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This was apparently an abandoned hideout where Garou used to rest in. It was located in a forest in S-City.[1]


It looks like a shack, with trees and undergrowth surrounding it.


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Raid Arc[]

After waking up from being knocked unconscious by Saitama, Garou is seen in this house with a wall of photos of heroes he possibly wants to fight.

Monster Association Arc[]

The house is damaged

Having been severely injured by Watchdog Man and later Saitama, Garou rests his body inside the house. Later, upon being forced by his friends, Tareo enters the house and comes across Garou. They both then have a conversation while a group of A and B-Class heroes approaches the hideout.

During Garou's battle against the hero group, it is damaged by Death Gatling after he unleashes his Death Shower against the Hero Hunter. Later, the house meets its end when Elder Centipede emerges from below it from underground, sending it into the air and completely destroying the place.


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