗水鳥拳, South Dipper Waterbird Fist, also translated as South Dipper Waterfowl Fist) used by the character Rei in Fist of the North Star series.


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