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No need to give me your name, I will eliminate you immediately.
— G5 to Child Emperor[1]

G5 (G5, Gī Go) was a Machine God battle robot created by The Organization[2] and was a member of the Monster Association. It was destroyed by Genos.[3]


In its initial form, G5 was a large cybernetic robot that bore a resemblance to a samurai. It wore shiny metallic armor with large shoulder-pads and spiked claws on its forearms. Its face was covered by a mask with a slit that revealed a single glowing eye in the center. It had a helmet with accessories shaped like spikes and a crescent moon. It had marking resembling 'X=' running down his shoulder pads and body.

G5's true form was a smaller robot with black plating and rounder features. It had a dome-shaped head, which merged with his chest structure, with a slit for eyes. The body had huge shoulders, visible mechanical joints, and four digits on its hands.


G5 had a straightforward yet secretive personality. It only spoke when it had a question or when the situation was appropriate. It appeared to mind its own business unless it wanted to add its thoughts that would be beneficial to the situation.

G5 was faithful to The Organization, following their orders to cooperate with the Monster Association. It did not give away any information about The Organization.

As a robot, it thought rationally and not impulsively. It offered the idea of using Narinki's Private Squad as an advantage for the Monster Association instead of killing them.

It seemed to have some intolerance towards some of the monsters. It questioned Gyoro Gyoro if monsters could kill one another, focusing on Royal Ripper's murderous attitude towards his supposed allies.

It also seemed to be very prideful and confident, as it believed it could defeat Atomic Samurai after copying the swordmaster's techniques.


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Association Arc[]

On its way to join the Monster Association on behalf of the Organization, G5 coincidentally runs into Narinki's Private Squad and captures them, bringing them to the Monster Association. When questioned about who it was by Gyoro Gyoro, G5 tells Gyoro Gyoro that The Organization had sent it to join the Monster Association, probably to help them bring the Hero Association down. When Gyoro Gyoro asks it what The Organization is, G5 keeps quiet.

As the Monster Association is deciding what to do with the mercenaries, G5 steps in and convinces Gyoro Gyoro to use them as their fodder, because of their special battle suits. Gyoro Gyoro agrees and Do-S makes them her love slaves.

It later encounters Royal Ripper and The Great Food Tub as they are arguing over Tareo, promptly grabbing a nearby monster to throw in The Great Food Tub's mouth in order to quench his hunger; Royal Ripper notices G5 is carrying something, and it explains that it "collects these as a personal hobby of his". The object in question turns out to be the head of the Metal Knight combat unit that followed Elder Centipede on his way back to the monster's hideout; G5 says it kept it because it is "a precious sample" it wants to dismantle and analyze thoroughly.[4]

G5 confronts Child Emperor

After the S-Class heroes invade the Monster Association Headquarters, G5 encounters Child Emperor and Waganma after destroying the former's Radio-Controlled Sentry. G5 is unaffected by the attacks of Child Emperor's Enemy Machine Disabling Device: Bug Basket Kun and swiftly destroys it.[5] G5 battles the newly combined Underdog Man, Mad Dog Underdog Cerberus, while hampered by Child Emperor's birdlime missiles. As G5 battles Mad Dog Underdog Cerberus, Child Emperor and Waganma escape.[6]

G5 is defeated

Having managed to defeat Underdog Cerberus, G5 comes across Atomic Samurai, revealing that it has copied his Atomic Slash and offering a fight. Despite utilizing the hero's signature technique with two swords, G5 still proves to be no match for Atomic Samurai, who slashes its armor into pieces. However, G5 still manages to escape.[7] G5 next reappears when it shoots off Sekingar's hand with a laser blast to stop him from calling the Hero Association. Its real body emerges from its damaged shell and jumps at Sekingar, but it is destroyed by Genos who suddenly appears and stomps on it.[8]

Abilities and Powers[]

As a Demon-level threat and a "machine god", much like G4, it can be assumed that G5 was a powerful Mysterious Being. It is an upgraded version of his predecessor and thus significantly stronger than it.[9] Additionally, despite only being a Demon-level monster, it's design was advanced enough to remain unaffected by Child Emperor's technology, and the hero went so far as to say that it would be a time-consuming effort to defeat it.[10] However, G5 wasn't strong enough to contend with Atomic Samurai, who easily destroyed the Machine God's armour by slashing it into pieces with Atomic Slash, with only its core surviving after a brief fight.[11]

Robotic Abilities[]

Immense Strength: As a Demon-level threat, G5 naturally has impressive strength. It was able to destroy Child Emperor's device with a single swing and was strong enough to defeat Mad Dog Underdog Cerberus, a combined of three Underdog Man, without receiving any noticeable damage.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: G5 has quick reactions as it was able to rapidly extend its arm to grab a nearby monster and throw it at the Great Food Tub's mouth as a substitute meal. Its core was also able to escape from Atomic Samurai once the hero destroyed its external body.

Immense Durability: G5 was able to completely negate the effects of a trap device specifically made by Child Emperor to shut down machines. It was able to defeat Mad Dog Cerberus, one of Child Emperor's most powerful machines, without receiving any noticeable damage. His exterior was obliterated by Atomic Samurai's Atomic Slash, but its interior body remained unharmed.

Technique Mimicry: G5 could analyze its opponent's fighting style and copy their abilities. This ability is complemented with his double-jointed limbs, allowing him to perform techniques that usually wouldn't be possible due to the limited range of regular limbs.

Double-Jointed Limbs: G5 has an additional range of motion from its flexible limbs which allows for unconventional angles of attack with its sword. It can also extend its arms several meters.[12]

Simulation and Prediction: G5 can model an opponent's attack and simulate an outcome from the data. However, its simulations can be wrong if its opponent is concealing their true power, as seen with Atomic Samurai.

Laser Beams: G5's core can shoot laser beams as a last resort. It attempted to execute Atomic Samurai with a laser beam, but the hero effortlessly sliced the beam in two.

Telescopic Vision (Bouen, 望遠): G5 can see at long distances, able to observe Food Battler Futoshi escaping with Waganma.[9]

Fighting Style[]

Expert Swordsman: While its actual combat prowess is currently unknown, G5 is likely skilled at sword fighting based on it possessing a pair of katanas. It can also copy the fighting styles of others, as seen with Atomic Samurai.

  • Flash Attack: An attack G5 copied from Atomic Samurai by watching his battle with several monsters and Sword Devil Executioner.

G5 using Atomic Slash Two Sword Style

  • Atomic Slash Two Sword Style (アトミック斬二刀流, Atomikku Zan Nitōryū; Viz: Atomic Slash Two-Blade Style): After copying Atomic Slash from Atomic Samurai by watching his battle with several monsters and Sword Devil Executioner, G5 tried replicating the technique using two swords against him. However, it wasn't able to contend with the hero, possibly because Atomic Samurai wasn't using the fullest extent of his Atomic Slash when fighting the other monsters or G5 simply wasn't fast enough to completely replicate the technique.


  • Katanas: G5 was equipped with two katanas.
  • Claws: G5 was equipped with two claws in each of its hands.

Major Battles[]

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
G5 vs. Child Emperor 100, 101 None Child Emperor retreats
G5 vs. Atomic Samurai 108 None G5's core retreats
G5 vs. Genos 119 None G5 is destroyed


  • (To Gyoro Gyoro) "May I ask a question? Is it permissible to kill other members?"[13]
  • (To Atomic Samurai) "I am Machine God G5... And I have collected battle data on Atomic Samurai. Now I can copy your every sword stroke. Resistance is futile, so offer me your neck!"[14]


  • In the original version of Chapter 108, G5 managed to put up a better fight against Atomic Samurai, with the swordsman complimenting the machine's skills.[15]


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